Maddie Ziegler’s Net Worth and How She Made All Her Money

Maddie Ziegler’s net worth is estimated to be about $5 million. Her career as a professional dancer, actress, and model is the major contributor to her wealth, amongst other things she does.

Between 2014 and 2017, the American born featured in a series of music videos by Sia. As a result of this, her fame flooded YouTube attracting over 4 million views. If you’re a fan or a prospect of Maddie, you might be questioning how she must have been able to amass such a huge net worth over the years as a teenager. You’ll understand better as we carefully dive into her several sources of income, her lifestyle, and the various ways she lavishes her money.

Maddie Ziegler has Numerous Income Sources that Earned her $5 Million Net Worth

If you’re a fan of “Dance Moms”, then you must be familiar with Maddie Ziegler. She’s the major dancer of the reality show and was starring in it from 2001 till 2016. Aside from these, she has also starred in several music videos as an Australian pop star. Could this be her only source of income that enabled her to accumulate a net worth of $5 million, you might wonder. There are other sides to the celeb, talking about her career as a writer, actor, etc.

Maddie Ziegler Earns Money as a Professional Dancer

Talking about Ziegler’s life as a dancer, the trait is inherent in her. She’s been on her toes since she was a little girl, at age 2 years. Her dancing career began at such a tender age. When she was 4 years of age, the Abby Lee Dance Company got attracted to her skills and decided to make her a part of their team. Maddie’s dancing skills cut across ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, acro, and aerial dance.

Ziegler tenaciously developed her skills from childhood till her teenage age which has been a major contributor to her net worth. Her journey into the reality television series, ‘Dance mom’ with her mom started in 2011 all through 2016, at age eight years. For the six seasons Maddie featured on the show, she distinctively stood out. In 2014, she appeared in the music video “Chandelier” by Australian pop sensation Sia. Her involvement won several awards and recognition for her organization, such as the Best Choreography award, Australian Recording Industry Association Award for Best Video, etc. “Chandelier” grew to be the 13th most viewed on YouTube with over 2 billion views.

Ziegler has over the years gained popularity and fame which has enabled her to amass her huge net worth. She has also starred in many other videos by Sia. In 2015 she collaborated with actor Shia LaBeouf for the music “Elastic Heart”, accumulating millions of views on YouTube. The same year Maddie appeared in Sia’s music video for “Boy Girls Cry”.

Writing also Contributes to Maddie Ziegler’s Net Worth

Ever stumbled on a memoir titled “The Maddie’s Diaries?” Ever slipped through the pages of the novel? Then you must have noticed Maddie’s creativity displayed in writing. “The Maddie Diaries” won the Best Seller Award in the New York Times in 2017, due to its outstanding literary work. Aside from dancing, she’s gifted as a writer. This skill has fetched her lots of fortune, contributing to her net worth.

Ziegler’s writing skills have been a part of her even before her teenage age. As a 12-year-old dancer, following her parents’ relocation to a new state, she wrote a trilogy, short novels she wrote for middle-aged readers. The novels centered on young girls like her. She was able to give a vivid picture of what it seems like, having to cope with making new friends in a new environment; and keeping up with a competitive dance team. After putting so much effort into writing, she was able to come up with an amazing literary work with suitable and befitting titles. She titled her novels, “The Audition,” “The Callback,” and “The Competition”, and released them in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Maddie Ziegler Earns from Acting 

The American-born dancer seems to have many sides to her life. Just when you think dancing or writing is all she does, you just get to discover that she’s also a talented actor. No doubt, acting has added to Maddie Ziegler’s net worth significantly. Maddie’s acting started in 2012 when she first landed her job on the Lifetime series “Drop Dead Diva”. She portrayed the character of Young Deb on the show. In 2015, she was given the guest role on the Disney Channel series, “Austin and Ally” and ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liar”. This came after she appeared as a guest-star actress in Episode 34 of “HitStreak Summer”

As an actress, she has also made a public appearance on two episodes of Nickelodeons, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn. Maddie played the Character Camille in “Ballerina”, released in “Leap” in 2017 and in the same year also landed a role in “Book of Henry.” Ziegler also co-acted in “Music”, a film written and directed by Sia in songs. It was released in Australia in January 2021, with the expectation of featuring on the IMAX screen in the United States. Maddie’s acting career has laid a solid rock for her wealth as she soon will appear as Velma in Steven Spielberg’s version of “West Side Story”, including several upcoming high school drama films.

Modeling Contributes to Maddie Ziegler’s Net Worth

You’ll agree with me that her physique is sure to be perfect for modeling. When it comes to modeling, Ziegler is one of the best in the history of America in addition to the likes of Alexa Dellanos, Amirah Dyme, Veronica Bielik and others. If you need seasoned tutoring in modeling, then you should implore Maddie’s service. She seems to know to model like the palm of her hands. We have left a count of the brands she’s represented and modeled for. Brands like Ralph Lauren, Target, Clean and Clear, Tiffany & Co., etc., have had a great feel of her skills. They’ll best tell the story, that’s why they could afford to pay her handsomely.

