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There are many things which can make someone a celebrity – background/family name, career success/scandal, relationships, marriage to celebrities and even marital scandals. Matt Danzeisen is one American celebrity a lot of people got interested in for one of these reasons – he is married to an American entrepreneur, author, and venture capitalist Peter Andreas. Yes, you read it right, he is married to a man which makes him gay.

However, as it is with most people who are affiliated with powerful and famous personalities in our society, Matt equally has a life outside of his marriage to the money bag. Find out all about it here (albeit a paucity of information about his background), in addition to unknown facts about his marriage.

Who is Matt Danzeisen – Peter Thiel’s Husband?

Matt Danzeisen was born in the United States of America to parents who are of White ethnicity, he is, therefore, an American national and of White ethnicity. Matt has not revealed much information about his exact date and place of birth in America, whether or not he has siblings, what his parents were like and of course, how he felt growing up as an eventual gay man. Though there is a dearth of information in these aspects of his profile, his later life and what he has made out of it are possible pointers that Danzeisen remained focused on his goals while growing up.

He is believed to have attended a high school in his hometown after which he proceeded to college and thereafter began pursuing his career in the finance industry. Danzeisen worked as a portfolio manager with BlackRock, Inc, a New York City-based American global investment management corporation. From here, Matt Danzeisen secured another job as an investment banker with Bank of America Securities before he began rendering his professional services as a portfolio manager to Thiel Capital, an investment management firm which specializes in investment management services. The company was founded by his eventual partner Peter Thiel.

Some revelations made by a few online sources have it that Matt Danzeisen sees to the private investments of Thiel Capital and is also involved with investments in the Financial Technology industry in various capacities: as an equity investor, lender and board member of some FinTech companies.

Here are Facts You Need to Know

  • Relationship and Marriage
Matt Danzeisen Peter Thiel
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Both Peter Theil and his partner Matt Danzeisen refrain from making comments in public about their relationship and marriage despite their identity as a gay couple being public knowledge. They surprised guests at Theil’s 50th birthday party at Vienna Austria when they announced their wedding plans. The news spread like wildfire considering the personalities involved and in that same month (October 2017), they took their marriage vows. The couple has since then remained married to each other but as we hinted earlier, they don’t discuss their marriage in public.

  • Kids

Many of their fans especially those from the LGBTQ community have wondered and asked severally when the couple are going to have kids. The answer to this is not soon, at least as at the time of our writing. They are currently more focused on their career and don’t have plans to raise kids at the moment.

  • Net Worth

Not much has been revealed about Matt Danzeisen’s earning but his husband is a known billionaire. He is a co-founder of Paypal (a worldwide online payments system), Clarium Capital (American investment management and hedge fund company), and several other establishments where he has stakes in. Thiel has a net worth of $2.5 billion.

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  • Properties 

Matt’s partner has a mansion in Maui country, Hawaii worth about $27 million, in addition, he owns an $11 million worth Dave Chasen Residence in LA, a 4 storied mansion worth $6.5 million which he bought in 2009, a 193ha Glendhu Bay farm in New Zealand worth an estimated $8 million which he bought with a company he started there. These and many other things are the perks Matt Danzeisen enjoys due to his marriage to Thiel.

  • Peter Thiel’s stance with Donald Trump

In the build-up to the 2016 United States presidential elections, Thiel was a known supporter of Donald Trump with some publications even describing him as his friend. His partner Matt was a moderate supporter of the president but since after Trump emerged president and assumed office, Thiel has remained rather quiet about him. It is believed that this is probably a result of the president’s stance on gay rights. Thiel, however, maintains that he is not worried about it.

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