Liver King Net Worth, Career Earnings and How He Made His Money

Liver King has a net worth of $310 million. Brain Johnson, as his real name says, earned his fortune from multiple sources, including pharmaceuticals, dentistry, animal supplement range of products, real estate, fitness, social media, endorsements, sponsorships, and many more.

Brian started making money at the tender age of eight from selling candies and newspaper. From selling stuff door to door, he graduated to mowing lawns, fitness, and his current Animal Supplement range of products. He has built an empire out of manufacturing supplements and from the content of his recent interview, the Chief Executive Officer is hatching several more companies.

How Much is Liver King’s Net Worth

For a very long time, Liver Kings’ net worth was reported to be $100 million. However, in a 2021 interview, the Chief Executive Officer himself announced that he was now worth an astounding $310 million.

In the same interview session, the fitness freak said his annual remuneration in recent years is estimated at $100 million, and from the projections he has for the nearest future, this amount is likely to be boosted at the next review of his net worth.

Liver King’s Net Worth and Income Sources

Liver King seems to be a veritable connoisseur when it comes to money-making ventures. He started earning his keep from the age of eight, and he has built a massive empire through his animal supplement range of products. Liver King also earned good revenue from pharmaceuticals, dentistry, fitness, real estate, endorsement, social media, and more. Below is a bullet list of his income sources;

  1. Pharmaceuticals
  2. Dentistry
  3. Animal Supplement range of products
  4. Real estate
  5. Fitness
  6. Social media
  7. Endorsements and sponsorships

Liver King Said He Started Making Money Early

In a recent interview session, Liver King revealed how he started making money from an early age. The fitness freak was just over eight in 1988 when he launched his first business. Just out of grade school, Brian Johnson began delivering candy right out of the garage.

At age 10, he moved to another business, selling the San Antonio Light newspaper under the scorching summer sun in San Antonio. Brian said her was going door to door to ensure he made good sales and supplies to customers who have already paid for the tabloid.

By the time he got into middle school at age 12, Liver King said he began marketing lawn services. In this particular business, getting clients who would agree to hire his services proved difficult because he was still under-aged and inexperienced.

Because he couldn’t get jobs, Brian started monitoring his neighbors, and once the cars were out of the lawn, he would quickly move in and do the lawn. At the end of the day, he would leave the owner a note saying he did the lawn free, and if they like his handwork, then he is willing to accept any tip they choose to drop for him. On the other hand, he told those who didn’t like his handwork to let him know where he needs improvements.

This was how he started gaining the trust of his clients, and his lawn-mowing business began to thrive.

He made Tripple the Minimum Wage From Telemarketing at Age 16

Out of high school in 1994, Brian Johnson said he landed a job at West Telemarketing but had to stop because of his bad typing skills. This setback obviously didn’t douse his spirit and he went to perfect his typing skills and retested.

The then 16-year-old Brian succeeded the second time around and went ahead to make triple the American minimum wage as a telemarketer, selling Terminex and Sports Illustrated services. He explored this avenue till he joined Texas Tech University.

His Venture into Pharmaceuticals

Liver King was 22 years old and right out of college when he ventured into the pharmaceutical industry in 2000 as a sales rep. The fitness freak said he made over 100k from selling pharmaceuticals and over 200k from medical devices. His wife was doing the same work, and they were raking in $500k a year together. By his mid-20s, he set up his own pharmaceutical business, but it was far from smooth sailing.

Liver King worked as a Dentist

At 27, he joined efforts with his wife to launch their small dental practice with $420k in 2005. Following this, they both left their sales rep job in pharmaceuticals.

Liver King and his wife, whom he dubbed Liver Queen, grew their dental practice to $2,200,000 within the space of one year. In the second year, Brian built their initial “vertically integrated comprehensive dental center” completed with subject matter specialists in all disciplines of dentistry. There was also a dental lab with an imaging center. Before the year ran out, they recorded $5,200,000.

He Invested in Real Estate With Proceeds from their Dental Practice

With what they gathered from their dental practice, Liver King acquired his first commercial real estate worth $2,700,000, invested an additional $2,000,000 in building it, and began leasing the property for $50,000/month. Brian said the building is still in his possession and has doubled in value, but making such a huge investment was too much for his pocket as he took a nose dive. Meeting normal responsibilities like bills and the children’s school fees became difficult, but he held on and managed to scale through that difficult phase in his life.

Though they were his most trying period, the fitness expert said it opened his eyes to his own hidden potential and made him realize exactly what he was capable of. By the age of 31 in 2009, he already had one million loose cash in his bank balance.

He later sold off the dental practice for $3,299,000 but still managed to hold onto the property and continued collecting rent. He also invested in a one-beat-up Chevy truck. Around this period, Liver Queen (Barbara Johnson) resigned from work to become a full-time housewife. At this point in his life, Liver King said he has already figured out that it is the same amount of effort required to make $5 million that can also be used in making $100 million. Thus, he went to the drawing board and made a long list of criteria to form his new business venture. Below are his major rules

  • It must be an extension of me… my WHY.. and build a community of true believers
  • It must do some good in the world
  • It must sell 24 hours a day… 7 days a week… 365 days a year
  • It must be global
  • It must be free of the brick-and-mortar constraints
  • It must cost “nothing” to start
  • It must do $100M in annual revenue

With that established, Brian Johnson secured a $7,000 credit card cash advance, added it to what he had, and founded Ancestral Supplements.

