Meet Austin McBroom’s Kids Elle, Alaïa, and Steel Mcbroom

Austin McBroom’s kids are three; two girls named Elle and Alaïa, and a boy whose name is Steel Mcbroom. He shares all three kids with his wife, Catherine Paiz, whom he married in 2017.

Austin McBroom and his family run a vlog on their YouTube channel, ACE family. This has drawn more attention to his family and fans want to learn more about them. find out more about Austin McBroom’s kids in this article.

Elle McBroom Is Austin McBroom’s First Child

  • Full Name: Elle Lively McBroom
  • Elle McBroom Age: 7 Years Old
  • Birthday: 28th May 2016
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Birth Sign: Geminis 
  • Ethnicity: Mixed 
  • Father: Austin McBroom 
  • Mother: Catherine Paiz
  • Siblings: Alaïa McBroom (sister), Steel McBroom (brother)

Elle’s Mum Got Her Name From a TV Show

Elle was born on the 28th of May 2016 in Los Angeles California. The 7-year-old girl was given her name by her mother who heard the name on a TV show and decided that she was going to name her baby that.

Her father, on the other hand, prefers to refer to her as his princess. Elle lives with her parents and siblings, Alaïa and Steel McBroom in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California. For her education, she attends Downtown Magnets High School.

Elle McBroom Has an Active Social Media Presence

From birth, Elle was introduced to the world of social media through her family’s YouTube channel, ACE family. The “E” at the end of the ACE comes from her name. Her parents post videos where they share details about their lives on the channel. They also share prank videos sometimes. Elle was introduced to fans while her mother was still pregnant with her and has enjoyed massive love from then to date.

Aside from the YouTube channel, Elle has social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, her accounts are managed by her parents. They post pictures and videos of her and her siblings regularly. The post on her social media accounts, especially her Instagram account majorly captures her regular lifestyle including indoor and outdoor activities.

Summary of Elle McBroom’s Social Media Accounts

Alaïa McBroom Is Austin McBroom’s Second Daughter

  • Full Name: Alaïa Marie McBroom
  • Alaïa McBroom Age: 5 Years Old
  • Birthday: 17th October 2018
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Birth Sign: Libra 
  • Ethnicity: Mixed 
  • Father: Austin McBroom 
  • Mother: Catherine Paiz
  • Siblings: Elle McBroom (sister), Steel McBroom (brother)

Alaïa McBroom Is the Middle Child of the Family

Alaïa Marie McBroom was born on the 17th of October 2018, two years after her older sister Elle and two years before her younger brother Steel. She is currently 5 years old and lives with her parents and siblings in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California. Her parents have not said anything about her schooling nor have they made any posts relating to her education.

Alaïa Has Fewer Social Media Followings Than Her Sister

Alaïa was born after their family YouTube channel had gone on for two years. This is the reason why Alaïa and Steel McBroom’s names were not part of the family YouTube name ACE. The A is from Austin, their father, C is from Catherine their mother and E is from Elle. Since the last two children were not born yet, their initials could not be added.

Like her older sister, Alaïa also has an account across social media platforms. However, she does not have as much following as her sister, especially on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. Nonetheless, their parents make sure they post interesting content on their social media pages regularly. These posts reflect different aspects of her life and fans cannot help but admire the little cutie.

Alaïa McBroom’s Social Media Handles

Steel McBroom Is the Only Son Among Austin McBroom’s Kids

  • Full Name: Steel Paiz McBroom
  • Steel McBroom Age: 3 Years Old
  • Birthday: 20th June 2020
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Birth Sign: Gemini 
  • Ethnicity: Mixed 
  • Father: Austin McBroom 
  • Mother: Catherine Paiz
  • Siblings: Elle McBroom (sister), Alaïa McBroom (sister)

Steel Is the Youngest Child of the Family

Born on the 20th of June 2020, Steel is currently 3 years old. He is the last child of the Mcbroom family for now and it may remain so as his parents have revealed that they do not want to have more kids. Austin had particularly mentioned that he wanted only three children. Steel lives with his parents, siblings, and their dog.

His Videos Have Garnered About 60 Million Views

Steel’s videos on the family YouTube channel are estimated to have gathered about 60 million views or more. Steel was born into social media due to the nature of his parent’s career and of course, he joined the family’s YouTube channel from birth. Fans love his cuteness and some say he looks like his dad. Generally, the love was able to fetch him over 60 million views and millions more likes.

The little baby has an official Instagram account and Facebook page, but no Twitter account, unlike his sisters that have all three. Perhaps, his parents will open one for him in the future. His parents post regular pictures and videos of his daily activities on his Instagram page and some family and personal photos on his Facebook page. Fans can’t help but gush over his cute looks.

Steel McBroom’s Social Media Accounts

Does Austin McBroom Have a 4th Child?

No, Austin McBroom does not have a fourth child as of the time of writing this. Recently, he pranked his wife, Catherine with a fake pregnancy test result. He got a fake pregnancy test kit that looks exactly like the real one and made her use it. The result came out positive as he had expected, but it was only a prank.

He had mentioned that he did not want a fourth child and had even considered vasectomy at some point. His mother was completely against it because she said that he was too young to make such a decision and that anything could change in the future. He advised that they should go for IUTD instead.

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