Everything We Know About Lindsay Lohan’s Family, Love Life, Highs and Lows

Lindsay Lohan began her career with Ford Models when she was only three years old. As time went by, she spread her wings to other facets of showbusiness and has become a Jill of all trades. More than being a model, she is famed as a singer-songwriter, actress, and television personality. Also an entrepreneur, the American entertainer born and raised in New York City was a teen idol, thanks to films like The Parent Trap, Get a Clue, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Freaky Friday, and of course, Mean Girls. She took to writing songs and dropped Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw), her first and second studio albums respectively in 2004 and 2005. This affirmed her status as a versatile entertainer as the albums were certified Platinum and Gold.

One doesn’t have to look for facts that prove Lindsay has had a successful career, just as it is obvious she hails from a family that’s always courting controversies. Her parents had a troubled marriage that thrust Lohan in-between them and left her feeling like a second parent of the family. The actress had a turbulent childhood and even as an adult, she has struggled to get it all right. She has been a subject of at least six court-ordered rehab stints for addiction to alcohol and drugs. More so, she has been jailed several times and people have been suggesting that it is partly why she has not been able to start a family of her own.

Key Takeaways

  • Lindsay Lohan’s parents, Michael and Dina Lohan, had a troubled marriage that ended in a divorce.
  • She had a difficult childhood and a rocky relationship with her father but they have patched things up.
  • Lindsay has three younger full siblings, a sister named Aliana and two brothers named Michael and Cody.
  • She also has three half-siblings, a half-sister named Ashley Kauffman Horn and two half-brothers named Landon and Logan Lohan.
  • The actress has never been married but has dated many popular figures and was once engaged to Egor Tarabasov.
  • Moving abroad helped her deal with her addiction problems and she is currently dating a financier named Bader Shammas

Lindsay Lohan Is The First Child of Michael and Dina Lohan’s Failed Marriage

It was on the 2nd of November 1985 that Michael Lohan got married to Dina Sullivan who adopted Lohan as her surname. The following year, precisely on the 2nd of July, they welcomed the first of their four children and named her Lindsay Lohan. Before Lindsay turned three, her parents were already having marital issues; they parted ways sometime in 1988 but later reconciled and got back together. In 2005, they separated again and Dina filed for divorce that year. They agreed to a settlement in August 2007 and effectively ended the union before the year ran out.

Meet Her Father, Michael Lohan

  • Full Name: Michael John Lohan
  • Date of Birth: April 25, 1960
  • Age: 63 Years Old
  • Occupation: Media Personality and Former Wall Street Trader
  • First Wife: Dina Lohan (1985 – 2007)
  • Second Wife: Kate Major (2014 – 2015)
  • No. of Children: Seven (Four with Dina Lohan)

Of Irish and Italian ancestry, Michael Lohan is the first of four children born to Richard and Marilyn (nee Desiderio) Lohan. The 63 years old is an American personality mostly known as the father of Lindsay Lohan and for his controversial lifestyle which has landed him in trouble with the law multiple times. Michael has a few film credits but has appeared on several television shows like Larry King Live, Hannity, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, ABC News Nightline, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, and much more.

Before he embraced a career in media, Michael worked as a Wall Street trader. From what we gathered, he traded on the floor of commodity exchange. The man currently works as a co-host of a weekly radio show on KPRC 950 AM in Houston, Texas. The show revolves around recovery from addiction, something Michael has struggled with most of his life. A rehabilitated alcoholic and cocaine addict, Lindsay’s father disclosed that he picked up cocaine while working at Wall Street.

His many legal trouble dates back to 1990 when Lindsay was about four years old. He was investigated for insider trading and would soon find himself behind bars after he was convicted for criminal contempt of court and sentenced to three years in prison. Since then, Michael has been in and out of prison for multiple reasons. Sometime in October 2011, he was arrested for domestic violence that involved his on-and-off girlfriend, Kate Major, who would later become his second wife. Most recently, in April 2021, it was reported that Michael Lohan was yet again arrested in Palm Beach, Florida, for patient brokering. He was accused of illegally making money from bringing addicts to drug treatment centers in the state.

