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If you are a fan of reality TV shows you would know that while the Osbournes have a trademark for shining in chaos and the Kardashians are best known for their entangled relationships and spending sprees, the reality sitcom Chrisley Knows Best which has Kyle Chrisley as one of its stars focuses on parental control. It’s surely a herculean task to be on such shows as one tends not to have any form of privacy at all. Everything about you becomes a public issue which is why Kyle, commonly referred to as Todd’s troubled son, has made headlines since the inception of the sitcom in 2014.

Kyle Chrisley Bio

The TV star is said to have been born on August 29, 1991, and was raised in South Carolina before moving to Samoa to work for the Red Cross Society. Not much is said about his educational pursuits but as a star on the reality sitcom, Chrisley knows best, one finds out that he is the eldest son of Todd Chrisley. The father and son, however, do not have a cordial relationship going for them. Kyle stopped appearing on the sitcom after season 1 because of personal issues which sources later revealed to be a drug abuse problem. Also, it was said that his father punished him by sending him to Asia to do some charity work when his affair with a married woman was unravelled.

The celeb is also known for blasting his father on social media as he describes him as a toxic snake who has destroyed his children’s life. However, his father later revealed that Kyle suffers from a condition called Bipolar Disorder which is why he is very unstable in his ways, as a father, all he wants is the best for him. He further stated in an interview with People’s Magazine that his affection for his troubled son has not changed but at the moment, he would rather be hard on him in order to bring out the best in him.

Who Is Kyle Chrisley’s Biological Mother?

Todd’s troubled son is a product of his first marriage to a lady named Teresa Terry whom Todd got pregnant when she was 19 and he was 21. The news of Teresa expecting their child prompted them to get married and she ended up giving birth to a girl child named Lindsie Chrisley alongside Kyle about a year later. The marriage, however, did not last as the pair ended up parting ways after Kyle was born.

Kyle’s mum later revealed that the real reason for the separation was due to Todd’s physical and emotional abuse in their marriage. She described him as a perfectionist that got irritated even when the kids had toys scattered in the house. Sources even revealed that he had threatened her with a knife and had battered her body with his fist on several occasions. With such treatment from her spouse, Teresa had to run for her dear life and it’s very possible Kyle’s strained relationship with his father can be traced back to Todd’s first marriage to his mother.

Kyle Chrisley Wife, Daughter, Baby Mama Drama

Kyle Chrisley
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The former reality TV star got married to Alexus Whilbly back in 2014 and they are said to be colleagues as they formed a musical team named Lexi & Kyle Chrisley under which they released the song titled Shame on You which sources believe to be an out lash on Todd Chrisley.

Prior to his marriage, the celeb was in a relationship with Angela Victoria Johnson with whom he had a daughter named Chloe Chrisley. The pair were said to have had a rosy relationship in the beginning, however, things went south when Kyle started being violent towards her and coupled with the fact that he had drug issues, the situation became very critical, hence, Angela had to fight for custody of her child which she got alongside Kyle’s father Todd.

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Chloe Chrisley is also a regular face in Chrisley Knows Best series which created further issues between Kyle and Todd as Kyle accused his father of using his daughter who is half-black to increase publicity for his show. However, Todd refuted the allegation, claiming that Chloe is his grand-daughter and she has every right to be on the show. The child is said to have continued being featured on the show even after Kyle quit after season 1.

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