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When you think of a veteran serial monogamist, then you think of the famous American actor and martial artist Lorenzo Fernando Lamas popularly known by his fans as Lorenzo Lamas. He is renowned for his role in the 1980 soap opera Falcon Crest where he was cast as Lance Cumson – the handsome grandson of Angela Channing.

The role earned him the Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Television Film. Lorenzo is also famous for his interesting love life; the man has been married five times and has gone through four divorces. As he is barely sixty, one can’t help but wonder if his marriage to his current wife Shawna Craig would be his last.

His Parents and Early Life  

It was on 20th January 1958 that the popular American actor and martial artist arrived as a son to Arlene Dahl, a Norwegian-American actress and Fernando Lamas who was an Argentine actor.

It is also a common knowledge that Lorenzo is as well, the stepson of Esther Williams, a popular film star and swimmer who got married to his father when Lorenzo was just 11 years old. As fate would have it, Esther Williams passed on sometime in June 2013 at the ripe age of 91 in Los Angeles California. Lorenzo described her on Twitter as the best swim teacher and soul mom in his farewell message. Interestingly, Lorenzo’s biological mother and his stepmom were both friends of the renowned actress Jane Wyman and it happened that Jane Wyman who knew Lorenzo right from birth will later play with him on Falcon Crest.

Lorenzo Lamas Spouse (Wife)

The story of Lorenzo’s love life has remained an enigma to many people. His first foray into matrimony was in 1981 with Victoria Hilbert but the marriage barely lasted for a year; it came to an end in 1982.

After that, it was the turn of his personal publicist Michele Cathy Smith. The couple got married in 1983 and had two kids together – Alvaro Joshua “A.J.” (son, 1983) and Shayne (daughter, 1985). Lorenzo and Michele’s marriage lasted for just three years, they parted in 1985.

The man’s third marriage was to a fellow star, Kathleen Kinmont. Kathleen is a daughter to Lorenzo’s Falcon Crest co-star Abby Dalton; they got married in 1989. This time around, the marriage lasted for four years – they got divorced in 1993.

About three years later (in 1996), the popular actor went ahead to take a fourth wife, Shauna Sand who was Playboy’s May 1996 Playmate of the Month. He and Shauna have three daughters – Isabella Lorenza (2001), Victoria (1999) and Alexandra Lynne (1997). The marriage lasted for six years as it was in October 2002 that Lorenzo filed for divorce. Even, he obtained a restraining order against Shauna following his claim that she had physically assaulted him in the past.

Following the drama with Sand, the actor was briefly engaged to Barbara Moore in 2004. This was so even though his divorce from Shauna was yet to be finalized. Unfortunately, Lorenzo called off the marriage on the eve of the wedding as a result of his disagreement with a wild party Barbara had with her friends.

Shawna Craig and Lorenzo Lama
L-R Shawna Craig and Lorenzo Lamas (Image Source)

He married his current wife Shawna Craig in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on April 30, 2011, after five months of courtship. According to reports, Lorenzo said he will change his name to Lorenzo Lamas-Craig as his former wife Shauna is still officially known as Shauna Lamas. The man explained that his current wife’s name (Shawna) and his previous’ wife name (Shauna) are homophonic and, that his current wife does not wish to have a virtually identical full name with Shauna.

Lorenzo’s Daughters and Son

Disregarding Lama’s five kids from his marriages, the American actor had a child out of wedlock with actress Daphne Ashbrook. Their daughter, Panton Lee was born in 1988. She later became an actress and dropped her father’s last name Lamas in favor of her mother’s name.

Lorenzo’s son A.J. Lamas, a model and an actor starred in American Family in 2002 and his daughter Shayne Lamas is famous as the winner of the twelfth season of the relationship reality series – The Bachelor. As at the time of this report, Lorenzo was living with his three youngest kids and his wife Shawna Craig in Beverly Hills.

Not long ago, it circulated that Lorenzo’s wife Shawna Craig became the surrogate mother to Shayne’s (Lorenzo’s daughter) son.

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Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

It is believed in certain quarters that the celebrated actor’s net worth is pegged at $9 million. But then, we haven’t been able to authenticate the figure.

The man has had financial difficulties in the past which made him file for bankruptcy on several occasions. The most recent was in 2014 when it was reported that he had no choice than to declare a debt of $322,000.

According to him, his income as at that time was zero dollars per month. He was owing $20,000 in spousal support and $285,000 in taxes.

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