Lindsay Has Had a Rocky Relationship With Her Father All Through Her Life

Lindsay Lohan and her father, Michael Lohan
Image Source

From Justin Beiber to Ariel Winter and Rihanna, many celebrities have had complicated and unstable relationships with their parents but none seems to be messy and dramatic like Lindsay Lohan’s relationship with her father. Right from her childhood, the Actress had it rough with her father and it culminated to the point that they were not on speaking terms. In one of the several interviews she talked about their relationship, the actress divulged that it has always been up and down for them. According to her, Micheal was very unpredictable. She and her siblings didn’t know what to expect of him and it made their lives difficult.

In her words, Michael dragged her and her mother “through so much hell”, alongside her maternal grandparents. He threatened to kill Dina in the presence of her kids and gave his father-in-law a concussion after he threw shoes at his head. Lindsay added that she had to grow up fast because of the situations her father subjected her to. Even though her mother tried to protect her from Micheal, she was always caught in the middle of her parents’ marital crisis in a bid to sort things out for her family.

Lindsay Lohan suggested that her father was physically abusive towards her after her role in the 2013 erotic thriller-drama film, The Canyons. For a scene with James Deen where her character was assaulted by Deen’s, the actress was praised for her acting, especially for the way she clung onto the floor sobbing. Responding to that, she stated that she got a lot of real-life experiences for the performance with her father.

Despite all the difficult times, the actress seems to have patched things up with Micheal. She once expressed that he is not a bad man, but someone prone to making bad choices. In a 2018 appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Lindsay Lohan disclosed that she has a good relationship with both of her parents. Based on what she said, things improved after she removed herself from the problems her divorced parents were having; Micheal and Dina eventually figured how to move forward and are now equally on good terms.

Lindsay Lohan’s Mother Is Also Quite a Controversial Woman

  • Full Name: Donata Melina Nicolette “Dina” Lohan (née) Sullivan
  • Date of Birth: September 15, 1962
  • Age: 60 Years Old
  • Occupation: Television Personality and Former Singer/Dancer
  • Ex-husband: Michael Lohan (1985 – 2007)
  • No. of Children: Four (With Michael Lohan)

Like her ex-husband, Dina Lohan is also of Irish and Italian descent. She was born to John L. and Ann Sullivan in New York City on the 15th of September 1962. The 60 years old initially pursued a career as a singer and dancer before she became famous as the mother and manager of Linsay Lohan. Also known as a television personality, Dina has featured in multiple reality series; nonetheless, her first screen appearance was in The Parent Trap, a 1998 romantic comedy film starring Lindsay Lohan alongside Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid. Dina had an uncredited role in the film.

A decade later (in 2008), she and her daughter, Aliana Lohan, became the focus of Living Lohan, a reality television series that premiered in May 2008 and ended in July of the same month as it was met with negative reviews. Apart from the criticisms it received for lacking substance, Dina was bashed and accused of exploiting her daughter for fame. Notably, the famous broadcast journalist, Anderson Cooper, expressed that Aliana ought to have a normal teenage life, instead of being dragged into starring in a reality television show. Dina has been a part of other similar shows like Lindsay, Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn, and Celebrity Big Brother, respectively in 2014, 2016, and 2019.

Dina has also been in the news for the wrong reasons like her former husband, twice for driving under the influence. The first was in September 2013 when she was arrested at Nassau County, Long Island, for DUI and speeding. She subsequently agreed to a plea deal which had her plead guilty; with that, she was fined $3,000, had her driver’s license revoked, and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Over six years later, she committed the same offense. In January 2020, reports circulated that Lindsay Lohan’s mother was involved in a DUI incident and was arrested for leaving the scene. It also happened at Nassau County and it was said that she faced other charges that range from driving without a license to operating an uninspected and unregistered vehicle.

The Actress Has a Good Relationship With Her Mother But They Have Had Some Rough Moments

As far as anyone knows, Lindsay Lohan’s relationship with her mother is not as complicated as what she has had with her father. Dina has been very supportive of her famous daughter and played a major role towards the beginning of her career. The famous entertainer has acknowledged that Dina strived to protect her from her father. Dina was once known as the manager of Lindsay and from all indications, they have a great relationship.