The Launching of His Ancestral Supplement Brand

Liver King was 26 in 2014 when the fitness expert declared himself the Chief Executive Officer of Liver King Supplements. At this stage, he has moved from being referred to as Brain Johnson (his given name), “the corporate guy”. Brain said he started researching available literature and read and restudied all he could lay his hands on about subjects like modern-day primitive culture tribes, our early ancestors, and anthropology.

To acquire a raw liver glandular, the fitness expert said he had to part with $7,000 PO, and going forward, he went all-in on what he dubbed the nine ancestral tenets.

The company Ancestral Supplement grossed $3 million in the first year, and the proceeds continued to double in size for the ensuing years. It later grossed $50 million, but Live King concluded that the company still required more sacrifice even at that level.

His Journey to Building a $100 Million Worth Empire

Ready to take his business to a $100 million empire, Liver King decided to quit everything – he quit his former job, quit being a dad, son, friend, and husband, he quit eating (which made him lose 20 pounds), working out, sleeping, and teaching. The Supplement CEO also quit on his health on his birthday, and in fact, he quit everything that mattered in life just to pour all his time and energy into Ancestral Supplements.

His next target at this stage was to come out of obscurity and bring his brand into the limelight. He achieved this by exploring all the available health blogs on the internet space, like Mark’s Dialy Apple, Kris Kresser, Mercola, and any other blog site that would permit him to engage with people as well as allow a clickable link to his already created website.

Before long, clients started landing on his page with issues to solve, and Brian did his best to provide workable solutions for each and every one of them. It started with one person at a time, and before long, he was dishing out guided support to hundreds of clients as more and more people found value and solutions to the issues they came with. On a daily basis, the incoming emails would run into hundreds as he continued to sell his ancestral living brand to clients.

He devised different one-on-one guides to support clients with different health issues ranging from high blood pressure to neurocognitive issues, and he was also preaching about nine ancestral tenets and telling them to extend the information to their loved ones. Before long, his teeming client started requesting products he hadn’t even developed and business was booming.

While on this life journey of making hundreds of millions of dollars, Liver King said he took accountability seriously and made sure that he wrote every interaction down and follow up at ten days intervals with encouragement emails, and the response was tremendous.

With time, the rate at which the emails were coming doubled, tripled, and went on to overwhelm the CEO, and he just had to start working overtime, forfeiting anniversaries, birthdays, and other distractions. As the sales began picking up at an alarming rate, Liver King hired his first employee and kept hiring every time the company recorded an additional $3 million in revenue. By the time the Ancestral Lifestyle brand was doing $15MM in annual sales, he was working with five employees.

In 2018, Liver King Diversified into other Businesses

Brian Johnson was 40 in 2018 when the Liver King decided to widen his horizon, and at this point in his life, his net worth was already in the nine-figure range. This was before he thought of establishing a presence on social media.

According to Brian, he was a novice when he launched Ancestral Supplements (AS) without any inkling on things like sourcing or marketing. Fulfillment, manufacturing, and chain logistics. Back in the day, only the big boys could afford dietary supplements, and he went to work figuring out the needed animal organs and how to preserve their nourishment in capsules. With time, he was able to develop mastery-level competence in each.

From then on, he knew that he must create a company for each category of his products for Ancestral Living to stand the chance of going mainstream. This was how Heart & Soil (H&S) and Medicine Man Plant Company (MMPCo) came into existence, and between the two companies, he went on to create astounding value earning a combined annual revenue of over $100,000,000 per year.

Brian also revealed that he has made it compulsory to always take out 95% of each year’s earnings and reinvest it into launching new companies. He said he had to forfeit the mega yacht his wife and kids wanted so badly to achieve this goal. Liver King now boasts that he owns one supplement company in every imaginable category ranging from Beauty to Birthright, Fitness to Foraging, and Dental to Dogs.

As if that is not enough, Brian Johnson said his parent company Liver King Supplements, is hatching twelve more firms slated to be launched in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024. In fact, among the companies in the pipeline is a special one aimed at gamers.

With all these endeavors, one would not find it difficult to believe that Liver King’s net worth catapulted from $100 million to $310 million within a short While.

Taking his Craft to Social Media Meant Additional Income For Liver King

As earlier mentioned, by the time Liver King remembered to take his business to social media, he was already enjoying a nine-figure net worth. He went to the internet space as an avenue for additional visibility for his Ancestral Supplement brands, but it had the added advantage of generating more income for his already robust bottom line.

On social media, his career as a fitness expert went public and attracted millions of followers on all platforms. On his self-titled Facebook account, he has amassed 725k. Liver King is most popular on the TikTok platform @liverking, where he has garnered the highest number of fans. At the last check, his number of followers came to 4.9 million. So far, he has accumulated 92 million likes on TikTok.


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Liver King is on Instagram, and his self-titled handle is currently being followed by 2 million people with 706 posts.

Brian Johnson joined YouTube on the 12th of October 2021 and can be located under the username @theliverking. He has shared over 230 videos which have attracted 284K subscribers. His number of views so far came to 56,683,082.

All these massive activities and followers on all his social media channels translate to additional funds for Liver King, and needless to say, it is quite huge.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Through his social media activities, Brian Johnson attracted the attention of big brands who sought to partner with him in selling their products. Brian has a lot of brand endorsements and sponsorship deals; needless to say, they each contribute a few digits to his bulging bank balance.

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