Who is Lindsey Graham, Is He Gay? His Education, Net Worth, Wife and Sister

There is no doubt that as a United States senator, so much media attention is imposed on you. Such is the life of South Carolina United States senator, Lindsey Graham. But a part of his life that gets him more attention from the media than any other ordinary senator is his striking bachelorhood at 63.

Although his relationship status might be bleak, the opposite can be said of his ever impressive work status. His persistent service in the Senate has made him an admired public figure.

Brief Bio 

Born as Lindsey Olin Graham to Millie and Florence Graham on July 9, 1955, in Central, South Carolina. His mother Millie Graham was born on September 2, 1925, and she died of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma on June 9, 1976. His father Florence James Graham was born on December 28, 1908, and died of heart attack on September 22, 1977. The family is of Scottish descent.

His Education

Lindsey Graham graduated from D.W. Daniel High School, in South Carolina in 1973. He became the first member of his family to attend college when he got accepted into the University of South Carolina. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1977. In 1981, he earned his Juris Doctor degree from the University of South Carolina School of Law.

He joined the United States Air Force in 1982 as an officer and judge advocate. In 1984, he was moved to serve as a military prosecutor and defense attorney in Rhein-Main Air Force Base, located near the city of Frankfurt, Germany. After four years of active duty in Europe, Graham returned to his homeland, a year later, he left active duty and began practicing as a private attorney.

In 1989, he joined the South Carolina Air National Guard, served until 1995, then went on to join the US Air Force Reserve. Graham earned the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force Reserve in 1998. In 2004, he got promoted to the rank of Colonel. A year before he retired from the Air Force, he received a bronze star medal for his service rendered in the task force that oversaw the detention of military prisoners. In 2005, Graham retired from the US Air Force after serving his country for over thirty years. He retired at the statutory retirement age of 60 as a Colonel.

In 1992, he was elected into the lower house of the South Carolina General Assembly, the South Carolina House of Representative, from the 2nd district, defeating his Democratic opponent Lowell W. Ross by 20%. He served only one term as a representative of the 2nd district.

Graham then decided to represent the 3rd congressional district of South Carolina. He defeated James Bryan of the Democratic party in the general election 60% to 40%. He, however, became the first Republican to represent the 3rd district since 1877. Graham subsequently re-ran for second, third and fourth terms and got re-elected on all occasions he contested.

After over three decades in office, Democrat senator, Strom Thurmond stepped down from the office of the United States senator of South Carolina in 2002. His retirement prompted Graham to run for the said office. He ran unopposed in the Republican primaries and thereafter, defeated his Democrat opposition Alex Sanders in the 2003 general election. He emerged as South Carolina’s first new US senator since 1965. For his first two years in office, he served as the state’s junior senator prior to the retirement of the senior senator Ernest Hollings in 2005.

In 2008, Graham ran for the second term. He defeated fellow Republican Buddy Witherspoon in the Republican primary election. He then went up against Bob Conley in the general election and clinched a 57.53% to 42.25% victory over his Democrat opponent.

In 2014, Graham once again ran for his incumbent office and like the previous outcomes, he ended up retaining his office as South Carolina US senator. His ambition was made possible following his victory over Democratic candidate Brad Hutton in the general election.

In 2015, Graham declared his intention to run for President of the United States. His aspiration for the presidency was however cut short shortly after it was certain that Donald Trump would be the candidate to emerge from the Republican party.

Net Worth

Lindsey Graham earns $174,000 a year as salary. It is the standard salary of a United States senator. His net worth is an estimated $3million

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Lindsey Graham’s Sister

Lindsey Graham family, sister

Lindsey has a sister named Darline Graham Nordone, who he is nine years older than. When Lindsey was 22, he took up the responsibility of being a father and a brother to his little sister after they both became orphans following the death of their parents. Lindsey adopted his little sister as she was only 13 at the time. Because he was still in college, Darline lived with their uncle and aunty, and Graham would come visiting during the weekends. Darline is now married to Larry Nordon.

Is He Gay, Who Is His Wife?

So many have questioned the sexuality of the United States senator owing to the fact that there is no record of him ever being married, neither does he have a child nor is he in any kind of a romantic relationship. Such facts have drawn so many to the opinion that the ex-military man could be gay.

Lindsey Graham had come out on a number of occasions to dismiss the rumors of him being gay, stating that he has been in relationships with a couple of ladies but they were never meant to be. Reports have it that while he was in law school, he was in a relationship with a girl named Debbie. He also had romantic relationships with two other ladies while he was serving in the Air Force in Europe. The two ladies he reportedly dated are Carol a
JAG officer and Sylvia a Lufthansa flight attendant. He is currently seen with no lady in his life but he believes he would find his love soon.


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