Indeed, Dina has a good relationship with all her kids. Many years after she got divorced from their father, it circulated that she is engaged to Jesse Nadler, a fellow she reportedly has never met in real life. Confirming that plans are being made for her and Jesse to get married, Dina related that her daughters Lindsay and Aliana are going to be her maid of honor while her two sons, Michael and Cody, are going to walk her down the aisle. If anything, this shows that she does not only have a great bond with her kids but they equally want her to be happy.

While Dina and Lindsay have a good relationship, they have also had some rough moments. Notably, the mother and daughter made headlines sometime in October 2012 after they got involved in a heated exchange while leaving a nightclub in New York City. It was said that the loud argument was over a $40,000 loan the actress gave her mother. Lindsay called her father as the argument raged on to report that Dina was on cocaine and blamed him for ruining the older woman. Michael called the police and recorded the conversation with his daughter which he leaked to the media, something that further complicated their relationship.

The Famous Entertainer Has Three Siblings and Here’s What They Are Up To

It is no secret that the Mean Girls actress has three younger siblings, a sister named Aliana and two brothers named Michael and Cody. These are her full siblings and as you would soon learn, she also has some half-siblings through her father.

Michael Lohan Jr.

  • Full Name: Michael Cameron Lohan
  • Date of Birth: December 16, 1987
  • Age: 35 Years Old
  • Occupation: Former Model, TV Personality, Actor, and Business Executive
  • Wife: Nina Ginsberg (July 2017 – Present)

The first son of the family and second child of Michael and Dina Lohan, Michael Lohan Jr. was also born in New York and his date of birth was the 16th of December 1987. Known as the younger brother of Lindsay Lohan and the older brother of Aliana Lohan, Michael had a bit of a career in show business as a kid. It is said that he was also a Ford Model and was often seen in the set of productions that had his older sister as a performer. This was how he got to pull off an uncredited role in The Parent Trap.

Apart from that, he also featured in a 2011 short film titled Razors and Balloons; these two projects are the only reason he is described as an actor in some quarters. He is also considered a television personality because he has appeared in shows like Driven, E! True Hollywood Story, Living Lohan, Naughty But Nice with Rob Shuter, and Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

At some point in his early life, Michael decided to focus on his education. This took his attention off show business as he graduated from Sanford H. Calhoun High School located in Merrick, New York; this was in 2006. Thereafter, he proceeded to Ithaca College, a private institution in Ithaca, New York, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics. Michael is a founding principal of Nineteen Blocks Groups where he works as a managing partner. The company based in New York City is a boutique commercial real estate advisory firm. He cofounded Vigme and served as its CEO for three years.

As it is with his father, mother, and older sister, Michael Lohan has also had a run-in with the law. Sometime in February 2016, he was dragged to court for criminal impersonation and possession of a forged instrument. From what we gathered, he was caught using a bogus parking placard which claimed to be an official business vehicle identification that was issued by the state of New York executive branch. Thankfully, the case was dismissed in exchange for some community service hours. Michael got married to his wife Nina Ginsberg in July 2017 and they are parents to at least one child.

Aliana Lohan

  • Full Name: Aliana Taylor Lohan
  • Date of Birth: December 22, 1993
  • Age: 29 Years Old
  • Occupation: Television Personality, Fashion Model, Singer, and Actress

The third child of Michael and Dina Lohan, Alina Lohan is the only biological sister of Lindsay Lohan. Like her older sister, she has also been involved in various aspects of show business. She is a fashion model and television personality who has also gained some clout as an actress and a singer-songwriter. The 29 years old was born in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, on the 22nd of December 1993. And just like her sister, her career took off with Ford Model when she was also three years old.

As a child model, Alina was seen in various ad campaigns for popular magazines like Vogue Bambini, Teen Vogue, and CosmoGirl. Her career progressed over the years and she landed a multi-year modeling contract with NEXT models, this was sometime in 2011. In 2013, she moved on and signed with Wilhelmina, a full-service modeling and talent agency headquartered in New York.

