Is Mary Padian Married? How Did She Build Her Net Worth From Storage Hunting?

The reality TV star, Mary Padian is a known storage hunter who has been one of the main casts of the reality TV show, Storage Wars. Since her childhood, she has possessed an innate ability of recycling scraps into usable items and dazzling art crafts as well. Following her extraordinary talent of plucking gold from trash, she has been nicknamed The Junker on the series which follows the story of professional buyers who look out for storage facilities throughout California with unpaid three months rent, that they would bid and possibly purchase.

Having been one of the TV show’s buyers for several seasons now, the eminent entrepreneur has accrued impressive earnings and her net worth is an ever-increasing curve. Asides her works on the show, Mary is also a certified photojournalist who has displayed her entrepreneurial skills by serving as the owner of an online emporium called Mary’s Finds. Therein, she sells most of her salvaged items. Read on to learn more puzzling details about Mary’s early life, dating history, career, and financial value.

Background Details 

The skilled businesswoman is the daughter of John Gerard Padian, a former junkyard operator who is the owner of JP Transmission Salvage, and Teresa Padian, a homemaker. Her birthdate is registered as 24th August 1980 and her birthplace is Dallas, Texas, United States. Padian has one sibling, a younger brother named Luke Padian – even though she comes from a very large family and has about forty-two first cousins.

Sadly, in 2009, her parents went their separate ways after a divorce, but it never affected Mary’s relationship with them to date. Regarding her ethnicity, she is of mixed ethnical background – Irish and Lebanese. While growing up, Mary Padian got accustomed to the life of revamping scraps into valuable items or artworks as a result of her regular visits to her dad’s junkyard. This played an instrumental role in her career success, having served as the foundation on which she built her career.

For her educational qualification, Mary Padian is a graduate of the University of Texas where she studied Photojournalism and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in the year 2003.

How Did She Become A Storage Hunter

Upon her graduation from the university, Mary began her walk of fame with an internship program at D Home Magazine which lasted for six months. Afterward, she moved to New York City in search of greener pastures. There, she got hired by an architectural design magazine known as Architectural Digest.

While she was there, she worked under the tutelage of then editor in chief of the magazine, Paige Rense, as she held the position of an assistant editor. She moved on to establish a video blog on the company’s website called Mary’s Finds where she sold beautiful homewares. She presently has an online store of the same name and therein, she sells revamped furniture and home decoration collections.

Having been inclined towards the refurbishing of trash into valuables, Mary Padian went on to establish a physical store in Texas in 2010 where she markets her collections after resigning from her job at Architectural Digest. She then got introduced to the reality TV show, Storage Wars by one of the show’s main cast, Moe Prigroff whom she used to help sell some of his storage box findings in her store.

Why Is She Popular On Storage Wars?

Mary Padian made her first appearance on the reality TV show during the first season of Storage Wars spin-off titled, Storage Wars: Texas, as Moe’s storage hunting crew. She later joined the show full time in the second season, gaining recurring roles up to the third season when the spin-off was cancelled in 2014.

mary padian
Mary and the Storage War Texas Crew

Although many feared the cancellation would be the end for Mary’s role in the reality series, she got hooked up to the original series, Storage Wars, during the fifth season; as her creative skills and a knack for remodeling waste to profitable products enchanted the producers of the show. Since then, she has been on the show – up to the twelfth season which aired in 2018 and 2019 – picking up recurring roles as one of the show’s main buyers.

Through her creative works on Storage Wars, Mary has endeared herself to the fans, hence, becoming one of the show’s favorite cast member.

Here’s How She Makes Her Money

Asides gaining fame through her TV show appearances, Mary Padian has equally earned a staggering amount of wealth from her endeavors as a storage hunter. She reportedly earns a salary of $450,000 per season of the show and her net worth is estimated at $1 million as of 2019, which is still on the rise following her participation in the reality series.

She has additionally earned a fortune through the sales of the remodeled items she often purchases from auction units. Similarly, as the owner of Mary’s Finds, an antique and furniture refurbishing business, Mary Padian has been able to increase her finances which constantly reflects on her financial value.

Does Mary Padian Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

Mary Padian
Mary Padian and Dylan (image source)

Mary Padian has been meticulous with the information she shares with her fans and equally the media. She has kept her relationship details private and as such, one can hardly find information regarding her dating history as well as her love life on the internet.

That being said, the pretty TV personality has once introduced her heartthrob, a guy named Dylan during one of the episodes of Storage Wars titled, Mary’s Big Score in 2016. Although the pair seemed to share a special bond during their appearance on the show, they haven’t made the news since then, as it’s still uncertain whether they are currently together as a couple.

In recent times, Mary has been very engaged with family activities and has never hinted about any special guy in her life on her social media handles. According to online sources, Mary Padian is said to single and she is yet to make it to the altar with the love of her life.

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