Lil Tjay Net Worth and 9 Other Facts You Should Know About The Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter

Lil Tjay is a 23-year-old American rapper, singer, and songwriter whose net worth is $600 thousand 

You can’t discuss the most exciting new acts on the U.S. hip-hop scene without the name Lil Tjay coming up. Ever since the Bronx rapper utilized the power of SoundCloud to gain a foothold in the music industry, he has surpassed expectations, with publications such as Rolling Stone and Pitchfork falling over each other to pour lavish praise on him.

He has also recorded collaborations with some of the industry’s biggest acts, including the likes of J. Cole and French Montana. Throw in chart-topping singles and albums, and you know that Lil Tjay is a young man that is definitely destined to get to the top. As we all settle in for what promises to be a great career, let’s look at some exciting details about the rapper.

1. Lil Tjay Has A Net Worth Of $600,000

Lil Tjay has certainly come a long way from a background and childhood that was anything but privileged. The rapper, who once had to share cramped living quarters with his family members, is now worth over half a million dollars. His primary source of income is music sales as well as royalties from his record label. The rapper also makes some cool cash from performing at several shows. His booking fee previously hovered in the five-figure region but in 2021, the rapper took to Instagram to reveal that he will start charging not less than $150k for each show.

2. His Real Name Is Tione Jayden Merritt

Lil Baby’s real name is Tione Jayden Merrit and he took inspiration from it in arriving at his stage name. For instance, the ‘T’ in his name comes from his first name while the Jay obviously comes from his middle name ‘Jayden’. Lil references his young age and the rapper may be dumping it along the way should he go on to enjoy the long career that he envisions for himself. Lil Tjay has stated that he doesn’t want to end up broke by the time he is 28 and will be working hard to have a long-lasting career.

3. He Is 23 Years Old

Lil Tjay was born on the 30th of April 2001 which makes him a gen z product. As is typical with the generation, he got his start on SoundCloud. Tjay dropped his first track, the petty anti-love song – Resume, on SoundCloud in January 2018. It gathered decent buzz and he got to work on other tracks. He, however, delayed dropping these new tracks until people started losing interest in the first track. That strategy helped Lil Tjay to sustain interest in his music to the extent that each of his singles, including “Brothers”, “Leaked”, and “None of your Love”, racked up millions of plays. This of course whetted the appetites of the music industry executives and before long, they came banging on his doors.

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4. Lil Tjay Is Label Mates With The Likes Of Beyoncé and Barbra Streisand

What does Lil Tjay have in common with superstar musician Beyoncé, and legendary actress and singer, Barbra Streisand? Well, one thing that they share is that they are all signed to Universal Records. Another big name that is also signed to the illustrious label is Tyler the Creator. Tyler is not just an award-winning rapper but is also famed as a visual artist and designer. He creates most of the artwork for his group’s albums and also has a clothing company to his name.

5. He Is A Native Of The Bronx, New York

Lil Tjay originally hails from the Bronx, a part of New York that is revered as the birthplace of hip hop. As the story goes, the foundation for hip hop music was laid by a Jamaican-born DJ, Kool Herc, at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx on the 11th of August 1973. The occasion was Kool’s sister’s birthday and during the party, he took to breaking or scratching on the turntables in order to let people breakdance more. He was also rapping during the extended breakdancing, thus marking the birth of a cultural movement.

6. Lil Tjay and His Two Siblings Were Raised By A Single Mom

Growing up, Lil Tjay had no father figure in his life and it fell to his single mom to take care of him and his two younger siblings. Things were tight and the entire family had to make do with a small but roomy apartment. Things have now turned around thanks to the rapper’s budding music career. He is living the good life and has proudly shown off his new house on Snapchat. The magnificent crib boasts several rooms as well as a kitchen that is amazing. In the rapper’s own words, his present crib is so large that he doesn’t even know what to use some of the rooms for.

7. The Rapper Was Apprehended For Robbery At The Age Of 15

While growing up, Lil Tjay was a model kid at home but outside the house, he got into fights, swore a lot, and even smoked. By the time he was in middle school, he took to petty robberies and was caught on a few occasions. On those occasions, Lil Tjay was sentenced to youth detention centers for two or three months but he remained undeterred. He continued engaging in petty robberies and upon being caught in 2016, he was sentenced to one full year in detention. This served as a wake-up call and during his year-long stint, he took to writing rap lyrics.

Upon leaving the detention center, he promised his mom that he would change but found his old habits calling to him. That urge to run afoul of the law later disappeared when he channeled his energy into music and started recording in the studios.

8. He Aspired To Be An Artist From His Childhood Days

While his prison stint gave him the kick to pursue music seriously, it must be noted that Lil Tjay aspired to be an artist right from when he was a child. According to him, while growing up, he watched the likes of Justin Bieber and hoped to be as famous as him one day. He didn’t have much of an idea as to how to make that dream become a reality but he knew that it would come to pass which is exactly what happened.

9. His Musical Inspiration Includes The Likes Of Justin Bieber and Usher

Lil Tjay may be a rapper, and also hail from the birthplace of hip hop, but his earliest musical influences are not rappers. Rather, he was really partial to sweet melodies from the likes of Justin Bieber, Usher, R. Kelly, and M.J. thanks to the influence of his mom who loved listening to these artists. Tjay has now gone the hip hop route but the influence of these artists can be felt in his music as he uses his sweet voice to deliver a melodic style of rapping. He has also sampled songs from the likes of Bieber and plans to release pure R & B songs someday.

10. The Rapper Is A Big Fan Of Disney and Nickelodeon Shows

Most people will not expect a rapper to be crazy about Disney and Nickelodeon productions but that is exactly what Lil Tjay is. The rapper has revealed in an interview that even though he was all tough on the streets, the real him loved watching Disney and Nickelodeon shows at home. Some of his favorites include Big Time Rush, iCarly, and Victorious.


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