Aliana’s exploits as a singer-songwriter have seen her drop several singles and an album titled Lohan Holiday. Released in October 2006, the pop singer’s debut album featured her famous sister, Lindsay, and her mother, Dina. Aliana also featured popular singers like Katelyn Tarver and Amy Grant. Reports have it that Lindsay was who the CEO of YMC records had in mind when he approached Dina Lohan to inquire if her daughter would be down for recording a Christmas album. Dina reportedly said that Lindsay was busy with some film project and negotiated for her younger daughter to take the offer. Although much hasn’t been heard about Aliana’s musical plans for the future, it seems she has been working on an EP since 2018, as reported by Billboard.

Aliana Lohan has been seen in a few movies and multiple television shows as an actress and television personality. To the best of our knowledge, her first movie appearance was in The Parent Trap. She had an uncredited role in the 1998 movie and this was also the case when she appeared on “Life-Size”, a 2000 episode of a comedy-drama television series titled The Wonderful World of Disney. Thereafter, she played Traci Walker in a 2008 horror comedy fantasy film, Mostly Ghostly. Some of the popular documentary and reality series she has been a part of include Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, E! True Hollywood Story: Lindsay Lohan, and of course, Living Lohan.

Cody Lohan

  • Birth Name: Dakota Wyatt Lohan
  • Date of Birth: June 16, 1996
  • Age: 26 Years Old
  • Occupation: Model, TV Personality, and Actor

The baby of the family, Cody is the second son and last child that Michael and Dina Lohan had together. He was also born in New York and like the rest of his siblings, he has a career in show business. The 26 years old was born on the 16th of June 1996 and is currently devoted to his modeling career. He is signed with IMG Models and has participated in various ad campaigns. In an interview with W magazine, Cody disclosed that he was committed to being a student and surfer before his family convinced, and gave him the confidence to take on modeling.

According to him, while his family has always been in the spotlight, he preferred to live a private life but has realized he can still do that even as a model. Cody is now in love with the profession because it is a great way to reach millions of people. He loves surfing and skating right from when he was a kid. As such, he grew up watching people like Dane Reynold and Dylan Rieder. These two, he said, have influenced his style as a model. If he wasn’t a model, Cody would have built a career around surfing and skating; alternatively, he would own and run a menswear/streetwear company dedicated to his sense of style.

Like his older brother, he is considered an actor even though he has only been a part of two productions. The first was an uncredited role as a Baby at Airport in 1998’s The Parent Trap. After that, he was not seen in any acting project again until 2021 when he made an appearance in the Sweet Tooth episode of the TV series, Betty. Disregarding those, he has equally made appearances in reality series like Living Lohan, Lindsay, and Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

Meet The Half-siblings of Lindsay Lohan

Ashley Kauffman

  • Full Name: Ashley Kauffman Horn Lohan
  • Date of Birth: June 30, 1995
  • Age: 27 Years Old
  • Occupation: Undetermined
  • Mother: Kristi Kauffman Horn

The revelation of Ashley Kaufmann as a half-sibling of Lindsay Lohan is probably the most controversial incident from the famous family. As the story goes, Michael Lohan had an affair with a massage therapist from Montana, Kristi Kaufmann, while he was still married to Dina, albeit separated. The affair led to the birth of Ashley in June 1995 but Michael knew nothing about her until 2005 while he was behind bars doing time for DUI. The massage therapist he reportedly met for the first time in Houston, Texas, back in 1982, reached out to him and related that she believes Ashley is his daughter; that she had a paternity test with her ex-husband which revealed that the man wasn’t Ashley’s father.

For obvious reason, the issue became a juicy piece of gossip story that played out on the British tabloid talk show, Trisha. Michael was pissed that Kaufmann took the story to the media and questioned why it took her so long to inform him that they have a child together. Michael told New York Post that Kaufmann wanted Ashley to have a relationship with his famous daughters, “…that’s pretty sick”, he said and vowed to not force his legitimate kids to meet with Ashley even if it is confirmed that she is truly his daughter. True to Kristi Kaufmann’s claims, a DNA test as revealed on Trisha, confirmed that Michael is the biological father of Ashley.

Many probably expected that the DNA test would bring the drama to an end but things were further complicated to the point that Michael and Ashley keep away from each other. And as far as we can tell, Ashley also does not have any relationship with her half-siblings. Michael expressed to Popdust that Ashley’s mother is the reason he has not been able to have a modest relationship with his daughter. If what he said were true, Kristi was only interested in making Ashley a star; he claimed the woman had been striving to get Ashley to meet up with Lindsay and Aliana: she (Kristi) never talked about her brothers (Michael and Cody) because they were not famous, argued Michael.

