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Songs they say heal the soul and a sure bet at someone who can render a song to soothe anyone’s soul is celebrity artiste Lauren Daigle. The gospel artiste is a passionate singer and songwriter known for her sweet melodious alto voice. Her deluxe albums “Look Up Child” and “How can it be” ranked top on the Billboard Christian Chart.

Let’s give you a sneak peek into this talented gospel singer’s life in this piece!

Lauren Daigle – Biography

Lauren Ashley Daigle is an American contemporary artist born on September 9, 1991, to Mark and Laura Daigle, in the city of Lafayette in Louisiana. Lauren is said to have a flair for songs as she listened to a lot of music in her childhood, especially zydeco, blues, Cajun and gospel music. Added to that, she loved to sing and filled her home constantly with the melody from her singing which made her mum call their home “The music box”. However, the talented singer was diagnosed with a highly infectious ailment; Glandular fever when she was 15. This made her resign from attending public school and had to be schooled at home for about two years. Lauren Daigle considered the sickness a stepping stone in her musical journey as the solace of her home made her fall deeper in love with songs. Prior to the illness, she was not sure what she wanted to do with her life but claims the sickness made her see her passions more clearly.

With regards to her higher education, Lauren Daigle went on to study Child and Family Studies at Louisiana State University after going to a mission field in Brazil and a Charter school which she completed in a fast track of six months rather than the normal one year six months. During her college days, she made an attempt at the American Idol in 2010 and 2012 but didn’t make it through.

Her Musical Career

While in college, Lauren joined her local church choir and started heading not too long from when she started. Later on, she was featured in the church North Point’s album titled “Inside Out” where she did the songs “Close”, “You Alone” and “It is Well”. The album did earn a lot of sales and Lauren got recognition from Centricity Music; who got her to attend a workshop and later asked to replace the singer for “Nothing is Wasted” from Jason Gray’s single album as he was ill at the moment of its release. Centricity Music label signed her as a singer afterward and she did her first solo “Light of the World” in 2013 from an album comprising many Centricity artists and songs, gaining her entrance into the Christian music world as the song brought her some worth of fame.

In 2015, Lauren Daigle released her first album which she called “How Can it Be”. It was a big hit for her and it came top on the Billboard Christian Albums Chart and lasted six weeks as No.1. It was also among the First 20 on the Billboard Top Albums Chart for all genres. The other singles from that album also came top on the Billboard Christian Airplay charts, they include “First”, “Trust in You” and “Come Alive (Dry Bones)”.

Lauren Daigle also received an award for ‘How Can it Be’ from K- Love Awards for Worship Song of the year and in 2016, the album was listed for the Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for the Grammy Awards. ‘How Can it Be’ also won her other awards like Best New Artist awards for Song of the Year and Contemporary Song of the Year, Artist of the year award, songwriter of the year and Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year and so on. With the huge success, the album had achieved she went on and did a higher class version of it and added extra songs to the album. In 2018, she released “You Say, Look Up Child” which also became a major hit, topping the charts on Hot Christian Songs and mainstream hot 100 and Rolling Stones.


Lauren Diagle
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Recently in an interview, Lauren Daigle has made controversial statements about her stance on homosexuality. She said she was indifferent about it, and wouldn’t call it a sin since she isn’t God. More so on the Domenick Nati Show, when she was asked about how she felt about the criticisms from people with regards her stage performance on famous gay celebrity, Ellen DeGeneres’ show, she made it known that being gay was Ellen’s personal choice and that does not make her a bad person.

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Relationship: Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband?

From all that has been gathered, Lauren Daigle is currently single, she has not been married before and has no kids. It will also be safe to say the talented singer is taking her time to choose the one and when she eventually does, it will definitely be made known to the public.

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