Life Story of Miki Yim, Sung Kang’s Wife

Miki Yim is the wife of American actor Sung Kang. While being the wife of an actor of Sung’s caliber is what brought her to the limelight, Yim has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She also works in real estate and has tried her hands at running a restaurant with her spouse.

Summary of Miki Yim’s Biography

  • Full Name: Miki Yim
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Miki Yim’s Husband: Sung Kang
  • Miki Yim’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Miki Yim’s Height in Centimetres: 165 cm
  • Miki Yim’s Weight: 56 kg
  • Famous For: Famous for being the wife of Sung Kang

How Old Is Miki Yim?

Miki Yim’s real age has eluded the media for several years, as her date of birth is nowhere to be found. Reports revealed that Yim was born in her country Southern Korea which confers Southern Korean citizenship on her. However, thanks to many years of living in the United States, she now enjoys dual citizenship as a Korean-American.

Anybody who has seen Yim would not need to ask questions about her ethnic heritage as the American celebrity wife’s appearance is a testament to her Asian background.

Miki Yim’s Education and Academic Journey

Miki Yim spent a better part of her formative years in her home country South Korea. While growing up in the Asian country, reports said she enrolled in the local elementary and high school there.

However, when the time was right for her to proceed with higher studies, she chose to pitch her tent with Meiji Gakuin University, and according to her records, she graduated from the tertiary institution’s arts department, majoring in English Language.

Though she only studied English as a single honor, Yim made an effort to gain proficiency in other languages along the line. She can speak French fluently as well as Japanese.

Miki Yim Met her Spouse Sung Kang as High School Student

Reports said Miki Yim and her husband, Sung Kang, were high schoolmates in 1992 when they first crossed paths. Sung is an American actor best known for the movie Fast & Furious. A tale was told about how they were both at Koreatown Karaoke together; Sung was said to be the one singing while Yim was part of the audience.

The couple’s first meeting wasn’t so cordial as Yim passed funny comment about Sung’s hairstyle. She told him to go get his money back from his stylist as the haircut made him resemble the Korean Dutch boy.”

However, they still kept in touch after that meeting and eventually started dating in a relationship that lasted over two long decades before they got married.

She Has Been Sung Kang’s Wife Since 2014

At the end of their long dating period, Miki Yim and Sung Kang became man and wife in a wedding ceremony hosted on the 8th of July 2014. Their wedding venue is not known, but reports said they were joined in a small private ceremony with only family members and close friends in attendance.

The duo’s wedding picture shows Sung in a custom-made black tuxedo while his bride came in an elegant floor-length gown in white color matched with a crown and a pretty necklace.

The couple currently resides in their home in Los Angeles, California.

Miki Yim
Miki and Sung’s wedding picture image source

Does Miki Yim Have Kids with Sung Kang?

From what we gathered from sources, Miki Yim and her husband Sung Kang are yet to become parents even though they have spent almost three decades together.

On September 24th, 2009, Sung appeared at the opening ceremony of the Bangkok International film festival SF World Cinema with two children in tow. Needless to say, rumors ran rife as people claimed that the couple had been hiding their children all this while. However, it later came to the fore that the kids were actually Sung’s niece and nephew and not his children.

Miki Yim
Sung, his niece and nephew image source

What Does Sung Kang’s Wife, Miki Yim, Do for a Living?

Though many simply know Miki Yim as the wife of celebrity actor Sung Kang, she is much more than that. Yim has created a niche for herself in the fashion world, where she works as a talented designer.

She started nurturing a passion to join the fashion industry from a young age and started designing clothes for her personal use when she was still in school.

Her career commenced while she was a resident of Hawaii in the United States. It was during this time that she landed a job at JTB Hawaii Company, working in the firm’s customer service unit.

In October 1995, she moved from JTB Hawaii Company to the famed fashion brand Chanel to work as a sales associate. After putting in four years at Chanel, Miki Yim moved to Louis Vuitton, where she was upgraded to the position of supervisor. It was while she was a supervisor at Louis Vuitton that Yim gained so much popularity in the fashion world through hard work and perseverance.

With her popularity, Yim started scoring plum jobs with other establishments in the industry, including Sephora as an Assistant Manager, Celine Incorporated, the Coco Chanel team, and La Perla. Yim began working with Prada, Honolulu, as General Manager in 2013 – a position she held for five long years till 2018 before deciding to try her hands at something different.

Yim is currently employed by Hawaii Real Estate, working in her capacity as a Realtor Associate. She commenced work in the organization in 2021 and has been there ever since

Other Career Endeavors

Apart from her stint in the fashion world, Miki Yim tried experimenting with other endeavors. Collaborating with her movie star husband, the American celebrity wife launched a restaurant in Brentwood called, Saketini. However, the eatery failed to thrive and closed down sometime in 2013.

Miki has proved that she has the milk of human kindness running in her veins as she also gets involved in charitable courses. Alongside her husband, they make donations to the less privileged through NGOs.

Miki Yim’s Height and Body Measurements

Miki stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm. She weighs a commensurate 56kg or 123 lbs to go with her short height. Of a miniature build, the American celebrity wife stands out with her bright smile and charming face.

She has shiny reddish brown hair and eyes that are black in color. Her general outlook indicates that she is of Asian roots.

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