Meet Beverly Root, Gerald McRaney’s Wife

Beverly Root is renowned for being the first wife of Gerald McRaney, the famous American artist, however, she is now Gerald McRaney’s ex-wife since her marriage to Gerald ended before it even began.

Although it’s been decades since they went their separate ways, Beverly Root is still famous for her marriage to Gerald. We look at the life of the celebrity spouse of Gerald McRaney in this piece.

Summary of Beverly Root’s Biography

  • Full name: Beverly Root
  • Nickname: Bev
  • Gender: Female 
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: America 
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight 
  • Religion: Christain
  • Marital Status: Divorced 
  • Beverly Root’s Ex-Husband: Gerald McRaney 
  • Beverly Root’s Children: Jessica McRaney (daughter), Angus McRaney (son )
  • Beverly Root’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches 
  • Beverly Root’s Weight: 54 kg
  • Famous for: Being Gerald McRaney’s ex-wife

Beverly Root is of American Nationality

Beverly had led an ultra-private life such that basic details about her background, date of birth, childhood, and parents were not available. Also, her educational background and by extension, her career is also hidden from public view.

She had by far maintained a quiet life off of the limelight. The only thing known about her is that she is of American nationality and got married to America’s finest television producer, actor, and director, Gerald McRaney.

Meet Beverly Root, Gerald McRaney’s Wife

Beverly Root Became Gerald McRaney’s Wife in 1966

Although it is not stated where the former couple met, the year, or how long they dated before getting married, it is safe to say that they dated for a reasonable amount of time before walking the aisle. Thus, they got married sometime in 1966. And while fans of the movie star viewed their marriage as perfect, trouble was brewing in paradise.

The former couple lived together for five years before opting for divorce in 1971. The reason for their divorce was not clearly stated, however, Beverly got custody of the kids while Gerald went on to remarry his co-star and actress, Pat Moranvten, years after his separation from Beverly Root.

Who is Gerald McRaney?

Gerald Lee McRaney was born August 19, 1947, to Clyde McRaney and Edna McRaney in Collins, Mississippi, USA. The 76 year old is a renowned American actor, TV producer, and director who is popular for his role in the television shows “Simon and Simon,” ” Promise land,” “House of Cards,” etc.

He is of Scottish and Choctaw ancestry and follows the Christian religion. He attended the University of Mississippi, where he got his first degree. After graduating, he started working in the Louisiana oil field.

Gerald, who started his acting career in the late 1960s, has worked hard to get to the hallmark of fame. He first starred in ‘Night of bloody horror’ (1969), where he played the Lead role of Wesley Stuart. He also featured in a good number of television productions such as Dukes of Hazzard, Rockford file, The Incredible Hulk, and lots of other blockbuster films He is best known for his role as Rick Simon in Simon and Simon, a television show in the 1980s.

Gerald McRaney and Beverly Root had Two Children in Their Five Year Marriage

Beverly Roots’ five years marriage to Gerald McRaney produced two children, Jessica McRaney and Angus McRaney. Gerald’s second marriage to actress Pat Moran produced a daughter, Kate McRaney. Kate seems to be the most popular kid from the McRaney dynasty because both her parents are renowned Hollywood superstars. Just like her siblings, there is little to no information on her background, her educational endeavors, or her chosen career.

Angus McRaney is the Couple’s First Child

Angus McRaney is the celebrity kid of Gerald McRaney, born to him by his first wife, Beverly Root. Angus is said to be physically impaired from birth. Just like his mother, very little information about Angus is known, from his birth date to the school he attended is kept in the dark to date.

However, we know that he is an American by nationality. He had been dead from birth thus, it is hard to decipher his chosen profession.

Jessica McRaney is their Second Child

Jessica McRaney (born in1967) is the celebrity daughter of American TV star Gerald McRaney from his first marriage to Beverly Root. There is no information about her birth date, her background, or educational achievements.

All that is known at the time of writing is who her parents are, that she has a blood brother and a half-sister. Also that she is an American by ethnicity, and she appears to share a unique bond with her father. Her profession or career is not known yet.

Did Beverly Root Remarry After Gerald McRaney?

Owing to her private lifestyle, it is not certain the happenings in her life or what she is up to per the times. However, it can be assumed that she remained single afterward while taking care of her kids. Unlike her, Gerald had been married two times after her.

In 1981, he dated and married his long-term girlfriend Pat Moran, who was an actress at that time. Three years later, they welcomed their daughter Kate in 1984.

Unfortunately, their marriage came crashing down in 1989 after the couple filed for divorce. As the couple enjoys a private life, the cause of their split is still not known. Again, Gerald met Delta Burke on March 27, 1987, while doing a guest appearance on his detective show known as “Simon and Simon.”

Gerald McRaney’s Marriage to Delta Burke Lasted for Three Decades

Gerald had revealed that a friend had advised him sternly not to date an actress. He went against all odds to ask her out and later married her. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 1989, the same year that Gerald got divorced a second time. It’s noteworthy that while it was Gerald’s third attempt at a happily ever after, it was Delta Burke’s first.

Although their union didn’t produce any children, it lasted for over 30 years, and that’s by far the longest Gerald has lasted with any woman. The couple appears to have a blissful union as they are constantly appreciating each other’s efforts and support. The couple has been dubbed “Hollywood’s most supporting couple” because they stood by each other through thick and thin.

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