Who Is Ltcorbis and Why Was She Banned From YouTube?

Ltcorbis is a young and intelligent young girl who began her online career as a nine-year-old gaming streamer. She is known for her posting of satirical gaming videos to her channel, which has earned more than 950,000 subscribers. Ltcorbis was however banned due from YouTube to a violation of the YouTube community rules

She was first loved by a good number of the fans who subscribed to her channel because although she courted controversy, her contents were satirical, humorous, and made sense to not just the younger audiences but also the older generation.

Ltcorbis began with the kind of content that is typically expected of a youngster, including memes before turning to far-right content a few years later. These included videos where she objectified women and their ability to vote albeit in a satirical manner. In some others, she discussed racism, hate speech against LGBTQ people, minorities, Muslims, and white supremacy but still made it all satirical while pointing out facts that we face daily as regards the topics.

The young lady earned over 475,000 subscribers on her channel in less than a year after registering her channel – many thanks to YouTubers Pyrocynical and Keemstar who helped to promote her content. Ltcorbis’ styles are life vlogs, comedy, and parody while her most-watched videos are Our New Overlord, Being Original, and The Leafy Clone.

Bio and Profile Summary Of Ltcorbis

  • Full name: Korina Davis
  • Date of birth: September 23, 2004
  • Age: 19
  • Place of birth: United States of America
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: NA
  • Siblings: One brother
  • Education: NA
  • Occupation: Right-wing political commentator, rapper, record producer, and former YouTuber
  • Nickname(s): Soph, Ltcorbis
  • Years active: 2015-2019

Detailed Background Information on Ltcorbis

Ltcorbis was born on the 23rd of September 2004, in the United States of America. There are several theories that exist about her birth name, however, the most viable one is that her parents named her Korina Davis at birth while some other theories suggest her real name is Sophia Totterman. This is mainly because she became an internet celebrity under an alias and her real identity has not really been established. There is no information about her childhood, ethnicity, and family history.

To the best of our knowledge, the smart teenager is still in school, considering her age. She started creating and posting content at the age of eleven after her parents helped to register her channel Ltcorbis on YouTube on August 10, 2015. The pair was inspired by their daughter’s love for gaming and creativity. Though their names have never been mentioned, Ltcorbis’ parents managed her channel until she was old enough to take over. She was 13 when she started running the channel on her own.

Ever since Ltcorbis started making waves on YouTube, she has won the praises and admiration of onliners with most of them commenting that she is mature, speaks fluently, and sounds intelligent despite her young age. She equally has a relatable way of speaking which has a splash of childhood humor even though her language is often crude and profane.

The fast-rising superstar likes boyish toys and engages in sports like cycling. She ranked at number 9 in the Celebsroll 2017 Top 10 Richest YouTuber Kids.

Insights Into Her Career As A YouTuber

Ltcorbis is a YouTube personality famed for creating commentary videos. Her pseudonym, Ltcorbis actually means Lieutenant Corbis in full, although she changed her online name to Soph recently. Her content majorly centers on satirical videos on gaming strategies, commentary around well-known YouTube personalities, and on her personal life.

Ltcorbis launched her online career in the year 2015 but she was still too young to handle it. Thus, her parents guided her through it until she got older. Her first video, which was posted on the 23rd December of the same year, captured a YouTube Poop edit of the Here in My Garage advert. The following year, precisely on February 1, 2016, she uploaded another video that brought to light the controversy surrounding renowned YouTubers the Fine Brothers “React World” copyright and licensing deal scandal.

For her love of games, she uploaded a video on February 25, 2016, where she plays a surfing level in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive while she reminisced about an anecdote from school. She also posted another video on the 29th of February in which she lashed out at a BuzzFeed Canada editor while playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The editor came under fire for being intolerant towards male applicants who are whites.

Ltcorbis: image source

Ltcorbis, however, gained wide prominence when the British YouTuber, content creator, and commentator Pyrocynical, applauded her in a video titled: The Worst Thing in All of YouTube. The video which was posted on March 10, 2016, addressed inauthentic vloggers on YouTube. It garnered over 370, 000 views and more than 6,100 comments within five days after it was published. Following the post, she earned thousands of visitors, viewers, and subscribers to her channel. This marked the beginning of all the attention she has been enjoying and most of it came for the wrong reasons.

The young sensation’s other notable videos include Smoky Tea, Swag Skill, Great Song, Leafy Clones, Cancer, Smell ye Later, nerds, Bored Intelligence, Buzzfeed Vs Men, Animation Manipulation, Animator Skill, Roasted, Back to School, Fandoms are Garbage. Despite the fame which she commanded on the video-sharing platform, Ltcorbis was removed from YouTube for breaking the rules.

The Real Reason Ltcorbis Was Booted Out Of YouTube

Her channel had amassed about a million subscribers until August 1, 2019, when her account was deactivated by YouTube as part of its three-strike policy. The video that attracted the penalty was one she dubbed Pride and Prejudice which she used to deliver a hate speech that targeted Muslims and homosexuals. She also took a jab at mass shootings and suicide victims, making fun of them in the damning video. This is definitely not the first unsavory video Ltcorbis has shared on the platform but YouTube policies finally caught up with her.

Following the ban, she uploaded a follow-up tweet of a photo of herself with a gun, stating “YouTube headquarters here I come.” She later said the “Gun tweet was obviously a joke” and deleted it. Ltcorbis now posts content on Free Speech TV and on her Bitchute channel.

She is Now Focusing on Twitter

In addition to being satirical, Ltcorbis is known for using profanity as a sense of humor which has made many fans and subscribers comment on the effect the internet can have on children and the dangers they may be exposed to. Particularly, viewers fear that her content may give pedophiles the idea of preying on her.

Ltcorbis has now pitched her tent on Twitter where thousands are already following her. But has she learned her lessons? Definitely no. She is still dropping offensive comments for anyone and anything she doesn’t like and even the platform to suspend her.

She has been punished a few times but her account is still active. Despite her controversial content, Ltcorbis has amassed a reasonable net worth estimated at $200,000 from her career.

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