A Look at Kyla Pratt’s Kids and Her Relationship With Baby Daddy Danny Kirkpatrick

Kyla Pratt and her long-term partner, Danny Kirkpatrick, have two daughters named Lyric Kilpatrick and Liyah Kilpatrick. Although the couple got engaged in 2011, they are yet to get married. However, that does not signal a red flag in their relationship as they are still very much together and waiting for the right time to make things official.

Kyla Pratt is loved by her fans for many reasons, she is an actress, voice actress, and musician who gained incredible fame after lending her voice to Disney Channel’s very first animated series named The Proud Family. Kyla had the opportunity to voice the lead character known as Penny Proud.

She has since gone on to star in a good number of successful projects both on the small and big screen. Some of these projects include; Fat AlbertHotel for Dogs, the Dr. Dolittle franchise, and others. In 2014, Vh1 spearheaded a fun vote done to name the 100 Greatest Child Stars, Kyla Pratt was ranked at number 97.

As a singer, she was engaged to make a cover version of “Circle of Life”. She got this performance due to the fact that she is a Disney Channel Circle of Stars member. Also, one of the songs, It’s All About Me, released for The Proud Family series was sung by her.

Kyla’s career engagements have made her incredibly popular and her fame has rubbed off on those around her, especially her family. Many have pried into her relationship with Danny Kirkpatrick who has been her partner for over a decade. Kyla and Danny seem to be a happy couple and together, they are raising their two adorable kids.

Kyla Pratt Had Her First Child Named Lyric Kilpatrick In 2010 When She Was 24 Years Old

  • Full Name: Lyric Kai Kilpatrick
  • Date of Birth: November 17, 2010
  • Age: 13 Years Old
  • Occupation: Undetermined

The first child of the One on One actress, Lyric was born after Kyla and Danny had been together for almost half a decade. Kyla was 24 years old when she had Lyric. At this point in her career, she had already become a popular figure. Kyla began her career when she was only 8 years old: her first gig was in commercials for Nike and an interactive computer game. Her next appearance was witnessed in the television series, Walker Texas Ranger: The Neighborhood. She soon became a favored act to be featured in both guest appearances as well as recurring roles on television series. Some of these series include Sister-SisterFamily MattersThe Parkers, Smart Guy, Lizzie McGuire, Moesha. 

In addition, she was given the opportunity to star in an episode of the hit television series, Friends. In 1998, she was cast in the movie, Dr. Dolittlewhich later spawned several franchises. On the 15th of September 2001, Kyla was given a role that would put her in the memories of her fans for a long time to come. This was a voice role in the breakthrough series, The Proud Family. Interestingly, this was the very first animated series made for the Disney channel. The last episode of the series was aired on the 19th of August 2005. Also in 2001, Kyla Pratt was cast to play the character named Breanna Barnes in the UPN series titled One On One. Due to how good the series was, it lasted for a total of six seasons before it ended in 2006.

So, she was already a successful and popular actress before she became a mom. The actress became pregnant with Lyric in early 2010 and since it was her first, she took a break from acting for two years (2010 and 2011). Lyric is yet to become a teenager and her parents have been very protective of her. Hopefully, we will get to learn more about her in the fullness of time.

The Actress Gave Birth To Her Second Child Named Liyah Kilpatrick When She Was 26

  • Date of Birth: August 5, 2013
  • Age: 10 Years Old
  • Occupation: Undetermined

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Kyla Pratt was playing her role as Crystal Whitmore in the romantic comedy television series, Let’s Stay Together; when she became pregnant with her second child and subsequently gave birth to another daughter named Liyah on the 5th of August 2013. Unlike when she had her first child, Kyla didn’t completely take a break from acting, she only reduced the rate at which she worked to make more room for motherhood.

According to her, juggling a Hollywood career and motherhood has not been “really difficult” because she maintains a positive attitude and, she had always wanted to be a mother. Asserting that being a mom is the best thing she has ever done, Kyla Pratt related that she also enjoys her career. As such, she has been able to create a balance and is getting used to being a mother with an active Hollywood career.

Like her older sister, Liyah is still young and many things are yet to be learned about her. If she chooses to become an actress like her mother, she will surely get the full support and guidance of her parents.

Meet Kyla Pratt’s Long-Term Partner, Danny Kirkpatrick

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One interesting fact about Kyla Pratt and Danny Kirkpatrick is that they are of the same age with the former slightly older. As you would easily find, Kyla Alissa Pratt was born in Los Angeles, California, on the 16th of September 1986. Her partner was born a few weeks later, precisely on the 26th of November 1986. It is known that Kyla Pratt was born into a Christian family; she was born to Johnny McCullar, a former semi-professional basketball player, and Kecia Pratt-McCullar who worked as a school teacher. She is the firstborn of the five children her parents had.

Such details about her partner are hard to come by. But it has been reported in some quarters that he was born and raised in Compton, California. There, he reportedly schooled at Dominguez High School and later proceeded to Lincoln College where he majored in arts. Reports have it that he went to Lincoln on a football scholarship and was hoping to become a professional athlete someday. This changed when he was caught in possession of marijuana and arrested; which ultimately led to the termination of his scholarship.

Kyla Pratt’s spouse is now a tattoo artist and a singer-songwriter. He owns a tattoo shop called IAM Compton. Thanks to this, he has also become a television personality. The popularity of his tattoo shop gained the attention of VH1 and it landed Danny a spot on the cable television network’s Black Ink Crew: Compton, a reality television series that covers the day-to-day activities and happenings at IAM Compton.

The Couple Met Through Danny’s Cousin and Has Been Together Since 2005

Kyla Pratt

Since she came to the limelight, Kyla has been in a few relationships. Her first highly publicized relationship was in 2003. At this time, she was with Robert Richard; however, they called it quits the following year. Soon after she and Robert broke up, she began dating Omarion Grandberry. This relationship also did not last long, it ended in 2005, the same year she began dating Danny Kirkpatrick.

Also called KP, Danny related that he met his wife through one of his two female cousins who were his roommates. Kyla and one of the cousins were friends and the said cousin invited the actress to the apartment and introduced her to Danny. They had an argument over a bottle of liquor, got talking, and became lovers in 2005.

On the 17th of November 2010, the lovebirds welcomed their first child and daughter, Lyric Kai Kirkpatrick. Their second daughter named Liyah Kirkpatrick was welcomed on the 5th of August 2013. While the couple has built a family together, they are yet to get married and have left many wondering why this is so. 

Kyla and Danny Got Engaged In 2011 – Here’s Why They Are Not Married 

Sometime in 2011, after they had their first child together, Kyla Pratt and Danny Kirkpatrick took their relationship to the next level as they got engaged. Given that they had been together for over half a decade when they took this step, it was widely thought that they would be walking down the aisle in the nearest future.

It’s now a decade since they got engaged and the two are still unmarried. Based on what the actress has shared, this is so because she doesn’t want to suffer a failed marriage. Stating that things are going well for them, Kyla pointed out that marriage comes with a lot of pressure. In essence, they are taking their time to build a solid relationship before getting married. “We are going to get married when we feel like…,” she said.


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