Lily Marston Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Lily Marston is a popular YouTube star, actress, host, producer and digital video creator. She has built a decent career for herself from the social media platform YouTube and has her own channel on the platform, as well as feature in other YouTube channels. She has starred in Beauty Break and Clevver Now, both of which are mini-series on Clevver Style, another channel on YouTube.

Read on for more details about the life and career achievements of the internet sensation.

Lily Marston’s Biography

Lily Marston is an American multi-talented lady born on March 28, 1990, in California. Although, her parents are not known by their names, we do know that they are Americans and Lily has always been close to them. Lily Marston is not known to have siblings as information relating to her family – parents and siblings, are not known. To a very large extent, Lily seems to be a very private person who tends not to share much information about herself. The only place and time she is seen sharing things about herself is while she is working. In fact, it is more like the only time she shows herself to the public.

We might not know much about her private life but we know she was born in California and that was where she was raised. She lived with her parents until she left for college. Lily studied at Arizona State University and graduated in 2012, earning a B.A in Film Practices. But before she rode off to college, Lily attended and graduated from Westlake High School in Thousand Oaks, California.

Growing up in California, the state regarded as the centre of the world’s entertainment industry, Lily had been exposed to a lot of lifestyles. It most likely had a big influence in her decision to go into the entertainment line. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Lily Marston

1. Her body stats

Lily Marston is not a model so, she thinks it’s not really necessary to keep her body as slim as most fashion lads and ladies do. She is proud of her body and despite receiving criticisms about gaining weight, she has called out her critics and asked that people stop judging others about their sizes. In height, she is at an average at 5’ 7”, she weighs above 56kg and her body measurements, including her bust, waist and hips are 32C-25-34, respectively. Lily has blue eyes and she is blonde.

2. Lily is a lover of dogs

Lily Marston is a fervent lover of pets and her favourite of all animals is man’s best friend, dog. The YouTube star has two Labrador Retrievers. One of her pets is brown in colour while the other is black. She adores both of her dogs and most times refer to them as her true love.

3. Hobbies

Like most celebrities who like taking a vacation at their free time, Lily is no different. She is a huge fan of exploring the world. Lily loves going to places she has never been to before, learning new cultures and also doing what every tourist loves, trying out new foods. She is also a film lover, she enjoys watching movies and not just Hollywood kinds but also seeing movies done by other film industries. When it comes to drinks, Lily enjoys drinking latte and she is also a beer lover.

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4. Lily Marston’s life before fame

Lily Marston with
Lily Marston with Erin Robinson and Joslyn Davis in ‘Cleverly’ – image source

Before YouTube and other social media fame, Lily worked a regular job. Technology isn’t new to the Internet personality as she worked as a technology consultant while still attending Arizona State University. In 2007, she worked as an intern at the Big Screen Networks.

5. Lily Marston’s social media accounts

Lily Marston has a self-titled YouTube channel which she created on November 18, 2015. Her YouTube channel subscribers are closely reaching the half a million mark, currently, it has 400 thousand plus subscribers and its contents have been viewed over 10 million times. Lily also has an Instagram account which boasts over 457 thousand followers. On her Twitter account, Lily Marston has over 100 thousand followers.

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