List of 10 Arielle Vandenberg Movies and TV Show Reviews and Summaries

Arielle St. Cyr Vandenberg who is more popularly known as Arielle Vandenberg from the onset knew that her life would be all about entertainment. At the young age of 5, she began taking lessons in jazz, tap dancing and when she got older, she already had a place in her local community theatre where she was performing regularly. From this early beginning, Arielle evolved into a very talented actress with a good number of film and TV show appearances to her name. From the many screen appearances she has had, here are 10 Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows with their reviews and summaries.

Nerve (2016)

Arielle Vandenberg in Nerve (2016)
Arielle Vandenberg in Nerve (image source)

Top on our list of Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows is this 2016 American techno-thriller adventure film titled Nerve. The film has as its cast the likes of Emma Roberts as Vee, Dave Franco as Ian, Emily Meade as Sydney, Miles Heizer as Tommy, Arielle as Bergdorf Sales Lady and many others.

Nerve is about a truth or dare game played online where the game watcher’s vote dares to be completed by players which if they complete, they win prize monies. A high school student named Vee decided to participate in the game. She started challenges throughout New York with a handsome stranger played by Dave Franco. Initially, Vee enjoyed the game but the challenges became increasingly tougher even up to the extent of putting her life in danger.


IMDb: 6.5/10 N/A

Metacritic: Metascore 58, User Score 6.7

Rotten Tomatoes: 67% Tomatometer and 66% Audience score

Although Arielle played a minor role in the film as Bergdorf Sales Lady, for the success the film recorded in the box office, it stands out today as one of her best acting credits. The film was made with a budget of $19 million but it made $85.2 million in revenue.

How I Met Your Mother (2005)

Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Mieko Hillman, and Arielle Vandenberg in How I Met Your Mother (2005)
Neil Patrick Harris, Josh Radnor, Mieko Hillman, and Arielle Vandenberg in How I Met Your Mother (image source)

Arielle Vandenberg joined the cast of How I Met Your Mother [HIMYM] in 2008 playing the character of Mary in Season 3, episode 12: “No Tomorrow.” The American sitcom had earlier began airing on CBS in 2005 with its first and second season having drawn a commendable fan following for the series.

The TV show just like its name suggests sees a father named Josh Radnor [played by Ted Mosby] tell his children stories through a series of flashbacks about the journey he and his four friends embarked on and how it led up to his meeting his wife, now the mother of his kids. In Season 3 where Arielle appeared in, she played the character of Mary in the episode titled No Tomorrow.


IMDb: 8.3/10 9.0

Metacritic: Metascore 58, User Score 6.7

Rotten Tomatoes: 83% Tomatometer and 83% Audience score

From its first season, How I Met Your Mother was received with good reviews and the exception wasn’t the case in the second season which received critical acclaim neither did the third season rated bad. The American sitcom continued up to its ninth season after which it ended.

Dark Moon Rising (2009)

Arielle Vandenberg Movies
Max Ryan and Jasmina Hdagha in Dark Moon Rising (image source)

Dark Moon Rising had in its cast Max Ryan as Darkman/Bender, María Conchita Alonso as Sam, Chris Mulkey as John, Sid Haig as Crazy Louis, Arielle Vandenberg as Nicole and others. The storyline of the film presented a certain girl named Amy who fell in love with a drifter from out of town named Dan.

Dan’s father Bender is a Werewolf who goes about taking lives. He, however, gets caught by the sheriff and Amy’s father after which he got incarcerated. Bender would later escape and went out to seek revenge killing Charles Thibodeaux [Billy Drago] and his wife. Charles was the person who identified him as a werewolf to the sheriff in the film, Arielle played the character of Nicole.


IMDb: 3.9/10 5.0

Metacritic: Metascore 58, User Score 6.7

Rotten Tomatoes: 8% Audience score

Despite having what seemed like a good ensemble, Dark Moon Rising was a big flop as it received negative reviews from both viewers and critics. In particular, the role of the sheriff’s character was severely criticized for being poorly acted, the transformation of Blender from a human to a Werewolf was also less than stunning as there was no use of Computer-generated imagery. Similarly, the music playing in the background sounded rather off in some scenes.

