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The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump promised upon getting elected to fix the illegal migrant crisis that has increasingly plagued the nation. In a bid to fulfil his promise, the POTUS employed the services of many, among them, Kirstjen Nielsen. She was the brain behind the separation of parents from children upon illegal entry into the United States, a move that was met with a heavy backlash, especially from the Democrats who are ever on their toes to criticize whatever the president does. Kirstjen Nielsen has come under fire and has also been thrust further into the limelight with many seeking to know more about her personality and why she would implement a decision they perceive as inhumane. Learn more about Kirstjen Nielsen who has held positions in government since the George Bush administration.

Kirstjen Nielsen’s Biography

In Colorado on the 14th of May in 1972, Kirstjen Michele Nielsen was born; her childhood was spent in Clearwater, Pinellas County, Florida. She is the first child of her parents who have three children in total; her immediate younger brother is a musician whose name is Fletcher while her younger sister who is the last child of the bunch is named Ashley. Kirstjen Nielsen is of Italian and Danish heritage, her mother’s side of the family is where she can claim her Italian heritage from while her father’s grandparents are originally from Denmark where they immigrated from to America while still teenagers.

For her high school education, Kirstjen Nielsen went to Berkeley Prep where she graduated from in 1990. Her next educational stop was at Georgetown School of Foreign Science where she bagged a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service. Afterwards, she got a professional degree in Law – Juris Doctorate – from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1999.

As of 2019, Nielsen’s career in politics is not up to a decade cumulatively as her first stint in the American government was in the position of the Special Assistant to the President who at that time was George Bush. She also worked in the capacity of the Senior Director of Prevention, Preparedness, and Response with the Homeland Security Council at the White House. When Bush left office in 2008, she was no longer needed at the White House. Moving on with her life and career, Nielsen started her own consulting firm where she was the only employee.

She found her way back to a position in government in 2017 as the chief of staff to John Kelly who was the then Secretary of Homeland Security. By the end of 2017, Nielsen herself was sworn in as the Secretary of DHS. She is the sixth person to hold that position in the history of its creation.

Her family separation policy brought her backlash from the public but praise from the president, Donald Trump; however, old course mates have reported that the anti-immigrant Kirstjen Nielsen is not the same person they had known.

About Her Parents

Kirstjen Nielsen
Kirstjen Nielsen’s dad James holding up the Bible at her swearing-in ceremony with VP Mike Pence image source

Phyllis and James Nielsen – the parents of Kirstjen Nielsen, were both doctors who served in the United States Army. They divorced when Kirstjen was in Georgetown and never got back together. Her father held a job as an ophthalmologist while the field of medicine her mother Phyllis worked in is unknown.

Of her two parents, only her father is still alive and he attended her swearing-in ceremony as Secretary of DHS. Nielsen lost her mother in 2011.

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Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband or Spouse?

Kirstjen Nielsen has found a way to keep her private life very private which for a public officer is a feat in itself. So private is her life that speculations regarding the state of her marital life were in circulation. In 2018, when she attended a state dinner, she was with a young man called Chad Wolf, which many believed she had a relationship with. Turns out he was her acting chief of staff as at the time of the dinner.

The final quell of the rumour about her marital status came in the form of her financial disclosure report where the space for a spouse on the report showed none.

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