Mary And The Witch’s Flower: Here Are The Faces Behind The Voices

Mary And The Witch's Flower
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Mary and the Witch’s Flower belongs to the genre of films called anime – it’s a Japanese animated film. This film is a fantasy which chronicles the experiences of the titular character, Mary after she comes in contact with a rare flower. The success of the movie led to it being released multiple times. To learn more about this super-entertaining piece and the actors who voiced the characters, keep reading.

Mary And The Witch’s Flower Fantasy Film

Mary and the Witch’s Flower is an adaptation of “The Little Broomstick”, a children’s novel by the English writer, Mary Stewart, which was published in 1971 and is one of the three children’s books written by the author. Mary Smith, the protagonist of the story, is a young girl who struggles to adapt to the new environment she has moved to.

In a bid to get rid of boredom, the cats of a boy who lives in the area led her to a mysterious flower in a garden which she learns is highly sought after by witches for its magical properties. Young Mary finds out about the magic the flower possesses for herself and this leads her on a whirlwind of adventures which include enrolling in a school for witchcraft, saving her friend and finding out that she is the great-niece of a powerful witch.

The movie was first released on the 8th of July 2017 in Japan and on this date, it was aired on more than 400 screens in the country. Upon its release in Japan, Mary and the Witch’s Flower received mostly favorable reviews and this was a factor that necessitated its release in other countries.

While Altitude Film Sales distribution company took care of the release in the United Kingdom after acquiring the worldwide rights to the film, its release in New Zealand and Australia was done by Madman Entertainment. These releases came with English Subtitles for the non-Japanese speaking countries. However, in the United States, the film was not released with subtitles because it was a dubbed version that got released.

Here Are The Faces Behind The Voices

Mary and The Witch’s Flower is an animated film, hence, the characters are voiced by voice actors. In its original version, it was voiced by Japanese actors while the American version of the film was voiced by American actors and actresses. Below are the faces of the major actors who voiced various characters in the American version of the film.

Mary Smith (Ruby Barnhill)

Mary And The Witch's Flower
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This character is voiced by Ruby Barnhill, an English actress known for her work in the 2016 film, The BFG. Barnhill’s career in acting began in 2016 when she was just twelve. In the short time that she has had her career, she has been able to put on performances that speak of the talent she possesses.

Madame Mumblechook (Kate Winslet)

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Kate Winslet is the face behind this Mary And The Witch’s Flower character who is the headmistress of Endor College. Winslet is a multiple award-winning actress who is known for her performances in Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland among many other notable films.

Doctor Dee (Jim Broadbent)

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This character is the second most important person at Endor College and the English actor Jim Broadbent voiced it. Broadbent is another prolific actor who is the recipient of a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and an Academy Award for his roles in various films.

Flanagan (Ewen Bremner)

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Voiced by Ewen Bremner, this character was the broomstick riding teacher but now saddled with the responsibility of watching over the brooms. At different times in the film, he helps Mary with her broomstick and even helped her fix it when it was broken.

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Peter (Louis Ashbourne Serkis)

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This is the boy who Mary has to save from Endor College and Louis Ashbourne Serkis voiced this character. Louis Ashbourne is a young English actor whose career in acting has only been active for five years. Although he has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, he is mostly recognized for his role as Alex in the 2019 fantasy adventure The Kid Who Would Be King and as the son of Andy Serkis, an English actor and film director.

The other characters in Mary and The Witch’s Flower are Great- Aunt Charlotte, who is voiced by Lynda Baron and Teresa Gallagher, Zebedee – voiced by Ramus Hardiker, Flanagan and Miss Banks. The latter two are voiced by Ewen Bremner and Morwenna Banks. For the new version of the film, a new character was added, this character is the light Fairy and it is voiced by Rebecca Louise Kid.