Greek (2007)

Arielle Vandenberg Movies
A scene of Greek (image source)

Starring Jacob Zachar as Rusty Cartwright, Spencer Grammer as Casey Cartwright, Scott Michael Foster as “Cappie”, Jake McDorman as Evan Chambers and others, Arielle appeared a couple of times in this American comedy-drama television series which ran from 2007 to 2011. Her character was that of Lisa Lawson in season 1, episode 1: “Pilot,” episode 3: “The Rusty Nail,” season 2 episode 9: “Three’s A Crowd” and season 4 episode 10: “Legacy”.

In Greek, we met Rusty Cartwright, a nerd from high school who entered college with a resolution to jettison his boring life. In other to achieve this aim, he is offered two options; to join his sister’s [Casey] boyfriend’s [Cappie] fraternity Kappa Tau Gamma or that of Casey’s ex-boyfriend’s [Evan] Omega Chi Delta. As a result of this dilemma, he must learn how to manage his new life as well as his relationship with his sister. Casey’s love, on the other hand, came into question and she must decide if she loves Cappie or Evan.


IMDb: 7.5/10 8.7

Metacritic: Metascore 62

Rotten Tomatoes: N/A

Though Greek received lots of positive reviews after it was released, critics still had some issues with the series. It was severely criticized for the way its stereotyping of sorority life, gays and its predictability which made it none different from other soap operas.

Friends with Benefits (2011)

"The Benefit of Mentors"
André Holland in a scene of Friends with Benefits, Season 1 Episode 8 (image source)

Another romantic sitcom that readily appears in any list of Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows is NBC’s Friends with Benefits. In episode 8 which Arielle starred in “The Benefit of Mentors” in season 1, she acted alongside the likes of Ryan Hansen, Danneel Ackles, Zach Cregger, Brian McNamara, and others.

The television series followed events in the lives of two friends who are looking for the love of their lives but chose to settle with other people in the meantime. Arielle Vandenberg played the character of Lana in episode 8: “The Benefit of Mentors” in season 1.


IMDb: 6.6/10 7.9

Metacritic: Metascore 58, User Score 6.7

Rotten Tomatoes: 83% Tomatometer and 83% Audience score

The series ran the course of its complete season 1 from August 5 – September 9, 2011, in 13 episodes on NBC. However as it went on, its rating significantly reduced from 2.34 million views in its first episode to 1.54 million.

For Better or Worse (2012)

Arielle Vandenberg Movies
A scene of For Better or Worse (image source) 

For Better or Worse is an American situational comedy that is a creation of Tyler Perry. The award-winning actor, producer, writer and director wrote, directed and produced the sitcom which Arielle Vandenberg appeared in its season 2, episode 30: “Who Get’s the Friends” as the character of Candance.

The TV series has an ensemble of stars like Rhyon Nicole Brown, Tasha Smith, Jason Olive, Michael Jai White, Kiki Haynes, Brad James, Crystle Stewart, Kent Faulcon, Cocoa Brown, Bobb’e J. Thompson and Chandra Currelley. It is a spin of Terry’s comedy-drama film Why Did I Get Married? and its sequel Why Did I Get Married Too?


IMDb: 4.2/10 7.5

Metacritic: Metascore 58, User Score 6.7

Rotten Tomatoes: N/A

With an ensemble of some of the very best the industry can boast of, For Better or Worse received mixed reviews after it began airing. The show first aired on TBS from November 25, 2011, till December 7, 2012, for its first and second seasons. Afterward, it was moved to OWN for its 3rd season starting on September 18, 2013, till the end of its 6th season on July 22, 2017. It still stands out as one of the notable mentions on any list of Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)

Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000)
Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (image source) 

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a CBS procedural forensics crime drama television series that has seen a long list of actors and actresses star in it. Arielle Vandenberg is one of those actresses as she starred in Season 7, Episode 1: “Built to Kill: Part 1” as a party girl. Her role in the series was a minor one.


