What is Meek Mill’s Net Worth and How Did He Make All His Money?

Meek Mill net worth: Meek Mill is an American rapper, who doubles as a songwriter, and activist with a net worth of $20 million.

The rapper is renowned around the globe for his massive projects in the music industry. It’s no news that he is one of the most popular, influential, and wealthy rappers in the world with his net worth estimated to be well over $20 million. This is a massive figure and Meek Mill has worked hard to amass such a fortune over the years. He made his money mostly through tours, album sales, and juicy endorsement deals with several popular brands.

Meek Mill often cuts a controversial figure with his type of music, but that is what has brought him fame and fortune. Here is a closer look at his earnings as a musician, including all the other ways he makes money.

Meek Mill Has Come A Long Way To Have A Net Worth Of $20 Million

The primary thing that made Meek Mill such a successful and wealthy rapper with a net worth of about $20 million was the drive and determination to be the best in the business.  He had a rough childhood due to the absence of a father figure in his life. His uncle was, however, one of those who started DJing back in Philadelphia in the late 80s.

His work helped change the way hip-hop was viewed all around the country. It wasn’t long before Meek Mill was caught up in the hip-hop/rap scene with several rap battles happening around his hometown. Before long, he formed a rap group tagged the Bloodhoundz with three of his friends.

He Began His Career By Releasing Mixtapes

Meek Mill has been consistent in releasing mixtapes for his music since the mid-2000s. He released a couple of mixtapes that were not popular until when he released Flamerz in 2007. This brought him the much-deserved recognition that he deserved.

By the time he released the follow-up mixtape Flamerz 2 – Hottest in the City in 2009, he became noticed by two popular record labels: Warner Brothers Records and the Grand Hustle Records. Subsequently, between the same period to 2010, he released Flamerz 2,5 and Flamerz 3. They were all a massive success, adding to the speculation that the record labels mentioned above were justling for his signature.

Meek Mill later signed on to Grand Hustle. However, due to legal troubles, he and the company parted ways. One of the reasons for this was that Meek was incarcerated and spent seven months in jail. Fortunately, the success of his previous mixtapes remained fresh and in the mind of other label executives. Upon his release from prison, he signed with Warner Brother’s record label, Maybach Music Group, founded by Rick Ross in 2011. This is where the money started flowing in for Meek Mill, with global recognition of his works from then on.

Meek Mill Made a Lot of Money with Maybach Music Group

Meek Mill started living lavishly when he signed with Rick Ross‘s Maybach Music Group. He released four studio albums with chart-topping songs while signed to the label. The numbers spoke for him, and he started piling in cash.

Meek’s first song with the record label was the song “Tupac Back” which featured Rick Ross. It was a part of his label’s compilation album tagged Self Made Vol.1, released in 2011. He later released his second single, “Ima Boss” featuring Rick Ross, which was added to the earlier mentioned album compilation.

He then released a remix of the song featuring T.I, Birdman, Lil Wayne, DJ Khalid, Swizz Beatz, and Rick Ross. This made it an instant hit and recorded massive numbers to the extent that it peaked at No. 51 on the Billboard Hot 100. This was recorded as one of his most successful songs at that time.

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Another project that did good numbers for Meek Mill was his Dreamchasers mixtape project released in 2011 that had guest features from Rick Ross, Beanie Siegel, and Yo Gotti. The official numbers on the economic implications of this project were never released, but it made him more popular and wealthier as a rapper.

In May 2012, Meek Mill released another part of his Dreamchaser series. The project was on record as having over 1.5 million downloads within the first six hours of being released on the DafPiff.com website. Meek Mill’s net worth skyrocketed even further with the success of Dreamchaser 2, putting him in the league of the wealthiest rappers in America.

His Studio Albums Released Under Maybach Music Group

1. Dreams and Nightmares

Released on 30th October 2012, Dreams and Nightmares is the third installment of his Dreamchaser series. It topped so many music charts and landed at No 2 on Billboard 200. Within the first few weeks of the release, RIAA certified it gold, creating a new milestone for the talented rapper. This is another successful album that brought him an extra fortune.

Back in 2012, the Dreams and Nightmares album sold about 500,000 copies which brought in over $4.5 million for the musician. However, the money was not all his to keep. Experts analyzed that only 8.85% of the total money which represents about $402,663 of the total sum was his.

2. Dreams Worth More Than Money

His second album titled Dreams Worth More Than Money was released on June 29, 2015. The project was successful and did similar numbers just like the first. It peaked on the Billboard 200 as the top music album. The album featured several notable stars such as Akon, Rick Ross, Future, Wale, and Jadakiss. This ensured that it did massive numbers to guarantee a new turn of fortune for Meek Mill.

In all, Meek Mill’s second album Dreams Worth More Than Money sold about 350,000 copies in the USA alone by the end of 2015. Unlike his first album, the amount he took home as his personal earnings from the album is not yet known. Nonetheless, it is believed to have added significantly to his overall net worth.

