Lauren German

Many things come to mind when the name of Lauren German is mentioned. For some, it’s sheer talent, and for others, it’s the chill that comes with some of her movies including Hostel and Dead Above Ground.

The actress hit it big thanks to her roles on the popular TV series, 7th series. Although many people have come to know her on screen and as an actress, there is still much that is unknown about her.

Lauren German Bio

Lauren German
Lauren German

Getting to know her some more, Lauren German was born on November 29, 1978, in Madison, Connecticut. Her birth name was Lauren Christine German.

Although there is very little that is known about her family, she revealed that her father is a vascular surgeon.

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For her education, the actress began at Los Alamitos High School before she later moved to Orange County High School of the Arts. After she left high school, Lauren moved on to the University of Southern California, where she surprisingly studied anthropology. Not acting.

However, to make her art better, she went on to attend the Actor’s Studio after she graduated from the university. More so, when she was in Orange County High School, German also trained as a dancer.

Before long, the California native began on stage before moving to the big screen. Her first role on stage was in “Peter Pan” and “Oliver”. It was in 2000 that she had her movie debut in Down to You, although it was only a small role that she played.

Lauren German has also played a TV role before Down to You, in Undressed which aired in 1999.

Next, she took part in 7th Heaven in 2001 which was quite successful, and the beginning of her breakthrough. One of her biggest roles was in 2003 when she took a part in the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Many people can associate her with playing the part of a lesbian and taking part in horror movies such as Hostel: Part II.

Through the years, German has appeared in more than 30 movies and TV shows. For all these, she has a People’s Choice Award nomination for Favorite TV Character We Miss Most in 2015, for her role in Chicago Fire.

Her most recent activity is in Fox TV show, Lucifer which has been on since 2016. The actress is playing the main role as Detective Chloe Decker with Tom Ellis who is playing the role of Lucifer Morningstar.

Lauren German Married, Boyfriend, Lesbian, Husband

For people who have taken roles that have to do with gay and lesbian sexual orientations, it is very hard for people to stop associating them as such. Hence, many people are of the belief that Lauren German is a lesbian because of some of her movies.

However, what the actress has to say to that is this: “I’ve played a few lesbians and I have gay and lesbian friends and I don’t think it’s really any different. It’s almost like asking a straight character ‘how do you play straight?’ You’re just attracted to what you’re attracted to. It’s really just playing whatever’s going on in the scene.”

That said, she neither has a husband nor has she ever been married. But she has been reported to be in some relationships with the most popular being with 39-year-old American Actor, Ashton Holmes. The two dated from 2009 to August 2010 when they both parted ways.

She has been very close to a few other men and she has not been afraid to show her love to them, but Holmes is the only person who was reported to have dated her.

Lauren German

Lauren German Net Worth

It shouldn’t be wrong for one to say Lauren has paid her dues in full in the movie industry considering the fact that she moved from the stage to TV shows, and then movies. Hence, it is only right to expect that she should have a very good net worth.

Well, she does, as her net worth is said to be $1 million.

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Lauren German Height

A very beautiful woman with slender looks, Lauren German has a height of 1.67 m (5.7 inches).

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