Who Is Lana (WWE) And Is She Married To Rusev In Real Life?

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In any list of the top female stars in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), one name that will hardly ever miss the top 10 is that of American professional wrestler C. J Perry who is more popularly known as Lana. She is an accomplished woman with diverse interests in various walks of life which have seen her stand out among the top.

Being a celebrity who is constantly in the limelight, her relationship life has equally been under serious scrutiny especially her affairs that with Bulgarian-American professional wrestler, rower and former powerlifter Miroslav Barnyashev better known as Rusev. Find out all there is to know about Lana and her relationship life with Rusev below.

Who is Lana of the WWE Fame?

Lana is a professional wrestler, wrestling manager, dancer, actress, singer and model whose birth name is Catherine Joy Perry. She was born in the year 1985 on the 24th of March in Gainesville, Florida, U.S. as the eldest of 4 children born to parents of Portuguese and Venezuelan decent.

Catherine spent many years of her childhood living in the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic as her father worked there as a Christian missionary. On the other hand, her mother was a ballet dancer whose career greatly inspired Catherine. As a result of this, she was enrolled in the Riga Choreography School where she began learning ballet dancing at the age of 14.

When Lana was about 17 years, Catherine returned to the USA eager to take her ballet dancing passion to even greater heights. She danced at the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Broadway Dance Center and Ballet Hispanico before she enrolled at the Florida State University. In college, she studied dance and acting and also got noted as a member of the Florida State Cowgirls.

Here’s How She Got Famous

She leveraged on the fame her membership of the Florida State Cowgirls brought the group to delve into modeling. As a model, the would-be wrestling star had photoshoots with RIDGID Tool Calendar, became a spokesmodel for Red Bull and attained a couple of other feats in the industry before she found her way into the entertainment circle as a musician and actress. Lana was a part of the girl music group No Means Yes and also trained at The Groundlings School after which she appeared in an episode of The Game in 2011, Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 in 2012 and 2015 and an episode of Banshee in 2013.

In June 2013, Lana launched her WWE career in the NXT brand and began appearing with Alexander Rusev. She became his “social ambassador” and also developed a character to match their superiority in WWE. Following Rusev’s successful debut in Royal Rumble of 2014, Lana got a lot more popular as she did a good job in promoting the Belgian fighter’s image. She also led him to three championships in the United States and also teamed up with him in Mixed Match Challenges. But there is more to them than just being wrestling partners.

Is Lana Married to Rusev in Real Life?

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Many times, we have seen female wrestlers or wrestling promoters team up with their male counterparts to such an extent we will begin to wonder if there is more to what we already know about the pair. In the case of Lana and Russev, this question also applies.

The pair raised several questions about them at a time they were believed to have separated only to get announced as being married. In an “I Quit” match which held on May 17, 2015, she quit on behalf of Rusev causing them to lose the match against John Cena. On the following night on RAW, Lana announced that Rusev asked her to quit in Bulgarian but Rusev harshly dismissed her claims suggesting that all was probably not well with them.

Later on that same night, Lana was seen kissing Dolph Ziggler which meant she had turned against Rusev. As a result of this, Rusev went after Ziggler and injured him in the process. While all these were going on, Summer Rae (an American professional wrestler) came into the picture and tried to seduce Ziggler in an attempt to end his relationship with Lana.

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As fans were getting excited about this new twist in Lana’s relationship life, anticipating what might or might not happen next, it was announced that Lana and Rusev got engaged on October 11, 2015. The following month, the two made an appearance together on RAW laying credence to the news about their engagement. They were visibly back for good and it was apparent that nothing would tear them apart from each other. On July 29, 2016, Lana and Rusev got married and have been living together since then. So in reality, the duo is married.