The Scoop on Mark Labbett’s Weight Loss Journey, Wife and Children

The Chase star Mark Labbett has undergone a hard-to-believe weight transformation, dropping more than 63kg and going from a size 5xl to 2xl. He was married to Kate Labbett and had a son before their divorce.

Affectionately labeled “The Beast”, English TV personality Mark Labbett won the hearts of many across the United States for his glaring intelligence, his quick wittiness, and his imposing size. As of 2003 when he was at his heaviest, he weighed 184 kg (406 pounds).

But while his viewers loved him just the way he was, the need arose for him to make some lifestyle changes that will help him shed some weight after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016. Unfortunately, he had no option of doing it the easy through surgery so he had to work his way out of the chronic condition.

Thus far, he has done an amazing job with the support of his wife and family but according to him, he ‘still has work to do’ on his figure.

How Mark Labbett’s Weight Loss Journey Started

Mark Labbett’s weight loss journey all started after he was discovered that he had Type 2 diabetes in 2016. Following the diagnosis, he was advised to shed weight by reducing the quantity of sugar in his diet.

Although he might have opted for a gastric bypass or band surgery, Mirror reported that doctors told him it would not work in his case because being a self-confessed sweet and chocolate junkie, the sugar would go straight through it.

As revealed by the quizzer in a caption of one of his Instagram posts, he has made his overall health and fitness a priority since then and has “been on a real-life weight loss journey losing nearly 10 stones since my diagnosis.”

When Mark contracted the dreaded coronavirus in the summer of 2020, he shed even more weight as he lost appetite.

Mark Labbett’s Weight Loss Was By Eating Clean and Exercising

With the help of his wife, Katie, Mark made wise choices about his diet and began hitting the gym. In six months, he reportedly lost four inches from his chest and six inches off his belly. The Beast was so elated at the result that he took to Twitter to gush about his impressive weight loss in February 2018.

In November 2021, he appeared on ITV’s The Pet Show where he revealed that he lost a lot of weight with the help of his Golden Retriever, named Baloo. According to him, the dog, who he calls his “personal trainer”, motivated him to stay fit by getting him to form a habit of exercising regularly.

Speaking with hosts Dermot O’Leary and Joanna Page, he disclosed that his wife promised him that when they got the dog, she would re responsible for feeding him, walking him, and everything else.

Mark Labbett
Mark Labbett’s weightloss

However, she was only able to keep to her promise for two weeks before before she convinced Mark to take over walking him, telling him that he needed the exercise to reduce his belly. “I was walking him around the fields, taking me places… I think he’s helped a lot, simply because I’m doing more activity.”

Since he recovered from coronavirus, The Beast has increased his exercise regime. He gyms, walks and eats only two meals each day, according to The Sun. He told the tabloid newspaper in March 2021 that sugar had always been his sin and that was why he never considered a gastric band.

Not wanting to die early like most sumo wrestlers his size, Mark knew he had to make a change. “The more sugar you have, the more you want,’ he said, adding that he has now reduced his sugar intake and hardly gets very hungry anymore.

He also revealed that he usually skips lunch when he’s filming or takes a muffin or two, but always tries to eat a decent, cooked breakfast. And then at night, he is often too tired to eat and so he just sleeps off without eating. ‘It works for me,” he added.

How Much Was Mark Labbett’s Weightloss?

In March 2021,The Sun reported that Mark Labbett has lost 63.5 kg, that’s about 117 kg less than he weighed at his heaviest (184 kg) in 2003.

In January 2022, The Chase star showed off the amazing results of his hard work, posing shirtless in front of a mirror as he took a selfie. He shared the picture on Twitter as seen below:

Following his weight loss, the Devon-born star was recently made an ambassador for Muscle Food, a Nottingham, UK-based online food retailer that sells foods and snacks that are high-protein, lean meats, as well as sports supplements.

Does Mark Labbett Have Children?

Together, the now-former couple, Mark and Katie, have a son who they are keen on keeping away from the spotlight.

As reported on Express, Mark said, “You won’t find a pic of our son, nor am I gonna name him.” He further explained that the boy is free to be on social media when he is older but that he (Mark) will not do it for him.

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