Maddie’s appearance on the cover page of countless magazines and in fashion editorials attests to the fact that you can only be limited by yourself and none other. She has sworn higher and still is in all her endeavors, not been limited by anything. Maddie has made a household name in magazines and editorials such as Nylon, Seventeen, Vanity Fair Italia, Dance Spirit, Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, just to mention a few. Appearing on the front page of Sia’s Album in 2017, “Everyday is Christmas” as a model, is one of the best Maddie has ever done. As young as she is, she has attracted millions of followers on Instagram and is still pulling more crowds.

Endorsement Deals with Big Companies Contributes to Maddie Ziegler’s Net Worth

A campaign was held in 2018 by Jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. and luckily Ziegler was chosen to be a part of the campaign. This deal was another way for Maddie to showcase her glamorous lifestyle as the company is known to spend big on its brands. To Maddie, it was a dream come true. Aside from this deal, Maddie also signed another deal with dance apparel and footwear company CAPEZIO.

Maddie Ziegler during her photoshot with CAPEZIO
Maddie Ziegler during her photoshot with CAPEZIO

How Much Does Maddie Ziegler Make Yearly?

You might be wondering how much this talented celebrity makes yearly, putting together her skills and expertise. The answer is not far-fetched, she makes millions of dollars yearly from all her streams of income.

  • Maddie makes about $500,000 to $750,000 yearly from her television shows and magazine features. This is an ongoing contract and the money keeps coming in.
  • During her period on “Dance mom”, using her incredible skills as a dancer, Maddie made about $2000 for every episode she featured in. And depending on how long the show was, she made roughly $400,000 from every production.
  • As a social media influencer, Maddie earns money selling items via her Instagram page, she also earns as a model.
  • From the promotion and sales of her autobiography, Maddie makes quite a lot. Though the exact amount is not known, it is believed it fetches her millions of dollars.
  • As a social media ardent user, Maddie makes thousands of dollars monthly from YouTube Video ads and her social accounts.

With a $5 Million Net Worth, Here’s how Maddie Zeigler Spends Her Money

It’s no doubt that having a net worth of about $5 million, one shouldn’t spend to taste. Therefore, no one should be surprised to see Maddie spend extravagantly. There are several ways she spends her money which may or may not go down well with her fans. But who cares, it’s her money and hers to spend.

Maddie’s Luxurious Home

The celeb and her family recently sold their home which was on 2,500 square feet of land for $279,000 and upgraded to a million-dollar custom-built house with 7,000 square feet of land. This happened in 2015 and was broadcasted by TMZ. The luxury of the home is more than enough to keep you salivating all day. Talking of its basement dance studio, swimming pool and even a personalized shoe closet for Maddie is mind-blowing.

In 2017 Ziegler took a tour around her bedroom showing her fans a glimpse of what it looks like. An en-suite bedroom with a large walk-in closet. The spacious room has a gigantic movie set style decorated with a massive Christmas tree.

She Spends on Expensive Skincare Products

Maddie Ziegler loves to glow, no wonder her skin is spotless. She invests heavily in skincare products such as Tatcha Silk Cream Moisturizer, a product that is worth $120. This she uses for her morning skincare routine. The evenings are not left out, as she uses a more expensive evening skincare product which she claims clears all acne. One of the products is La Mer Soft Cream Moisturizer at $335.

Penchant for Lavish Signature Scents

She loves to talk about her scent. In 2020 she spoke to fans about how excited she was with her go-to scent (like she’ll always call it). Maddie later announced that the scent was Si by Giorgio Armani which goes for $126 according to Armani’s website. This has been Ziegler’s favorite for years, you can imagine how much she must have spent on perfume.

Her Fashionista Lifestyle

You can name it, whatever brand, fashion, style it’s present in Ziegler’s wardrobe. During her modeling on Teen Vogue, the celeb had the best fashion moment. She wore very many pretty pricey designer’s outfits which were way too expensive. Her Kate Spade shirts go for around $200, a DROMe shirt which costs over $900, and Jimmy Choo shoes worth $500. You can see that she needs to keep up her good work to keep affording these pricey items as not many of us can afford them.

Maddie Ziegler outlandish Car

When Ziegler turned 16 years in 2018, she woke to an outlandish car gifted to her by her friend and partner Sia. Ziegler and singer Sia became close in 2014, and since then the duo has become best pals. She has featured in several of Sia’s music videos since their friendship began Sia regards her as a goddaughter. Now you see why it’s worth gifting a car to her. Ziegler took to her Instagram page celebrating her friend, she just couldn’t believe her eyes.

Maddie Ziegler also Spends on Philantrophy

With a net worth of $5 million still counting, it’s best to also think of others and not just be concerned about oneself. Fortunately, Ziegler loves to give to others. She believes in enriching the less privileged through her wealth. Maddie, together with her sister and mom in 2012, partnered with Starlight Children’s Foundation, raising funds for youths who are chronically ill.

Being a dancer, she loves to see other youths dancing like her. This motivated her to perform at Nigel Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Foundation Gala to raise money for low-income children interested in dancing and scholarship for talented dancing youths in the US. Ziegler has gone as far as partnering with Dancers Against Cancer, displaying her dancing skills to raise funds for people struggling with cancer. There are a host of other works Ziegler has been involved in to help many stand on their feet.

Maddie still has many prosperous years ahead of her. The young and talented teenager still has greater chances of amassing wealth in the future. With her current advancement, she might be worth more in the near future.

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