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Lisa Robertson is one of the most admired media personalities and the reason for this is not far-fetched, her works in the entertainment industry are vast and remarkable. Lisa has been an outstanding fashion designer with trending and unique design as well as the founder of the fashion brand G.I.L.I. More to that, she is a seasoned television personality who is well known for her amazing role as the QVC host.

Lisa Robertson’s Bio

This American television personality and fashion designer was born on the 7th of November, 1965 in Collegedale, Hamilton County, United States of America. Although not much information is available about her family background, we’ve been able to gather that she grew up in a small town in Tennessee.

However, her childhood days were not filled with pleasant memories as she lost her mother to ovarian cancer. It is very likely that the experience with her mum prompted Lisa to study Long-Term Health Care Administration at the Southern College in Collegedale.

The gorgeous fashionista started her career in 1991 at a local channel in Knoxville and in the years that followed, she was credited for expanding the channel. She has also worked as a member and representative of the famous Pearl Association of America and Japan. More to that, Lisa was conferred with the prominent title of Miss Tennessee in 1989, which gained her a lot of popularity and earned her a top position as a Representative in a drug awareness campaign in her hometown. The campaign was tagged Drug-Free Tennessee. Her tenacity during the drug-free campaign made the governor to reward her with an Outstanding Service Award.

Subsequently, Lisa started working with QVC where she is known to have worked for about 2 decades before she ended her career with them in December 2014. Aside from that, she worked as a host for several television shows, including PM Style, Friday Night, amongst others. The Tv personality also appeared as a guest on the Wendy William Show in 2012 and three years after, Lisa started making appearances on Good Morning America.

Salary and Net Worth

During her stay at QVC, Lisa is said to have earned an average salary of $1 million per annum. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be $5 million. Beyond the fame and financial fortunes, her career has also brought her more than a handful of prestigious awards.

She received the Philadelphia woman distinction award in 2014 and was recognized as Philadelphia’s most powerful women that same year. More so, Lisa was crowned as Miss Tennessee in 1989 and in the following year, she was crowned as the US Pearl Princess.

Her Husband, Is Lisa Robertson Married?

Details about Lisa Robertson’s love life shows that the American television personality is not yet married. But then, she is in a romantic relationship with her heartthrob Eric McGee, a fitness trainer who is eleven years younger than her.

Lisa Robertson
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From the look of things, the duo is happy together and have enjoyed every moment of their three years of intimate relationship.

What Is She Doing Now?

After giving 2 decades at QVC, the former beauty queen decided it was high time she moved on. Although she was not certain how things would turn out, she is said to have started a mini-store in her basement, employing a few hands. Lisa later set up, a platform she uses to share food recipes, give advice, as well as sell jewelry.

According to the gorgeous Tv personality, leaving QVC was a good choice and a step in the right direction as she is in love with her current business. She revealed that she never knew she had it in her to excel on her own, but from what she has set up, she has great hopes for the future.

Lisa has maintained a strong and active online presence on various social Media platforms. She has thousands of followers across the globe following her on Instagram and Twitter.

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Lisa’s Height 

Lisa Robertson has a finely-built body structure that is complemented by her pretty face. Her healthy balanced diet and regular exercise routines are the secrets behind her fitness. More so, she has a very good height as she is 6 inches taller than 5 feet.

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