Madison Cheeatow – Biography, Age, Family, Facts About The TV Actress

Canada borders the United States of America on the North and because of their geographical proximity, a lot of people in the entertainment industry of Canadian origin find a place in the heart of American fans and even go ahead to have careers in America, however, this is not limited to actors or actresses. An example of a Canadian actress who has enjoyed success on the US side of the Canadian border is Madison Cheeatow. She has had major and minor roles in television shows, and it appears that her career is steadily on the rise. Read more.

Madison Cheeatow’s Biography (Age)

Madison Cheeatow was born on the 9th of November, 1993 in Toronto, Canada. Her father’s name is Andrew Cheeatow while her mother is Margot LeBlanc. It is known that Madison has two siblings, a younger sister called Adelaide and a younger brother called Aiden and most of her childhood was spent in Canada.

Details of her formal education are not known but in an interview she conducted, she stated that she started acting before she got into high school. By the age of 11, she began to attend improv classes in the community center where she grew up. From improv, she got into different types of theatrical pursuits and was part of some local play productions.

The name of high school she attended is not known, but the school was very much involved in arts and she joined the programmes they offered. It wasn’t until much later that she learned about acting in front of a camera, all of her prior acting experience had been in front of a live audience.

Upon learning about acting before a camera, she auditioned for an agency and like they say, the rest is history.

Acting Career

Madison Cheeatow is still building her career, however, with the little work she has done in the two television shows she has appeared in, it is clear that she knows her onions. One of the two works she has appeared in is the Canadian television show, Heartland, where she plays the role of Jade Verani. Heartland is a story that follows the lives of the Flemings and it is based on a novel series written by Linda Chapman who uses the pseudonym Lauren Brooke. One the show, Madison Cheeatow is not one of the main characters and just has a recurring role; in spite of this, she still delivered a noteworthy performance.

Madison Cheeatow’s biggest role till date is as Ruby Skye on the web series Ruby Skye PI. Just as the title says, the character Ruby Skye is a Private Investigator (PI) and Madison Cheeatow plays the titular role. From its inception in 2010 till its demise in 2012, the show amassed for itself a large fan base of dedicated viewers. Cheeatow has also had parts in the 2019 episodes of the series, Hudson, as well as the short film, The Last Christmas.


Madison Cheeatow
Madison Cheeatow and husband Chris Spoke

Madison Cheeatow is married to Chris Spoke, who works in the housing industry. He is the founder of the company, Housing Matters Toronto. The couple got married in 2018 after dating for more than three years and later that year on the 5th of April they welcomed their lovely daughter, Isla.

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Other Facts About the TV Actress

With the way the world works now in tandem with the internet, more people are willing to offer information about themselves and one of the easiest ways is via social media. Madison Cheeatow is an active user of social media and she runs active accounts on Twitter and Instagram. Her Instagram is the way to go for keeping up with events in her life.

A quick look through the actresses’ Instagram page will reveal a love for animals, ranging from dogs to snakes. She has some pets of her own at least a dog and a cat.

In an interview, Madison Cheeatow revealed that she draws inspiration for her acting from her parents and her co-workers. Her co-workers on movie sets push her to be a better actress and in a bid to make her parents proud she is inspired towards greatness.

The actress is also very much involved in the stretching and relaxing activity of yoga. She judiciously follows its practice and has spoken of how important it is to her life.

Madison Cheeatow hopes to have a career in acting that lasts a very long time and if possible she will act for the rest of her days on earth.


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