Life Story of Latarra Eutsey, Big Meech’s Baby Mama

Latarra Eutsey is the baby mama and ex-girlfriend of Big Meech, an infamous criminal who co-created the Black Mafia Family. Latarra Eutsey is a real estate agent, former flight attendant, and former manager of the Black Mafia Family. She was born on January 13, 1969, and is 55 years old.

Latarra Eutsey is famed for her relationship with Big Meech, which resulted in a son, Lil Meech, a rapper and actor. Though their relationship has ended, the more Big Meech is being searched for, the more she keeps pooping up. The life story of Latarra Eutsey has been explored in this article.

Latarra Eutsey’s Bio

  • Full name: Latarra Eutsey
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: January 13, 1969
  • Latarra Eutsey’s Age: 55 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Latarra Eutsey’s Partner: Demetrius Flenory Sr., a.k.a Big Meech
  • Latarra Eutsey’s Children: is Demetrius Flenory Jr
  • Latarra Eutsey’s Height in Inches:  5 feet 10 inches
  • Latarra Eutsey’s Height in Centimetres: 178 cm
  • Latarra Eutsey’s Weight: 75 kg
  • Latarra Eutsey’s Net Worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: being the baby mama and ex-girlfriend of Big Meech

How Old Is Latarra Eutsey?

Latarra Eutsey is 55 years old and was born on January 13, 1969, in the United States, however, her exact place of birth is not known. The 55-year-old real estate agent is an American citizen who belongs to the Capricorn birth sign and is of African-American ethnicity. She has kept details of her family away from the public’s knowledge, as the names and occupations of her parents are not known.

There is no credible information about any siblings she may have or whether she is an only child. She spent her childhood in Lauderdale, Florida, the United States, where she was raised under the care of her parents.

Latarra Eutsey leads a private life, and as such, there are no records of the school that she attended for elementary school. There are also no records of the high school or college that she attended, but it is believed that she graduated from a prestigious school.

How Latarra Eutsey Became Big Meech’s Baby Mama

Latarra Eutsey and Big Meech reportedly met each other at a car wash. At that time, Latarra worked as a champagne girl and VIP waitress in one of Detroit’s top nightclubs while Big Meech was running his business. She began dating the drug kingpin in 1999 after she began working at his music record label as a manager. The duo was together for barely a year when they welcomed their son, Lil Meech, whose real name is Demetrius Flenory Jr., in 2000.

After they welcomed their son, they moved to Miami, where Big Meech was a great dad to his son. Latarra revealed that while they were still together, there was never family time with her husband, as about ten other guys would be with him in the house. This made her clean a lot; however, she understood that he did that so that they could sleep peacefully at night.

Five years after they welcomed their son, the Drug Enforcement Agency intervened in Big Meech’s drug trafficking business, and he was arrested together with his brother, Southwest T. Two years later, when his son was seven years old, he pleaded guilty to the drug and money laundering charges leveled against him.

Together with his brother, he was given a 30-year jail sentence. While his brother’s sentence was reduced by six years after he was placed under house arrest, Big Meech is currently serving his jail term at Oregon Prison and is set for release by 2028.

Why did Latarra Eutsey and Big Meech Break up?

Latarra Eutsey and Big Meech were never married, but they dated and welcomed a son. However, they called it quits after Big Meech was arrested and jailed without revealing the reasons why they decided to go their separate ways. Latarra raised her son solely and ensured that she took him to prison to visit his father. Meanwhile, after their breakup, the real estate agent has been supportive of Big Meech.

Who is Latarra Eutsey’s Spouse?

Since Latarra Eutsey called it quits with Big Meech, she has maintained a low profile. This has made it impossible to know if she moved on, dated someone, or got married. However, because she has not been spotted with any man or welcomed any other children, it is believed that she is not legally married.

This does not conflict with the fact that she might be in a relationship with anyone at the moment. Based on the fact that she lives a private life, nothing is known about her past relationships. On the other hand, Big Meech has moved on, as it was confirmed that he once dated Sabrina Peterson. He also has two children from his previous relationship, known as Nicole Flenory and Manessa Mia Hussey.

What To Know About Latarra Eutsey and Big Meech’s Son

Latarra Eutsey and Big Meech’s son is Lil Meech, whose real name is Demetrius Flenory Jr. He was born on 22 April 2000 in Detroit, Michigan, United States, and is 23 years old. He spent part of his formative years with his parents, and after his father was jailed, he was raised by his mother, who gave him the best. The ex-couple’s son is a rapper and actor who has achieved great things in his career.

He was reportedly homeschooled before he enrolled in a high school in the United States. According to reports, he was a student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he was studying business before venturing into acting. Prior to his debut movie, he attended Los Angeles Acting School.

He began his career with music and released his debut song titled Bad Habits. In 2021, he made his debut movie appearance in the American crime drama television series BMF, a story about the Black Mafia Family. In 2022, he bagged another acting gig in the American teen drama series Euphoria and the American drama film Taurus. Latarra has supported her son and accompanies him to events like movie premieres and more.

What Does Big Meech’s Baby Mama Do For a Living?

Prior to Latarra Eutsey’s rise to fame as the manager of the Black Mafia Family, she did many menial jobs. After she called it quits with the drug kingpin, she moved on with her life and later got many other decent jobs. She reportedly worked as a flight attendant with Delta Airlines and was with them for about three decades before she left.

According to a Twitter page that is believed to be hers, she is a luxury real estate specialist for Real Property Executives. However, the account has since been inactive, as the last post was in May 2019.


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