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Having an account and engaging people on social media either for fun or real business seems to be one of the fastest ways to gain immense popularity and success in this day and age. Lovely Mimi is one internet sensation who owes her rise to prominence to Instagram, where she is being hotly sought after for her videos.

Mimi began her journey to stardom on Instagram in her high school days when she created her first Instagram account known as mimilovelynails. The account today, has over 400,000 followers.

Until the time she came up with her second Instagram account – itslovelymimi – she had a small-scale success on social media. She only became famous after she began posting everyday makeup and nails tutorial on her second IG account.

Who Is Lovely Mimi?

The Instagram sensation was born as Myha Thi Luong on August 20, 1990, in Vietnam, a country in Asia. Her parents, whose names are not known to the public, migrated to the United States of America in 1993 and settled in Silver Spring, Maryland and later in Virginia.

Upon her arrival in the U.S, Mimi began studies at a high school. She would later drop out of school to pursue a career as a nail artist. The high-school dropout, today, has nail salons in Atlanta and also works as a nail artist for several companies in the country. If you wish to hire or patronize her, her nail salon is called Luong’s Lovely Nails.

In addition to her nail business, Mimi also sings. In September 2016, she featured the London-based English boy band – 5ive – in her hip-hop hit titled: We Don’t Care. The famous Instagram star was recently cast as a member of VH1 show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. 

Her Family – Husband and Children

Lovely Mimi is the wife of Remy Skinner, a handsome young man who is often seen in the background of her videos on Instagram. The couple got married in 2010 after dating for a very long time. Their marriage has been blessed with three kids. Their daughter is called Juice Skinner while their son was named Jayy Skinner. The two jointly run an Instagram account called juicenjayy.

Lovely Mimi
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Remi and Mimi share a lively bond with each other and are often seen spending their moments happily with their kids. Skinner is also on Instagram but not as popular as his wife. He’s known on Instagram as Remy The Boss. The Skinners currently live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Where Is She Now?

Fondly referred to as the “nail architect” by her fans, Lovely Mimi is one of U.S’ respected nail artists. She is dominating the nail game and appears to be improving year after year. At the moment, she is still exploring her profession and the fashion industry at large.

In March 2017, she was cast as a supporting member in season 6 of the reality show – Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, joining other supporters such as Melissa Scott, Jasmine Washington, Rod Bullock, Keanna Arnold, Sierra Gates, Moriah Lee, Treasure Price, Savannah Jordan, and many others.

The reality television show tells the story of several people in Atlanta who are involved with hip-hop music. It’s been airing since June 18, 2012, on VH1 to date. Produced by Monami Entertainment and Eastern TV, it runs between 40 to 44 minutes.

Other Facts You Need To Know About Lovely Mimi

1. The Vietnamese-American nail artist is followed by over 2.1 million people on her Instagram account.

2. In addition to her nail and makeup tutorials, she is known for her IG videos where she mimics different accents.

3. Her childhood nickname is Mhya Bling Bling!

4. Apart from Atlanta, Mimi’s nail salon is also located in four different cities.

5. American actress/comedienne Jasmin Brown is said to have visited Lovely’s salon to get her nails done.

6. Her family has a black dog called Jefe.

7. The nail artist is known for her larger-than-life personality, big eyelashes, crazy nails, and multi-coloured hairstyles.

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8. In 2013, Mimi did a breast implant and butt enlargement surgery in fulfilment of her dreams.

9. Her fortune is valued at $100,000. She makes her money from her nail business and roles in television shows.

10. Lovely Mimi is an American by nationality.

11. She had her first child at the age of seventeen.

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