Plastic Surgery Controversy and Why Ashley Publicly Dissed Lindsay

Ashley and Lindsay Lohan
L – R; Ashley and Lindsay Lohan: Image Source

As one would expect, Ashley gained a lot of attention after it was confirmed that she is the half-sister of Lindsay Lohan. She soon had an interview with In Touch Magazine wherein she dissed the famous actress and the Lohan family. Ashley stated that she’s “hotter than Lindsay” and not like the Freaky Friday actress. According to her, she likes being a responsible person, “I don’t drink, do drugs or party… I wasn’t raised in that family,” she said.

But then, Ashley also bragged about going through five plastic surgery procedures to look more like her famous half-sister. It was reported that she refined her jawline, got a nose job, and received fat injections in her chin and upper cheeks. Later, she appeared in another episode of Trisha where she took a polygraph test that was said to confirm that she didn’t get the cosmetic procedures to look like Lindsay. A tearful Ashley apologized to the actress on the platform, saying she never intended to have the media drag her into the drama.

Based on the foregoing, people have concluded that Ashley was just a teenager caught up with the idea of becoming famous and never really had any ill feelings towards Lindsay and the rest of her half-siblings. In all of this, Lindsay refrained from making any comment, but sources close to her said she was not mad at Ashley but found the fact that her father fathered Ashley while married to her mother disturbing.

Landon Major Lohan

  • Full Name: Logan Michael Lohan
  • Date of Birth: January 30, 2013
  • Age: 10 Years Old
  • Occupation: Undetermined
  • Mother: Kate Major

Following the end of his marriage to Dina, Michael Lohan began dating Kate Major, a former tabloid reporter. Their relationship has been on-and-off that it is hard to tell what’s up with them. It has been a dramatic and complicated relationship that had Kate living with Michael’s first wife, Dina; so that she would protect her from Michael.

In early 2020, it was reported that Kate was receiving treatment at a rehab center after she was caught driving while impaired. Although estranged from each other, Michael and Kate are still legally married, they did so in October 2014, over a year after they had their first child together, a son named Landon.

Logan Lohan

  • Full Name: Logan Michael Lohan
  • Date of Birth: December 31, 2014
  • Age: 8 Years Old
  • Occupation: Undetermined
  • Mother: Kate Major

When Michael and Kate got married, they were already expecting their second child. On New Year’s Eve of 2014, precisely at 11:16 a.m, they welcomed their second child, another son named Logan. Like his older brother, Logan is still a kid with a lot of growing up to do. As such, it is hard to tell anything else about them apart from what’s obvious. When Logan was 10 months old and his older brother almost 3, their parents lost custody of them.

Reports have it that the Florida Department of Children and Families took the kids and handed them over to Michael’s mother for temporary guardianship after it obtained a video of the couple fighting in front of the kids. Commenting on the incident, Michael said he lost his temper when he found Kate drunk while with the kids. They regained custody of the kids at some point but were back in court in 2020 over another domestic violence case; it was said that Michael choked Kate.

Lindsay Logan Has Never Been Married But Was Once Engaged to Egor Tarabasov

Since Lindsay Lohan became famous, practically everything about her has been a story worth telling, including her love life which has been as dramatic as other areas of her personal life. It’s no secret that the Just My Luck actress is yet to start a family of her own, just as it is well known that she once came close to getting married. Over the course of her career, the New York-born actress has dated multiple men, including a female, which has had people speculating on her sexuality. Clearing the air on that, Lindsay admitted that she is probably bisexual in 2018. This was after she stated in 2013 that she is straight, even though she had dated a girl.

The actress’ dating history, as far as the public knows, dates back to 2003 when she dated the former teen idol, Aaron Carter. By the following year, she had moved on with the That ’70s Show star, Wilmer Valderrama, whom she would later describe as her first guy. In 2006, she was romantically linked to Stavros Niarchos. It is believed that this relationship ruined Lohan’s relationship with Paris Hilton as Paris also dated Stavros. Next in line was Harry Morton the restaurateur whom she also dated in 2006. It was after this that the actress dated her first known female lover, the English DJ/singer-songwriter, Samantha Ronson.

