Lalisa Manoban
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There is something about identifying one’s passion and aligning oneself with it. The individual in question is effortlessly carried to an esteemed height by a magical synergy that happens with the identification. That is the case with Lalisa Manoban, the Maknae (youngest member) of BLACKPINK Korean KPop group.

She is a Thai singer and dancer as well as the main dancer, sub-vocalist and the lead rapper of the group. Lisa debuted with the group in 2016 after she trained for more than five years in Korea under the YG entertainment.

Lalisa Manoban’s Biography, Age

Lalisa better known by her stage name, Lisa was born in Bangkok, Thailand on 27 March 1997. She was named Panpriya Manoban after her birth but had her name changed to Lalisa Manoban after a fortune telling. Lalisa, which means praised seems to be a more suitable sobriquet going by her career, making music. Still, on the name matter, she is known in her birthplace as Thailand Princess and also has a variety of nicknames which include Liz, Pokpak, Lalice, Laliz.

Her stepdad is Marco Brueschweiler. He is a certified Swiss Master Chef and also a part of Global Master Chef of the World Chef Association. He runs a cooking school which specializes in Thai cuisine in Bangkok. The school also arranges food festivals in Switzerland, Thailand and throughout the world. Organizing culinary competitions around Asia is among the things he does.

Education and Career

She attended Praphamontree II School in Thailand. As a young girl, she loved dancing and rapping and while she was still a middle school student, YG Entertainment held their auditions in Thailand in 2010 and she took the opportunity to nurture her interests. After the audition, she ranked at number one which was a well-deserved honor.

Following her victory, Lalisa became a part of YG Entertainment, officially becoming their trainee in 2011. Becoming a part of the group necessitated her move to South Korea where she was trained for five years and three months from April 2011. She completed her training and was cast as a member of the all-girls Korean pop group, BLACKPINK. Lisa debuted with the group when they released their first album, Square One on August 8, 2016.

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The Thai princess is all about her passion, dance, and music. Prior to making it to the list of BLACK PINK as a key member, she was a former member of a Thai dance group known as We Zaa Cool. The group consists of Thai trainees who are based in South Korea to become a K-pop idol.

Lalisa Manoban’s Height

Lalisa Manoban was believed to be the tallest member of her music group until Rose, who is 1.68 m came along. However, she is still taller than the other two at a height of 1.67 m (5’6″). She weighs 46kg (101 lbs).

Other Facts to Know About Lalisa Manoban

Lalisa is one of the four and the only non-Korean member of the group. The others include Kim Jennie (born January 16, 1996), Rose (born February 11, 1997), Kim Jisoo ( born January 3, 1995).

Lalisa Manoban
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Lisa was the second member to be revealed publicly.

She is a very good dancer and according to Parris Goebel, she is the kind of dancer who is not made but is naturally blessed.

Dancing and rapping have a special effect on her as they tend to soothe her nerves and make her happy whenever she does any of them.

Lalisa Manoban exudes so much confidence on stage. Other members described her as having a persona onstage which is different from who she is off the stage, adding that she is really playful and mischievous off stage.

She is not a fan of rude people and would not entertain disrespect on her either.

Lisa is a Buddhist.

Her favourite genre of movie is romance and comedy while her favourite in music is pop.

Black and white remain the favourite colours for her.

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She has mastered many languages apart from Thai and can speak Japanese, English and, Korean fluently.

Her favorite food is french fries and she plays the ukulele.

She has a sweet tooth and likes eating desserts and having sweet things.

Lisa is a photo freak and would usually take pictures of other group members.

She loves her parents and appreciates them for their support in her career. The Blackpink maknae does not spare words or emotions when she talks about her folks and admits to feeling bad staying away from them for a long time.

Besides music, Lisa has modelled for Fashion brand NONA9ON alongside with B.I and Bobby.

When it comes to her ideal guy, she will choose a cute one over a sexy one. She further added that an older guy, though not very old appeals more to her. Her reason is that she thinks such person can care for her more.

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