Marty Raney’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Make Per Episode?

Marty Raney’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million. He makes a huge bulk of his money from appearing on the reality TV show, Homestead Rescue. He also earns through mountain climbing, acting, music, books, and his various businesses.

Marty Raney is a host, producer, actor, author, climber, and survivalist who is well-known for the Nat Geo Wild show, Homestead Rescue. He has appeared in a few onscreen projects where he displayed his talents as a climber, singer, and survivalist. Marty Raney has also increased his net worth through various other means. Here is all to know about his net worth.

How Much Is Marty Raney’s Net Worth?

As stated earlier, Marty Raney’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million. This is an impressive amount for someone like him who works very hard to make his money. Marty  made his money through his various endeavors details of which are below.

Sources of Marty Raney’s Net Worth

Mountain Climbing

Marty Raney has lived off the grid and off-land since he became of age. After dropping out of school at 16 years old, he moved to Alaska because of its wilderness at the age of 18. In 1974, after he got married to his wife, Mollee Roestel, he relocated to the remote Homestead in Haines, which is populated by bears.

In 1979, he relocated to the Wasilla area, where he started his mountain exploration. He climbed the Denali mountain for the first time in 1987. Subsequently, he mastered the mountain and devised several survival techniques. Having lived many years without a water supply, steady light, heat, or plumbing, he started the guiding business.

He teaches people and groups who wish to visit the mountains how to survive without these social amenities. Though how much he earns from this is not known, Marty Raney’s net worth is sure to experience an increase through it.


Though when Marty Raney started acting was not disclosed, he has appeared in a number of films. The actor who started his career with mountain climbing has appeared in various movies, mostly portraying the role of a travel guide. Though the amount that he earns from appearing in movies has not been disclosed, Marty Raney definitely gets paid for it.

List of Marty Raney’s TV Show Appearances

  • Spirit of Alaska
  • Surviving Denali
  • Han Denali
  • Climb Against All Odds
  • The Great Summit Series
  • McKinely: Grand Mountain of The Far North
  • An Idiot Abroad
  • Strummit From The Summit
  • The High One
  • Han Denali
  • The Ultimate Survival Alaska TV series
  • Josh Gates Tonight TV series
  • Denali Expedition
  • An Uphill Battle

How Much Does Marty Raney Make Per Episode of Homestead Rescue?

Though Marty Raney has appeared in various on-screen projects, he only became famous after he started appearing in the Nat Geo Wild hit show, Homestead Rescue, which began airing in 2016. Meanwhile, he stars in the TV show that airs on the Discovery Channel with his two children, Matthew and Mitsy.

The reality TV show portrays the Raneys traveling to many places to help family members that live off the grid develop skills that will help them at odd times. The series, which has about eleven episodes, has raked in lots of cash for Marty Raney. Though Martey Raney’s salary per episode is not known, central characters on reality TV shows earn between $30,000 to $1 million per season, and considering Marty Raney’s net worth, he probably earns in tens of thousands of dollars per episode.

Marty Raney’s Business

Marty Raney’s net worth does not only accrue from on-screen projects, he is also an astute businessman. The climber established a business known as Alaska Stones and Log Company in Wasilla, Alaska. The company makes use of logs and stones to refurbish old homesteads. This has been one of his sources of income, which he established for a long time and still exists to date.

Other Ventures That Add To Marty Raney’s Net Worth

Apart from the mentioned sources through which Marty Raney’s net worth accrues, there are also other sources through which he makes money.

Marty Raney is doubtlessly a man with a wealth of knowledge. He is an author who has his name on a book. The climber’s first book titled Homestead Survival: An Insider’s Guide to Your Great Escape, was published in September 2022.

Raney is also a musician who has some songs to his credit. His song includes Him and the Mountain, Alaska Tattooed Lady, You Never Wrote, Cuttie Cutter Cowboy, and many others. Marty also performed at the Anchorage Folk Festival held in 2013.

A Summary Of Marty Raney’s Net Worth Sources

  • Mountain Climbing
  • Acting
  • Homestead Rescue reality TV show
  • Business
  • Books
  • Music


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