Lindsay Lohan
Egor Tarabasov and Lindsay Lohan: Image Source

She Parted Ways With Egor Over Claims of Physical Abuse

After Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan had a brief romance with Matt Nordgren and Vikram Chatwal before Egor Tarabasov came along. It was sometime in late 2015 that the actress began dating the Russian businessman and heir to a business empire. Things happened between them quickly that they got engaged the following year. people anticipated the two to come forward with plans for their wedding but it only emerged that they called off the engagement over claims of physical abuse. The actress would later disclose that she wanted to make things work but Egor wouldn’t stop abusing her and that he refused to apologize for it.

She described the Russian businessman as someone who drank too much and goes crazy for no significant reason. The actress said Egor strangled and nearly killed her, she also accused him of cheating with a hooker. Egor has insisted that all of her claims are false. He accused the actress of theft, claiming that she is in possession of his property worth $30,000, including a Rolex watch. The police were involved and the property was retrieved from the apartment they shared, Lohan was cleared of the theft accusation.

The Actress Is Currently Dating a Financier Named Bader Shammas

Lindsay Lohan and Bader Shammas (3rd from left): Image Source

Since the dramatic end of her relationship with Egor Tarabasov, Lindsay Logan has mostly kept her love life away from the spotlight. In fact, she has been quite evasive of the media in recent times, this has made it difficult for people to keep up with her. Nonetheless, we can confirm that she has been romantically linked to Mohammad bin Salman and most recently, a fellow named Bader Shammas.

It was in 2019 that it emerged the actress and the Saudi Arabian prince have something going on. It was said that they met at a Formula One Grand Prix race and started seeing each other thereafter. However, Lindsay’s father said her daughter was only in a platonic relationship with the prince; that they were not lovers. What the two had was never substantiated as neither of them spoke about it.

In February 2020, the actress was seen with a man who was later identified as Bader Shammas at a music festival in Dubai. She later posted a group picture with a caption that described Bader as her boyfriend. While it is believed that the two are still together, much has not been heard from them. Per reports, Bader is in his mid-30s and not a part of the entertainment industry in any way. He is a financier who works as an assistant vice president at Credit Suisse, an investment banking company that has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Sources close to the actress claim that her relationship with Bader is growing stronger. Apart from this, it is really hard to tell anything else about the two.

Relocating Abroad Helped Her Deal With Her Life Crisis

For several years, the popular actress has not been living in the United States. This, she said, has come a long way in helping her deal with her life crisis. Lindsay moved to California alone when she was 15 years old and it marked the genesis of the many problems she struggled with; from substance abuse to legal issues and what have you, the actress was always on the news for the wrong reasons and on the path to self-destruct. In her early 20s, her career had been relegated to the back seat as she becomes known for her late-night life and series of run-ins with the law.

Lindsay became an alcoholic and also embraced using cocaine which she said helped her to drink more. In 2007, she was arrested at least twice and spent some time behind bars. She was first arrested in May for DUI and then two weeks later for the same crime in addition to driving with a suspended license and possession of cocaine. She was subsequently sentenced to a day in jail on three years probation, community service, and an alcohol program for rehabilitation. The actress missed several of her substance abuse treatment classes ordered by the court and then a mandatory DUI progress hearing which earned her a 90 days sentence to jail and another 90 days of inpatient rehab treatment.

However, she only got to spend 14 days in prison as it was overcrowded. 2011 came and the actress was yet in another legal trouble, this time for the theft of a necklace. She pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and community service. Again, because of overcrowding, she wore a tracking device and served the sentence at home. She kept violating the terms of her probation and continued receiving more jail time and sentences of community service which spanned through eight years.

The actress eventually decided she had had enough of Los Angeles and left the country. Based on what she told The Guardian, moving to London forced her to grow up as it kept her away from friends she spent late nights with and the media who wouldn’t give her a break. More so, it helped her stay away from the messy relationship between her divorced parents. In all, Lindsay Lohan is now in a better place and picking up what’s left of her career.

Quick Facts About The Actress


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