IMDb: 8.3/10 9.0

Metacritic: Metascore

Rotten Tomatoes: 83% Tomatometer and 83% Audience score

CSI is one notable mention in any list of Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows. Not only does the TV show have good rating on review sites, it also has a huge fan following.

The Extraordinary Fight of Atticus Walker and the Monster in His Mind (2010)

Michael Bagdasarian and his monster (image source)

The name of this Arielle Vandenberg movie says exactly what the storyline is. It is about a certain writer who must defeat the voice of insecurity in his mind before he can be able to land his dream job. This voice of insecurity is a 6 feet tall monster that is furry and greenish in color. The character of the monster is played by Chris Von Wiesenberger whiles it’s victim – Atticus/Michael Karman is played by Michael Bagdasarian. Other casts that acted various roles in the film include Arielle Vandenberg as Rachel, Blake Boyd as Alan, and Lewaa Nasserdeen as Rade.


IMDb: 7.2/10 N/A

Metacritic: N/A

Rotten Tomatoes: N/A

The storyline of The Extraordinary Fight of Atticus Walker and the Monster in His Mind is one that we can all relate to at one point or the other in our lives, therefore the film was well received and fared better than many other Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows listed here. Though a couple of movie review sites don’t currently have reviews of the film listed on their website, its rating of 7.2/10 on IMDb is a testament to how good the film is.

Love Island (2019–present )

Arielle Vandenberg Movies
Cast of Love Island TV show (image source)

In case you are wondering what Arielle Vandenberg has been up with lately, well you will find her hosting Love Island. It is CBS a reality dating television series that first aired on July 9, 2019, and has had a successful run with its first season. The show was thereafter renewed for a second season which will begin airing in the summer of 2020.

The structure of the show is such that a couple of contestants called Islanders live in an isolated island somewhere in Fiji. They have a series of games and tests which they will participate and perform well in to remain on the show as well as being voted for by the shows’ audience. While all these are going on, the contestants are required to become couples with each other either for love or as a strategy for emerging winners. Any couple or participant who receives the lowest vote stands a big risk of being eliminated. Similarly, participants can also eliminate each other. The winners take home a prize money of $100, 000.


IMDb: 4.9/10 N/A

Metacritic: 56%

Rotten Tomatoes: Audience Score 30%

Love Island (American season 1) had a successful run with its season 1 which saw Zac Mirabelli of Chicago, Illinois and Elizabeth Weber of New York, New York emerging winners. Many critics described the TV’s first series as a charmer. Yohana Desta of Vanity Fair, however, added that narrator Mathew Hoffman and the show’s host Arielle Vandenberg had lots of differences between them which is all too glaring to viewers. This is in contrast to the perfect working relationship between Caroline Flack and Iain Stirling of the British equivalent of the series.

@midnight (2016–2017)

A scene of @midnight (image source)

Last on our list of Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows is @midnight with Chris Hardwick often referred to as @midnight. It is a late-night game show that began airing on October 21, 2013, and ran till August 4, 2017. The show had as its host Chris Hardwick while Arielle Vandenberg appeared as herself in episodes: 485; which aired on November 16, 2016: “James Davis/Arielle Vandenberg/Dan Levy” & episode 530; which aired on March 6, 2017 “Arielle Vandenberg/Flula Borg/Steve Agee/Justin Long”.


IMDb: 7.6/10 7.6

Metacritic: N/A

Rotten Tomatoes: N/A

Chris Hardwick is a successful comedian who you are certain to get a good laugh from whenever you listen to him. Therefore, @midnight is one late-night comedy show you won’t get bored watching. At various times, it has been ranked alongside shows like Watch What Happens Live, The Pete Holmes Show and even The Daily Show. @midnight therefore readily stands out as one of the notable Arielle Vandenberg movies and TV shows she has minor or major credit for appearing in.


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