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When people do great things beyond their age, they are addressed beyond their age and would probably be given a place among the nobles. And so is the case of Ltcorbis, an extraordinary American YouTube star who is known for her mature style of humour and video contents focused on satire.

Here is all you need to know about this adult persona encased in a kid’s body.

Ltcorbis Bio, Age

Many questions have risen about her identity; real name, age, gender amongst other things. Here are the answers to your queries. Ltcorbis is a she who was born on 23 September 2004 in the USA. Among the theories that exist as per her real name, the most viable one is that she was born as Sophia Totterman. This mature kid is a middle school student.

She loves games and is very fond of them. Inspired by their daughter’s love for gaming, Ltcorbis’ parents helped her to create and register her channel on August 10, 2015, and she started creating and posting contents at only eleven. As earlier mentioned, her content is focused on satirical videos on gaming strategies, commentary around popular YouTube personalities and on her personal life.

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In addition to being satirical, she uses profanity as a sense of humour which has made many fans and subscribers comment on the effect the internet can have on children and on the dangers they may be exposed to. Particularly, viewers fear that her contents may open the way to abuse by paedophiles on her.

YouTube Activities

Her first video was posted on 23 December 2015. The video featured a YouTube Poop edit of the Here in My Garage advertisement. February 1, 2016, saw her posting a video which highlighted the controversy surrounding The Fine Brothers failed “React World” licensing program.

For her love of games, she uploaded a video on February 25, 2016, where she plays a surfing level in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while she reminisced about an anecdote from school. She also posted another video on 29 February in which she criticized a BuzzFeed Canada editor while playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The editor was accused of discriminating against white male job applicants.

Ltcorbis, however, gained wide prominence when Pyrocynical, a British YouTuber, content creator and commentator, applauded her in a video titled The Worst Thing in All of YouTube. The video which was posted on March 10, 2016, addresses inauthentic vloggers on YouTube. It garnered over 370, 000 views and more than 6,100 comments within five days after it was published. Following the post, she earned thousands of visitors, viewers and subscribers to her channel.

Her other videos include Smoky Tea, Swag Skill, Great Song, Leafy Clones, Cancer, Smell ye Later, nerds, Bored Intelligence, Buzzfeed Vs Men, Animation Manipulation, Animator Skill, Roasted, Back to School, Fandoms are Garbage. Her channel has amassed over 790,000 subscribers.

Ltcorbis Family

Though the details of her family are not available online, we do know she has parents who helped her create and manage her YouTube channel until she comes of age. There are also speculations that she has an older brother who appears occasionally in her videos. He also plays a role in most of her live streams.

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Ltcorbis’ Height and Other Interesting Facts to Know

  • Ltcorbis is a YouTube personality who makes commentary videos.
  • Her pseudonym, Ltcorbis actually means Lieutenant Corbis in full.
  • In less than a year of registering, she earned over 475,000 subscribers on her channel.
  • As of 29 May 2017, she has garnered more than 670,000 subscribers and currently has over 790,000.
  • In spite of her language often being crude and profane, she has a relatable way of speaking which has a splash of childhood humour.
  • Most of her viewers comment that she is mature, speaks fluently and sounds intelligent despite her young age.
  • Despite the controversy surrounding her contents, she seems to be doing well and has a reasonable net worth to show that. Her net worth is estimated at $0.2 million.
  • She ranked at number 9 in the Celebsroll 2017 Top 10 Richest YouTuber Kids.
  • Her most watched videos are The Leafy Clone, Being Original and Our New Overlord.
  • She posted a video in reaction to MattyB‘s music.
  • Her gender is often questioned, maybe because she likes boyish toys and engages in sports. She is sporty and likes cycling.
  • Her styles are parody, comedy and life vlogs.
  • She has a height of 1.5m.
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