Matthias Schoenaerts
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The Belgium film industry will be in a better position to tell the story of one of its celebrated actors Matthias Schoenaerts whose years in film school was so bleak that the authorities had to kick him out when he was still a teenager for exhibiting sluggish and lazy traits.

Today, Matthias is controlling the crowd with his great looks and astounding performances, especially in his native Belgium where he has attained stardom although he has also gathered recognition at the international level. Looking at the level of success the stylish actor has attained, we can conveniently say that he owes part of his success to his lineage as he grew up under the tutelage of his father, Julien Schoenaerts, the legendary actor who was very much loved by his fans.

His debut movie ‘Daens’ earned Matthias Schoenaerts a lot of recognition in the Belgium entertainment industry and by the time his breakthrough movie ‘Bullhead’ hit the audiences in 2011, fans were already crazy for the good-looking actor whose outstanding performances in films such as ‘The Danish Girl’, and ‘Rust and Bone’ has already proved him to be worth his weight in gold.

The Belgian actor has bagged several prestigious awards and uncountable commendations throughout his career. Awards that have crowned him the best actor are ‘Cesar Award for Most Promising Actor,’ ‘Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film’ ‘Palm Springs International Film Festival,’ and ‘Magritte Award,’

In addition to the famed actors astounding acting skills, Matthias Schoenaerts is also very proficient as a graffiti artist and an excellent movie producer. In the year 2015, France honoured the multi-talented artist with the title of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters. It is worthy to note that the celebrated actor was towing the line of soccer and nearly became a professional in football as he made it to the Belgian team known as Beerschot AC but according to him, he had to give up soccer as a profession in 2013 at the age of 16 although he still supports FC Barcelona.

Matthias Schoenaerts: Wife, Girlfriend, Partner

Matthias Schoenaerts
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The renowned Belgium artist’s current relationship status is not very discernable but when he said in an interview that he was having a wonderful affair with a girl in Antwerp, he was referring to his ongoing affair with Alexandra Schouteden, a practising lawyer who he has been dating since 2012. In the absence of exchange of vows, the couple were just like an old married couple: living happily together with their two kittens, flooding the social media with romantic photos and going everywhere together. Their union has been equivalent to marital bliss. In November 2012, they were together at the screening exercise for Rust and Bone in New York City.

From all indications, it appeared that Matthias Schoenaerts was content in his relationship with his lawyer girlfriend Alexandra because performing alongside the most beautiful of female actresses did not distract the famed actor from his love for his girlfriend. He appeared to be uninterested in any other woman throughout the duration of his affair with Alexandra. Even the normal rumours and controversies that are usually associated with celebrated artists of his ilk was absent from their relationship, no rumour was heard of Matthias being in another relationship with any other girl.

Recently, it seemed that the passion died in their relationship because at the onset of their affair, the couple usually floods social media with pictures of them having a good time together and Alexandra on her own part was popular for always wishing her boyfriend well on the social media. However, the reverse is the case now as the number of photos has drastically reduced and the usual wishes from Alexandra are practically non-existent and besides, the duo has failed to appear together at an event lately.

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Height, Body Measurements

The multi-talented superstar who smokes on occasions stands at a tall height of 6 feet 2 inches or 187 cm and weighs a total of 80 kg. The Adonis of the Belgium entertainment industry is a natural blond with green eyes. Matthias Schoenaerts is known to have a tattoo somewhere on his person, but the exact location of the tattoo still eludes the public.

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