3. Wins & Losses

Meek Mill’s third album titled Win & Losses was released on July 21, 2017, after the massive success recorded by Dreams Worth More Than Money. The two projects resulted in Meek Mill getting an award with Billboard Music Award for the Top Rap Album of the year.

On April 13, 2018, with over 500,000 units sold in the USA, the album was certified gold by RIAA. However, the actual amount the musician made from the album is not yet publicly known.

4. Championships

Meek Mill’s fourth studio album was released on November 30, 2018, under Atlantic Records and Maybach Music Group. The album debuted on the US Billboard 200 with about 229,000 equivalent album sales in its first week. As the weeks progressed, the album repeatedly dropped in numbers on the chart but still ended up being certified platinum by RIAA as it later sold over 1 million copies according to reports. Though the album performed relatively well, facts about how much it made in particular are yet to be made public.

Other Sources of Income That Add to Meek Mill’s Net Worth

Aside from the huge income that he earns from the sale of his music albums, Meek Mill’s net worth has also been increased with other sources of income not directly related to music. There are, however, others that still have to do with music.

Music Tours and Concerts

Meek Mill has toured heavily all through the course of his career, and this is part of the reason why he is so successful and wealthy. He has headlined two tours; The Dreamchasers Tour in 2012 and the Motivational Tour in 2019. He also co-headlined the Legendary Nights Tour in 2019 with rapper Future. Meek Mill has recorded a total of 353 concerts and is scheduled to go on more tours in 2021 and 2022. Tours and concerts have contributed significantly to his fortune, earning him a massive figure estimated at almost $13 million.

Endorsement Deals

A significant portion of Meek Mill’s net worth comes from massive endorsement deals with sporting giants like Puma and digital video company Amazon. The value, despite being undisclosed, has been reported to earn him a lot of money while he works hard to maintain a clean image because of his rough past and disputes with law enforcement.

Meek Mill also has an endorsement deal with the Monster Energy drink beverage brand and Skull Candy, earning him over $1 million.

The Dream Chaser’s Record Label

Meek Mill announced on 26th October 2012 that he was launching his record label imprint under the name of Dream Chasers Records. The rapper flagged off the project by signing artists Louie V Gutta and Goldie. The Dream Chaser’s Record Label was finally launched on 24th June 2019 as a joint venture with the Roc Nation record label owned by Jay-Z.

According to Meek Mill, the project is part of his plan to grow as a businessman in the music business and the ability to find young, talented, and hungry talents. The Dream Chaser’s label became a part of Meek Mill’s fortune and added massively to his brand and wealth.

The establishment has continued to grow with the plan to unveil the next generation of talented music stars. Its office is domiciled in New York City.

The “Free Meek” Documentary Series

Meek Mill is renowned for his activism. One of the many works he has done in this regard is a documentary project that revealed his many clashes with the shortcomings of the criminal justice system. The project named “Free Meek” was released on the Prime Video platform in 2019 and went viral within a few weeks.

It was no surprise that Meek Mill would embark on this project because he has had many clashes with the law in the past. He was notably sentenced in 2008 for drug dealing and gun possession and was incarcerated for 11 to 23 months. Meek was later released on parole in 2009 for five years of probation but violated it leading to further imprisonment. According to Mill’s booking agency reports, it harmed a lot of the income that he was supposed to get within that period. The figures have been tipped to run into millions of dollars.

Meek Mill was the executive producer for the documentary series that recorded many views, especially in the United States. He has continued to pursue activism, especially when it comes to prison reforms. In recent times, he has been teaming up with brands to further his work and project it to a bigger audience through his music.

YouTube Channel

Meek Mill has a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. The YouTube account has been reported to earn him a total of $180,000 per year, and the figure is expected to grow as his brand and fanbase grow.

The Lifestyle Meek Mill’s Net Worth Affords Him

Meek Mill, just like any successful rapper of his caliber, lives a lavish lifestyle. The rapper’s lifestyle was revealed when he started dating famous rap artist Nicki Minaj. This can be evident in the clothes, shoes, and cars that he drives, including his mansions.

Mill’s Real Estate

Meek Mill's net worth house
Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s Beverly Hills Mansion

The last record of a house that Meek Mill procured is the Beverly Hills mansion that he rented together with Nicki Minaj in 2016. It was revealed that Meek has been paying the sum of $35,000 a month for it. The property is a 10,340 square foot home that has expansive views overlooking the city and mountains.

Features of the house include a double decking foyer having a spacious living room space with a fireplace as an option for cold nights. The house also has French doors that lead outside. The exterior of the mansion has a swimming pool with a spa and barbecue spot.

The mansion is beautiful, but there have been very few reports about what happened after Meek Mill broke up with Nicki as her name was on the lease at the time of their separation.

His Car Collection

Meek Mill’s years of hard work are evident in his massive car collection. The rapper did not disappoint in flaunting his style with flashy cars, including an Aston Martin Rapide with gold wheels, a Rolls Royce Ghost, a Bentley Flying Spurs, a Mercedes S-Class, a Mercedes G63, and a Maybach. Meek Mill is still very much young, but we can be sure that this collection will surely improve in the future.

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