Kimberly Anne Scott is an American freelance illustrator, author, and the ex-wife of the famous rapper and actor, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem. Their volatile relation had made it to the tabloids often. Kimberly was twice married and twice divorced from Eminem.

Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott has been in the spotlight for quite some time, she has been involved in the most controversial and violent songs which have captivated the American people. You might wonder what Kim’s real story is. Let’s have a closer look at her history with the rapper Eminem.

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kimberly anne scott
Rapper Eminem and Kim

Kimberly Anne Scott – Bio

Born in Warren Michigan, United States, on January 9, 1975. Kimberly Anne Scott is commonly known as Kim Mather. Kim was born to Casimer Sluck and Kathleen Sluck, she had a twin sister Dawn Scott who died of an apparent heroin overdose in January 2016.

Nothing much was known of their father but  he was reportedly used to heavy drinking. Kim and her sister were raised by their mother Kathleen and stepfather. Her stepfather was an alcoholic and he allegedly abused Kim and her sister which led to their running away from home at a very young age. Kimberly was at Lincoln high school when she first saw Eminem standing shirtless on a table at a mutual friend’s party while he was rapping. They fell in love and soon she and her sister fled from their home and they finally found themselves at Eminem’s home where his mother, Debbie Mathers-Briggs accommodated both sisters.

At the time of their meeting Kimberly Anne Scott was 13 and Eminem was 15 years of age. It was at the party that Eminem performed LL Cool J’s rap song “I’m Bad” while standing on the table with his shirt off and Kangol on.

As the two started dating during the ‘90s, Eminem worked tirelessly hard on his rap career and began to get involved with rap battles at St.Clair Shores where he was working at the time. The aspiring rapper finally caught the attention of a local producer named Marky Bass who was eager to work with the determined young wannabe.

When things starting turning up for Kim and Eminem, they were thrown into turmoil as Kim had unexpectedly become pregnant.

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Whitney Scott Mathers
Rapper Eminem (R) and wife Kim (L) (Photo by Marion Curtis/DMI/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Personal Life: Parker Scott, Husband, Kids, and Family

Kim has three biological children: Hailie Jade Mathers, Whitney Scott, and Parker Scott. She also adopted her sister’s daughter Alaine Marie.

Kimberly Anne Scott and her partner Eminem welcomed their first baby Hailie Jade on Christmas day in 1995. The birth of Hailie suddenly changed the life of the couple as it was a very big responsibility for them. Hailie’s birth put a pressure on the relationship between Kim and Eminem and the couple also split up for a while in 1996. Kim took Hailie to live in another place while Eminem moved back to his mother’s place.

The duo later sorted out their differences and finally got married in 1999 at St. Joseph Mo. Their marriage lasted for just two years and ended in 2001. After six years of their divorce, the couple remarried in January 2006 and decided to be better parents to their children. However, the second marriage didn’t last long and they separated in April 2006.

Kim has also been in other relationships, after her first marriage with Eminem ended in divorce Kim met another man by name Eric Hatter and got pregnant with his child. Kim delivered the baby girl whom they called Whitney in 2002 and when she reconciled with her Ex-husband, Whitney was unofficially adopted by Eminem who spoke out affectionately about her in 2005.

Kim also adopted her twin sister’s child Alaina in 2002 after her sister was involved in drug abuse problems which took her away from home to be on the streets.

Life After Divorce

In 2003, Scott was reportedly charged with cocaine possession and was sentenced to a month in jail after violating her probation. She was fined and on probation again in 2015, after crashing her car into a pole while in an intoxicated state, later revealing that it was a suicide attempt. “It was intentional, I sat at the end of a road where I knew no one else but myself would get hurt. Yes, I drank, I took pills and I aimed for a pole,” Scott said, adding, “I never expected to make it out alive. Yeah, I can pay bills. Yeah, I can get my kids whatever they ask for and it’s great to see them happy. But you lose friends, you lose family, you have no one you can trust you can speak to.”

Despite all of the trials and tribulations that Kim has been through in her on and off relationship with the rapper, she has dedicated herself to being the best parent that she can be and her accomplished daughters are a testament to that.

Kimberly Anne Scott has worked in the world of children’s books, greetings cards, puzzles, licensing and more, she is currently enjoying a net worth of $2 million.

 Qick Facts about Kimberly Anne Scott

Name: Kimberly Anne Scott

Date of birth: January 9, 1975

Age: 42 years

Birth place: US

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Weight: 68kg

Married: Yes

Spouse: Eminem

Kids: Hailie Jade, Alaina Marie, Whitney Scott Mathers, Parker Scott

Diorce: Eminem

Siblings: Dawn Scott

Birth/Zodiac/Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Net Worth: $2 million