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Hardly is there anyone who doesn’t know the popular American comedian, actor, television host, producer, and a whole lot of other things, Steve Harvey. The one you probably don’t know is his wife, Marjorie Harvey. The surprising thing though, is that just as Steve is a very interesting character, Marjorie also has her very interesting side. Here are things to know about her.

Marjorie Harvey Bio – Age

Marjorie Harvey was born under the name of Marjorie Bridges on October 10, 1964. While there is hardly much that is known about her, it is known that the beautiful woman was born in the United States.

For her education, Marjorie was able to make it up to the university level, however, she was unable to complete it. She dropped out of the University of Memphis as a result of poor academic performance. This is mainly because she was said to have her mind more on fashion than books, and that will be the thing that will drive her later in life to start a clothing line.

It is likely that she was brought up in Memphis since she had her education there and she also got married there.

Her Parents

Marjorie was raised by her parents whose pictures she has shared a number of times on social media. While her father’s name is unknown, her mother is Doris Bridges.

Ex-Husband and Kids

Marjorie Harvey
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Also regarded as Marjorie Bridges-Woods, Marjorie has come to be known as the wife of the all popular Steve Harvey, but before the comedian, she has dated other men and in fact, she has been in two previous marriages.

The first man she got married to was said to be a drug pusher in Memphis. Although his name has been kept away from the media, he was later arrested and jailed for life. Shortly after the event, Marjorie divorced her husband and went on to date yet another man, Darnell Woods. Woods is one of the Wood brothers that became known for their notoriety in drug dealing. The 4 brothers were jailed in 2002 for distribution of marijuana and cocaine from Houston to Memphis.

Some have alleged that Marjorie Bridges’ first two husbands were not just crime-related, but that they were likewise cousins. From these two marriages, she has three kids; Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Morgan Harvey.

It was after these marriages that she settled for Steve Harvey who also had at the time suffered two divorces, with the second which was from Mary Shackelford very brutal in the legal terms. From his marriages, Harvey has 4 children, hence they share seven children between them. That stated, as man and wife, they do not have any child together from their marriage.

Marjorie Harvey and the TV show star’s relationship began after they were both divorced from their partners. The thing, however, is that they had dated a long time before they both settled for other people. The problem with their first dating in 1990 was the distance between them which forced the two to go their separate ways.

Many years later in 2005, they met again and by 2007, they were married. Marjorie Harvey would go on to be described by her media-powerful husband as one of the singular reasons behind his success and behind him being a better man than he had ever been.

He gives the credit of his reunion to Marjorie to his bodyguard who made efforts at getting him to go back to her because he knew she was the only woman who had ever made him really happy.

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Marjorie’s Net Worth

Together with her husband, Marjorie began the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation (SMHF) which is aimed at uplifting the living standard of living of children and families in different parts of the world. While her husband has a net worth that is estimated at over $100 million, the exact worth of Marjorie still remains unknown.

That is not to suggest, however, that she doesn’t do anything. In fact, she has her own clothing line known as the Marjorie Harvey’s Closet. Her couture collects class and elegance. She also has her own line of handbags. While they may not be among the biggest lines out there, they still manage to bring in some good bucks to Mrs Harvey.