Margaret McGloin: Inside the Life of Late Allen Ludden’s Wife

Margaret McGloin was the ex-wife of Allen Ludden, the late legendary American actor. They got married on October 11, 1943 and divorced in 1961. Margaret McGloin was an American actress and she appeared in the Documentary TV Series titled “Intimate Portrait.” 

McGloin’s ex-husband died in 1981 from complications of stomach cancer. Unfortunately, she also passed on on October 30, 1961, after suffering from a suspected cancer.

Biography Summary of Margaret McGloin

  • Full name: Margaret Frances Ellsworth
  • Gender: Female 
  • Date of birth: November 27, 1915
  • Date of Death: October 30, 1961
  • Place of Birth: Nueces County, Texas, the USA
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American 
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight 
  • Religion: Christian  
  • Margaret McGloin’s Husband: Allen Ludden (m. 1943–1961)
  • Margaret McGloin’s Children: David Ludden, Martha Ludden, and Sarah Ludden
  • Margaret McGloin’s Parents: Gilbert James McGloin (father), Cyrene Ameta Cook McGloin (mother)
  • Siblings: Gilbert Jame McGloin ll, Barbara Ann McGloin Johnson, Kathleen McGannon McGloin Homer, and John Patrick McGloin
  • Margaret McGloin’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches 
  • Margaret McGloin’s Net worth: $5 Million (Husband)
  • Famous for: Former wife of Allen Ludden

When was Margaret McGloin Born?

Margaret McGloin was born on November 27, 1915, with the original name Margaret Frances Ellsworth in Nueces County, Texas, United States. She is an American of mixed ethnicity and was born to a mix of racial parents with Mexican-American ancestry. Therefore, it is safe to say that Margaret hails from Mexican-American ancestry. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Margaret was raised in a decent family in Nueces County, Texas, United States. Her father is a businessman named Gilbert James McGloin, and her mother is a homemaker called Cyrene Ameta Cook McGloin. Margaret enjoyed an excellent upbringing from her parents as she was loved and cared for along with her siblings.

Margaret McGloin
Margaret McGloin on her wedding day

She has four siblings, which include two brothers, namely Gilbert Jame McGloin ll and John Patrick McGloin, and two sisters, namely; Barbara Ann McGloin Johnson and Kathleen McGannon McGloin Homer.

Margaret McGloin Became Allen Ludden’s Wife in 1943

Margaret McGloin was married to an American actor named Allen Ludden. The couple exchanged their marriage vows on October 11, 1943. The marriage ceremony was luxurious and had attendance from friends, family, and well-wishers. However, the story of how the love birds met is still a mystery to fans and the media.

How Many Children Did Margarett McGloin Have?

Margaret and her husband, Allen, had three adorable children from their union that lasted eighteen years. The couple had their first child, a son named David Ludden, on March 15, 1948. Furthermore, they welcomed another child in 1950, a girl this time, and called her Martha Ludden. Lastly, in 1952, the pair had their third child, another girl named Sarah Ludden. Margaret and Allen raised their kids together and well in New York City.

David Ludden is Margaret McGloin’s First Son

  • Full name: David Ludden
  • Date of birth: March 15, 1948
  • Occupation: Lecturer

Margaret McGloin: Inside the Life of Late Allen Ludden's Wife

Though his Father, Allen Ludden, was a celebrity actor, David Ludden lives a relatively quiet life. He earned his Ph.D. from the prestigious University of Pennsylvania in 1978. Just a few years later, the young American got a job as a history professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He taught courses in South Asian history and development studies but left the role in 2007. At a point in his lecturing career, David had the opportunity of chairing the department of South Asian Studies.

Additionally, David is an author. He has written several decent-selling books, including his best-seller titled India and South Asia: A Short History. His career has been impressive, and he has earned numerous accolades. In 2010, he was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship for Humanities Award. Currently, David teaches Asian History at New York University.

Martha Ludden is Margaret McGloin’s First Daughter

  • Full name: Martha Ludden
  • Year of birth: 1950

Inside the Life of Late Allen Ludden's Wife

Margaret McGloin’s first daughter and second child Martha Ludden was born sometime in 1950, and by our calculation, she is about 74 years old now. She lives a quiet life, and as a result, there’s not much information about her.

We, however, know she had her law degree in 1990 at an unknown university. Currently, she works with people who have disabilities. Martha Ludden is also still very much alive, contrary to the rumors that went around a while ago that she died.

Margaret McGloin’s Second Daughter is Sarah Ludden

  • Full name: Sarah Ludden
  • Year of birth: 1952
Sarah Ludden

Margaret’s youngest daughter, Sarah Ludden, was only nine years old when her mother died. Growing up, she had a passion for fighting which led her to pursue a career in karate. During that time, she met a business owner named Nancy Lanoue, who lived in Chicago. After dating for months, Sarah and Nancy moved from California to Chicago.

In Chicago, the pair launched a decent karate school called Thousand Waves. Furthermore, in 2009, Sarah was awarded the Cook County Unsung Heroines Award and earned a fifth-degree black belt in Kajukenbo Kung Fu and the World Seido Karate Organization. Then she founded an NGO called the Thousand Waves Scholarship Fund, which provides more than $100,000 in assistance in tuition fees to her students.

How Did Margaret McGloin Die?

Margaret McGloin died tragically on October 30, 1961, after living a blissful and fulfilling life with her husband and three children. She died after reportedly suffering from complications of Cancer. She had her burial ceremony in New York and was buried at the Gate of Heaven Cemetry at Hawthorne, New York. Her burial was attended by her husband, three children, relatives, and friends.

Indeed Margaret lived a great and fulfilled life, which was why her family found it hard to move on after her death. Her daughter, Martha, most especially took time to adjust to her new mother, Betty, and was in constant disagreement with her. Notwithstanding, they grew up accepting that their mom was no longer with them and came to love their new mother. However, Margaret was never forgotten.

Allen Ludden Married Betty White After Margaret McGloin’s Death

About two years after Margaret’s death, Allen Ludden got married to an actress named Betty White. He met his new wife while shooting a film in New York and decided to wed her in 1963. However, Allen and his wife lived many years together but had no kids.

Before her marriage to Allen, Betty had been married twice. She was first married to a U.S. Army pilot named Dick Barker in 1945 before splitting up a year later. Following her divorce, the sensational actress got married to an actor called Lane Allen in 1947. However, their marriage only lasted two years after he died in 1949.

Margaret McGloin: Inside the Life of Late Allen Ludden's Wife
Betty White and Allen Ludden

Betty White Died in 2021

Forty years after Allen Ludden’s death, Betty also passed on. She died of natural causes at 99 on Dec. 31, 2021. She never had any child of her own, and this was what primarily caused her breakup with Allen. While they were married, Allen wanted to focus on his career while Betty wanted to have children which Allen refused.

Margaret McGloin’s Husband, Allen Ludden, is Also Dead

Allen Ludden also passed away after suffering from complications of stomach Cancer on June 9, 1981. He died in his hometown, Los Angeles. Allen was survived by his wife Betty White and his three children, David, Martha, and Sarah.

Before his death, Allen was an entertaining television personality, actor, singer, emcee, and game show host. He hosted several incarnations of a popular game show called Password between 1961 and 1980. He died at age 63 and was buried beside his late father in Ellsworth family land situated in Graceland Cemetery, which is located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

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