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It is conceivable that Kodak Black is the perfect example of an entertainer who is bent on ruining his professional career by saying things he shouldn’t say and doing things he shouldn’t do. The American rapper has a very strong bond with trouble. He has abundant legal issues hanging around his neck and, has severally made himself an object of public scorn because of the controversies he stirs.

To cite an instance, not long ago, the rapper went about proclaiming that he doesn’t like the colour of his skin and that he prefers light-skinned women to those who are dark and black. Of course, Mr Black was excessively grilled for the remark. Even, Amber Rose shared that the comment left her sad. But Kodak wouldn’t apologise for the insensitive thing he said. Instead, he reiterated that he doesn’t like black bitches, “I like yellow hoes,” he maintained.

Sometime in October 2015, Kodak was arrested in Pompano Beach, Florida and slammed with 9 charges which include battery, robbery, false imprisonment of a child and possession of cannabis. He was freed but would again be arrested the next year for similar crimes. He almost escaped being jailed until it emerged that he’s wanted for other crimes including criminal sexual conduct. The rapper was eventually jailed but for only four months.

Kodak Black Wiki, Age 

The birth name of the hip-hop trap rapper is Dieuson Octave. He was born on the 11th day of June 1997 in Florida. From what we learnt, Kodak’s passion for hip-hop was obvious in the early days of his life. It is said that he started regarding himself a rapper while he was still receiving primary education.

Octave once disclosed that his upbringing only gave him the opportunity to either roam the streets and sell drugs or to become a rapper. He was always involved in a fight and named as an accomplice in several crimes. Among other things, he was expelled from school when he was in fifth grade for being part of an ugly fight. Following the series of rough incidents and the troubles that came Octave’s way when he was growing up, he decided that settling for rapping is the better alternative.


He regularly visited a drug house where he recorded some of his songs. His pseudonym then was ‘Black’. Inspired by the desire to learn more words and enhance the quality of his lyrics, Kodak started reading dictionaries. He later changed his name to ‘Lil Black’ before he decided to make ‘Kodak Black’ his stage name.

The rapper worked with one or two rap groups before he made his first mixtape, Project Baby. The mixtape which was released sometime in December 2013 was fairly successful. It only earned Kodak moderate exposure. A year later, he released another mixtape, Heart of the Projects but it was as good as the first. The third one – Institution – was equally not a big deal. Nonetheless, he caught the attention of hip-hop fans when Drake shared a video of himself dancing to Black’s song. With that, it wasn’t long before the young rapper inked a deal with Atlantic Records.

His next mixtape, Lil B.I.G. Pac was the first to chart on Billboard. After that, all the songs he did were pretty successful. Tunnel Vision, a single he released in February 2017 attained the number 6 spot on US Billboard Hot 100. Similarly, the album – Painting Pictures that followed the single, which was Kodak’s debut album peaked at number 3 on Billboard 200.

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Kodak Black’s Mom, Girlfriend, Gay

Records have it that Kodak Black’s mom, Marcelene Octave and his father emigrated from Haiti. While almost nothing is known about the rapper’s father, it is known that his mother has always been a big part of his life. Owing to the hardship Kodak and his mom experienced, she was so overjoyed that she cried when she received a copy of XXL Magazine that featured Kodak. She did the same thing when Kodak bought her a new 2018 Mercedes-Benz.

Kodak has been romantically linked to Cuban Doll, a social media star known for her Instagram posts. Cuban is also known as a rapper, she released her Aaliyah Keef album in December 2017. Although it is believed that Cuban Doll is Kodak’s girlfriend, it is known that the rapper has a son named King Khalid Octave with Jaammiah Broomfield.

There was a time a man shared pictures of himself and Kodak claiming that the rapper is his lover. This got Kodak’s fans questioning his sexual orientation. Black dismissed the man’s claims as false without talking about his romantic and sexual attraction.

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Kodak Black’s Net Worth, Height, Teeth

It’s certain that Kodak has been able to gather an enviable amount of wealth from his music career. What’s not certain is the exact amount of the wealth he has accumulated. While it is a widely held view that the rapper’s net worth is $600,000, it has also been speculated that the value of his wealth is up to $5 million.

Kodak is about 7 inches taller than 5 feet. In June 2017, just after Kodak celebrated his 20th birthday, he went through a surgery and removed all of his 24 gold teeth.

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