Meet Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Eddie Murphy’s Daughter

Angel Iris Murphy Brown is the daughter of Eddie Murphy whom he had with Mel B, an English singer, songwriter, TV personality, and actress. She is one of Eddie Murphy’s ten children. Angel Iris, who shares a birthday with her famous father, is currently 17 years old.

Angel, who presently lives with her mother, exists primarily away from the spotlight but her public profile as one of the children of one of America’s most celebrated actors has ensured that there will always be questions about what goes on in her life. Without further ado, let’s meet Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Eddie Murphy’s daughter.

Summary of Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Bio

  • Full name: Angel Iris Murphy Brown
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: April 3, 2007
  • Place of birth: Santa Monica, California, United States
  • Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Age: 17 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: Dual Nationality (American and English)
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Parents: Edward “Eddie” Regan Murphy (father), Melanie Janine Brown aka Mel B (mother)
  • Siblings: 11, including 9 paternal half-siblings and 2 maternal half-siblings
  • Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Height in Inches: 4 ft 10 inches
  • Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Height in Centimeters: 150 cm
  • Angel Iris Murphy Brown’s Weight: 33 kg (72 lb)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Famous for: Being Eddie Murphy’s daughter with Mel B

How Old Is Angel Iris Murphy?

Angel Iris Murphy Brown is 17 years old. She was born in Santa Monica, California, United States on April 3, 2007. Her birth sign is Aries, and she has dual nationality courtesy of Eddie Murphy, her American father, and her English mother.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown

Coincidentally, Angel shares a birthday with her famous father, who welcomed her into the world on his 46th birthday.

Mel B Is Angel Iris Murphy’s Mother

Angel’s father, Eddie Murphy, is not the only celebrity parent she has, thanks to the fact that her mother Mel B is also well-known in the entertainment industry. Born Melanie Janie Brown on May 29, 1975, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, Angel’s mother is an English singer, songwriter, television personality, and actress.

Her major link to fame is tied to the fact that she was a member of the popular girl group Spice Girls, who were renowned for their musical exploits during the 1990s. Nicknamed Scary Spice, Angel’s now-48-year-old mother and her group eventually became the best-selling female group of all time, a feat they achieved by selling over 100 million records worldwide.

Angel’s Parents Are No Longer A Couple

At the time of her birth, Angel’s parents were already done with the one-year relationship that led to her conception and subsequent birth. They were never married, and as has been confirmed, the relationship lasted relatively shorter than any of the other relationships both parents were engaged in before or after dating each other.

For emphasis, Angel’s dad had only been married once previously to a woman named Nicole Mitchell from 1993 until their divorce in 2006. Following the divorce, he started dating her mother after they had met at a Beverly Hills party in 2006.

Angel’s mother’s 2018 memoir confirmed that it was love at first sight as she experienced a surge of emotions ranging from confused to elated to happy to scared to relaxed to incredulous, and everything in between.

It was all bliss at the beginning with the actor moving her into his mansion and driving her around town in his Rolls Royce. The former couple even talked about having a baby together but even then, there was almost an air of inevitability that their relationship would end, and so it did. By then, however, Angel’s mother was already pregnant with her.

Angel’s Relationship With Her Father Was Rocky At First

Angel Iris Murphy Brown currently has a pretty decent relationship with her father, but the truth remains that things between them could have gone very differently. It even began a few months before the celebrity child was born when her father made reprehensible comments about her mother’s pregnancy to a reporter in December 2006.

His comments revolved around the fact that he was not sure about the identity of the father of the child Mel B was carrying at the time and that he intended to wait until the child was born to confirm the paternity through a DNA test. As expected, those comments hurt Angel’s mother and the actor later apologized for his careless comments.

Angel’s birth was followed by a DNA test that confirmed that Eddie Murphy was her father, and even then the Nutty Professor star reportedly kept his distance for about three years, a situation that did not sit well with Mel B, and she complained about it. Things have ostensibly gotten better.

Angel lives primarily with her mother who receives $35k monthly child support from her father. The initial figure was $10k less, but a court ordered the increment due to Mel B’s declining income.

Angel Iris Murphy Has Eleven Half-Siblings

There is no disputing the fact that Angel Iris Murphy Brown is the only child her parents had as a couple, but she is by no means the only child both her parents have individually. Her father, Eddie Murphy, has ten children in all, a fact that means that the 17-year-old has nine paternal-half siblings.

Five of those siblings, Bria, Miles, Shayne, Zola, and Bella Murphy, came from her father’s only marriage to Nicole. On her mother’s side, Angel has two half-sisters. The older of those half-sisters named Phoenix Chi-Gulzar was born on February 19, 1999, courtesy of her mother’s marriage to Dutch dancer Jimmy Gulzar.

Her younger maternal half-sister, Madison Brown Belafonte, was born on September 1, 2011, during her mother’s marriage to film producer Stephen Belafonte. The nature of Angel’s relationship with her half-siblings is currently unknown.

Is Angel Iris Murphy An Actress?

The details of Angel’s formal educational background have so far been withheld from the media and the general public because her parents decided to keep her away from the spotlight. Nonetheless, her age suggests that she is currently in the process of earning her high school diploma.

Given the fact that both her parents work in the entertainment industry, one would be wary of betting against her following in their footsteps even though stranger things than her not going the same career route has happened. For now, though, she is focused on getting an education.

Angel Iris Murphy Brown is not in any romantic relationship at the moment, but one can assume that it is an aspect of her existence that will change over time.

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