Lindsay Brunnock

Lindsay Brunnock is best known as an art director who is very passionate about film making. Over the years, her skills have been seen in various productions which include films like This Year’s Love, The Abduction Club and the series Shackleton. It is also interesting to note that it was during the course of her work that she met her current husband, Kenneth Branagh.

The couple who have been married for more than a decade have really influenced each other’s life positively one of which is the push that helped Lindsay to establish herself in the entertainment industry. Read on as we unveil facts about her bio and family life in the following paragraphs

Lindsay Brunnock’s Bio

The talented art director has her full name as Lindsay Antonia Brunnock and she hails from the United Kingdom. She is best described as a very private person as the film director has not revealed much about her personal life. However, sources have it that she was born in 1970 in the city of Cambridgeshire where she also had her high school education but no detail has been published about her college education.

Lindsay had a flair for arts and films right from her formative years. She often left her home in Cambridgeshire to go and see movies and posters in London. The actress officially kicked off her career in 1996 when she was given the job of the Assistant Designer for the sitcom The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and was also pivotal in the making of the movie, The Moonstone.

As her works were appreciated by many, Lindsay Brunnock received a well-deserved promotion as the Assistant Director and has worked in the production of films like A Merry War, released in 1997 as well as the 1998 film, The Governess and This Year’s Love which came out in 1999. In the wake of the year 2000, she was part of the making of the film, Born Romantic which was followed by The Abduction Club and Shackleton in 2002.

The following year was also a very busy one for the art director whose expertise was seen in movies like Loving You, Bright Young Things, Ready When You Are Mr. McGill and the sitcom, The Last King. However, after such a great year in her career, Lindsay Brunnock was not seen in any other production up until 2006 when she worked as the art director in the film Starter for 10 which featured Irish actor, James McAvoy. She has not been active in her career lately but she is often seen supporting her husband, Kenneth Branagh who is also a film director.

The Family Life Of Lindsay Brunnock

Lindsay Brunnock is known for keeping a lot of things about her personal life under wraps and as such, not much is known about her family background. Although her parents have been identified as James Brunnock and Margaret Brunnock, there is no further detail about them.

Lindsay Brunnock
Lindsay Brunnock with her husband, Kenneth Branagh  image source

Lindsay is married to popular actor and film director named Kenneth Branagh. The pair who exchanged wedding vows in 2003 have been enjoying a blissful married life as well as thriving careers. Lindsay and her husband have been able to strike a perfect balance between their work life and romantic life over the years which has made it difficult for the media to get into their private space. They are only seen at red carpet events especially when Kenneth is promoting his films.

Moreso, the couple who are yet to welcome any child have revealed that they don’t intend to have children. Lindsay who is in agreement with her husband seems comfortable with the plan and currently, they live peacefully in Berkshire with a couple of dogs, as their pets.

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Other Facts About Kenneth Branagh’s Wife

Lindsay Brunnock has a net worth of about $3 million and she is also entitled to her husband’s $60 million net worth.

She is the second wife of Kenneth Branagh who was formerly married to filmstar, Emma Thompson in the past.

Lindsay got to know Kenneth via her friend Helena Bonham Carter, who was his partner then.

The art director is notable for her bright eyes which gives her a mysterious aura.

Lindsay Brunnock has an average height and a voluptuous body size.

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