Lakeisha Graham: Meet Richard Williams’ Spouse and Third Wife

Lakeisha Graham is the third ex-wife of Richard Williams, a tennis coach better known as the father of Venus and Serena Williams. Lakeisha officially became Richard’s third wife in 2010. Their marriage started experiencing lapses in 2016, and by 2017, they filed for a divorce. the 45 year-old nurse’s assistant appears to have since moved on and is now living her life to the fullest.

Summary of Lakeisha Graham’s Bio 

  • Full name: Lakeisha Juanita Graham
  • Nickname: Keisha
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1979
  • Lakeisha Graham’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: Afro-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Lakeisha Graham’s ex-Husband: Richard Dove Williams Sr.
  • Lakeisha Graham’s Children: Dylan Star Williams (step-children: Chavoita, Sabrina, Richard II, Ronner, Reluss, Renuka, Venus, and Serena Williams)
  • Lakeisha Graham’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 6 inches
  • Lakeisha Graham’s Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Lakeisha Graham’s Weight: 54 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 34-26-35
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 81-66.06-88.9
  • Lakeisha Graham’s Net Worth: $1-2 million
  • Famous for: Being the ex-wife of Richard Williams
  • Lakeisha Graham’s Instagram: keisha_iam_her

Lakeisha Graham was Born in 1979

While it is not possible to pin her date and month of birth, Lakeisha Graham was born in 1979 in the United States of America. She is currently 45 years old. The ex-celebrity wife is an Afro-American and holds American citizenship. Though the names of her parents and what they do for a living remain unknown, reports have it that they maintain a strong Christian faith.

Lakeisha is no doubt a private person, as details of if she has any siblings, who they are, and what they do for a living are unknown. She has also kept information about her childhood and education out of the media. However, it is seen that she has a good educational background.

She is a Nurse’s Assistant

Lakeisha Graham, unlike many other celebrity wives, has her hands in a couple of endeavors. She is a nurse’s assistant, though her place of work is unknown. The celebrity wife is also an entrepreneur and owns a grocery store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the United States of America.

The Entrepreneur Became Richard Williams’ Wife in 2010

Richard Williams met Lakeisha Graham in 2009, and by 2010, he got married to her after two failed marriages. The tennis coach had been previously married to Betty Johnson before he separated from her and got married to Orancene Price. Their marriage took place in the United States of America, with their family and friends in attendance.

What is Lakeisha Graham’s Age Compared to Richard Williams’?

Lakeisha was born in 1979, while Richard Williams was born on February 14, 1942, which makes her 37 years younger. She is a year younger than one of her ex-husband’s famous daughters, Venus Williams.

Richard Williams is an ex-American tennis coach who gained fame as the father of Serena Williams and Venus Wiliams. He became the tennis coach of his two daughters, who are world-class tennis players, and has led them to global victory.

In 2017, Her Husband Filed For a Divorce

The tennis coach and his celebrity wife were seen to be serving good couple goals until 2017, when Richard Williams filed for a divorce. He backed up the decision with some strong claims about her. Followi

ng his petition, it was reported that he claimed that the entrepreneur was an alcoholic. Richard also accused her of forgery as he stated that she stole his social security checks and transferred the ownership of their house (West Palm Beach House) and cars to her name by faking his signature.

Following his claim, he stated that she took out a $152,000 mortgage on the house, again forging his signature. In addition, he pointed out that she got married to him because of his money. According to him, his wife left their home in August 2016, leaving their son under his care. To defend herself, she further laid her claims against the tennis coach.

According to her statement on the divorce papers, she claimed that her husband acted hostile while they were married and she was scared that he would hurt their son. In addition, Lakeisha Graham stated that he drove through a poor neighborhood to look at women. She filed a petition through her attorney, Sara Lawrence, in March 2022 to pause their divorce process because the ex-tennis coach suffered a series of strokes and dementia.

Many misinterpreted her steps, thinking that she took the decision because she was looking after her husband, but it was not. She stated in the petition that she resumed living with her husband in 2019 and that they were looking after their son together. Lakeisha further stated that they both share a healthy sexual life.

As stated in the court documents in the attorney’s words, “the wife believes that the parties have reconciled and have engaged in active marital life, includng having regular weekly relations, including but not limited to on January 9, 2022, the night before filing this motion.” In March, after Lakeisha filed the petition to pause their divorce proceedings following their rekindled sex life, Richard Williams sued her in court again.

He sued her for $1 million for their home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, which he stated in the court documents that she remortgaged for just 10 bucks. Following the suit filed, he wanted the money from the sale of the house to go directly to him, which will also include his legal fees. According to Richard’s attorney, Thomas Gruseck, he stated in the court documents that Lakeisha is a hundred percent at fault and pleaded that judgment should be in favor of his client.

Sources claimed that Lakeisha Graham took a loan from David Simon, which is why she remortgaged the house. In addition, the ex-tennis coach wants her to pay him the stated amount before repaying her loan. Reports have it that the divorce would have been finalized in January, but Judge James Martinez stated that the divorce wasn’t ready and a decision would be made in June.

He is currently being cared for and lives with one of his children. After separating from her husband, Lakeisha Graham has been reported to be in a relationship with a criminal.

Lakeisha Graham’s Net Worth

While her exact net worth is unknown, Lakeisha Graham’s net worth can be pegged at approximately $1-2 million. She has been able to amass such an amount from the various careers that she has her hands on. According to sources, she is a nurse’s assistant and earns from the profession. Though her exact earnings from her profession are unknown, reports have it that the average hourly pay for the position is $16.43.

She is seen to make a lot of money from the profession because of her working hours per day. As an entrepreneur, she owns a grocery store where fruits and vegetables are sold and are seen to earn a reasonable amount from the store. In addition, though she has not gotten any settlements, she is likely to make more money or lose more from her divorce than her husband.

Did Lakeisha Graham Have a Son for Richard Williams?

Lakeisha Graham and Richard Williams welcomed a son named Dylan Star Williams on August 5, 2012, in the United States of America. The son of the estranged couple was five years old as of the start of the divorce process. Currently 54 years old, the final decision on his parents’ divorce is yet to be finalized.

Lakeisha Graham
Richard Williams, Lakeisha Graham, and Dylan Starr

Details about his education and what he is up to are unknown. He has other half-siblings from his previous marriages. His half-siblings from his father’s first wife include Chavoita, Sabrina, Richard II, Ronner, Reluss, and Renuka. His half-sisters, who are world-class tennis players Venus and Serena, are from his father’s second marriage.


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