Leonardo Dicaprio’s Wife, Girlfriends, Parents, House

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife dp

It may have taken him time to win an Oscar, but there’s no doubt that it is taking the actor a lot more time to settle down and start a family. We have not even smelt evidence that anyone out there would soon become Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife. He has dated model after model after model… after model, but no one has had that long lasting effect so far.

So let’s see what we can dig up on Leonardo, DiCaprio’s wife or lack thereof.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wife Girlfriends

In a recent interview, the actor revealed his outlook on the marriage issue, saying marriage, ‘ Will come when that time comes, you can’t plan it. It’s just going to happen when it happens. While he has been waiting for it to happen, the actor has having a ball… a ball full of models and A listers, it’s time for a little exploration.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife women

Since we are not writing about Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife, but this long list of women he has been involved with will have to suffice. His dating debut was in 1998 and it involved a model named, Bridget Hall. Though they had been  seen around together, Bridget told New York Magazine in 1998 that “nothing happened” between them.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife gf1

Prior to that Leo was linked to another model, Kirsten Zang in 1996, the couple dated for 2 years and allegedly broke up because of ‘ his immaturity and posse of young model-hounds.’

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife Kirsten

After that Leo had a ton of flings with people like,  Victoria’s Secret model Helena Christensen, Natasha Henstridge, a model-turned-actress, Amber Valletta, Victoria’s Secret model Eva Herzigova in 1998, Victoria’s Secret model Anne V, the model Madalina Ghenea and there were rumors here and there about him and Rihanna.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife Riri

So who has Leo actually dated? He dated Victoria’s Secret model, Bar Refaeli on and off from 2005-2011. One of his more popular relationships was the one he had with Blake Lively in 2011, sadly it only lasted 5 months.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife Blake

Leo allegedly made it to the alter when he dated  Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton for 10 months in 2012 and he’s not married right now so we know how that went. By May 2013 Leo and 23-year-old Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn started dating, the relationship lasted for more than a year, but they broke up late in 2014.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife Toni

The second time he allegedly almost made it to the altar, it was with  Sports Illustrated model, Kelly Rohrbach, it started in the spring of 2015 but they didn’t make it past January 2016. His present lady love is, no shocker, a Victoria Secrets model, Nina Adgal.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife Nina

The two began “dating” after taking vacations together to Montauk, New York, and a private island in the Bahamas in June. Though none of these ladies have become Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife and we hope he doesn’t need to go through another handful of models before he finds her.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Parents

As you must already known. Leo has a very mixed heritage and he gets this from his parents, Irmelin Indenbirken and George DiCaprio. Leo’s dad is half Italian (from the Naples area) and half German (from Bavaria) descent, his mother on the other hand was of German and Russian descent.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife parents

That is one intriguing racial cocktail. Anyway, the star grew up mostly with his mother, as his parents separated when he was just a year old. His dad was an underground comics artist and producer and distributor of comic books, while his mother was a legal- secretary.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife parentsss

George is a strong influence in his sons life, the two remained close after the split and Leo even gets along with his dad’s new wife, Peggy. As for his relationship with his mother, it is solid, he even acknowledged her in his acceptance speech this month when he picked up best actor for his part in The Revenant at the Baftas.

He is no doubt a ‘ Mama’s boy’.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s House

The actor has one or two properties on the market, but today we are going to check out his Palm Springs home, we are pretty sure you will agree that he knows how to live in style.

Lenardo DiCaprio's wife house 1

The the 7,022-square-foot home sits on 1.34 acres of land and features 6 bed rooms, seven and a half bathrooms with vitamin C-infused showers.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife bedroom

There’s also, purified air and water, a “circulated aromatherapy air supply,” “posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring” and a “dawn simulation” system to help with your sleep cycle.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife bathroom

The house has at least four living rooms and a spacious dining room that can seat up to ten people,it’s a place to  break out your fancy china and throw yourself a dinner party.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife dining
It would be incredibly forgetful for us to leave out the pool, Leo DiCaprio’s house has a state of the art pool and a Jacuzzi is thrown in the mix.

Leonardo DiCaprio's wife pool

To think this is only of his properties, it’s plain proof that he likes his houses like his women… classy.