Meet America Williams, The Girl Who Died After Beating Her Mother

America Williams was the New Castle County–based teenager who slapped her mother in a video that went viral on the internet space. Five months after the video went viral, the then 15-year-old met her untimely death at 102 Bennett Ct, New Castle, Delaware. Reports said she went to a party in an apartment at this location, where she was shot 15 times. Williams died on the spot.

Summary of America Williams’ Biography

  • Full Name: America Williams
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 2005
  • Date of Death: 15th of February 2020
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: One
  • Famous For: Slapping her mother in a viral video

Who is American Williams?

American Williams is no celebrity, she was simply a 15-year-old American lady who came to the limelight for the wrong reason; slapping her own mum just to gain clout.

Perhaps because she was not a mainstream celebrity, nothing much is known about the young lady’s early life and family background. However, from the police reports filed at her death, it was revealed that the teenager was born in 2005. Facts like her birthday and months were missing.

Reports also revealed that the young lady was born in the United States, which is an indication of her American nationality. Though her ethnic mix was never mentioned, America’s physical appearance made many believe she would be of African-American roots, and this may not be far from the truth.

The only fact known about American Williams’s parents is that the woman she was seen slapping in the video that went viral was believed to be her biological mother. However, her name and profession never earned a mention. Nothing was said about her father.

From what happened during the young lady’s death, it became public knowledge that she was not the only child born to her parents. America has a brother whose name was never mentioned. However, from what the boy said, it was very clear that they share a close brother/sister bond. When quizzed about his sister’s demise, the boy described America as a loving sibling and went on to lament how much he is going to miss her.

Another grey area in America Williams’ life is her academic journey which was never mentioned. However, going by her age before she died, the young lady would be a high school student, but the details are not known.

It Was Alleged That Williams Had Mental Issues

After the video where America was seen dishing out hot slaps to her mother went viral, people couldn’t help but wonder how a responsible young adult would decide to slap her own mother and still record and release the video.

As the debate raged on, it came to the fore that the girl had been battling significant life challenges, and top on the list were mental health issues. The ensuing reports went further to say that the young lady passed through a troubled childhood which contributed to shaping her into the kind of girl that would not think twice about making rash decisions.

Needless to say, America’s demise triggered a lot of discussions centered on the need to give young people better mental health support in a bid to curtain domestic violence

What Happened in the America Williams Viral Video?

In 2020, when America Williams was only 15 years old, a video went viral on social media platforms where the young American lady was seen slapping the woman that gave her life.

It goes without saying that this kind of video wouldn’t waste time to go viral, and that was exactly what happened. Within minutes of its release, American’s video was viewed by millions of people all over the world.

While many internet users watched the viral video for the sake of entertainment, there was a select few that put the girl’s actions under scrutiny and harshly criticized her for what she did to the older woman.

We must also mention the fact that the video puts America William’s relationship with her mother into question. Many people weighed in on the issue, concluding that she may not have any blood ties with the woman, and that was what gave her the guts to do what she did.

Another version of the story soon emerged, claiming that the woman in the video was, in fact, the mother of one of the girl’s friends. The reason for this conclusion was that America was heard loud and clear in the video when she said, “This your mother right… stop playing with me.”

After receiving three hot slaps from America, the woman stood staring defenselessly and later entered into the house, followed by William’s last comment, “That’s f*cked up.”

It was also reported that it was America’s friend who accompanied her to execute the slaps that recorded the event, but no one knows how the video found its way into the internet space.

How Did America Williams Die?

Barely five months after the video of America Williams slapping her mother went viral, the teenager met her untimely death in an apartment located at 102 Bennett Ct, New Castle, Delaware, in the United States.

The tale of what she was doing in the New Castle County apartment came in two different accounts. While the first version of the story said the girl lived in the apartment, another account claimed she went to a party there.

CBS Philadelphia reported that loud music was heard playing on the first floor when gunshots were fired. America Williams’ lifeless body was discovered on the floor later in the evening by a female neighbor returning from work. This happened on the 15th of February 2020 on a Saturday night.

An autopsy revealed that America was shot 15 times, which triggered a lot of speculations. While many said being shot 15 times was related to her age at the time of her death which is 15 years, others were of the opinion that it had something to do with the number of times America slapped her mum (three multiplied by five).

Ensuing police investigations said she died on the spot, and despite the intensive investigations carried out on the incident, the criminal has remained at large and is yet to be apprehended.

The police haven’t made any public statement concerning the murder, but people speculated that whoever shot America Williams did it because of the way she slapped her mother and published the video on the internet space. There was another version of the story claiming that Williams wasn’t so loved in her neighborhood and had a lot of foes because her attitude was rather too bad and she was extremely rough.

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