Kim Namjoon Bio, Heart Surgery, Age, Height, Sister, Dating, Girlfriend

Rap Monster or the more popular Kim Namjoon is a rapper, songwriter and record producer who came out to the world from South Korea. He belongs to a new generation of young talented musicians of Asian origin who are making waves all over the world with their fresh styles of rapping, lyrics and overall appealing celebrity style. Here is all you need to know about Kim Namjoon’s bio, age, sister, relationship status and the much-asked-about heart surgery he had.

Kim Namjoon’s Bio, Age, Height, Sister

Kim Namjoon, Rap Monster, Runch Randa or RapMon was born on 12 September 1994 in Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea to South Korean parents. He has a sister named Kim Geong Min who he grew up with him in Soul together with their elder brother Kim Seok Jung. Not much information exists about their parents, however, it is known that their mum is a realtor while their dad is an employee at SK Telekom. Kim Namjoon is closest to his mum and she was more supportive of his interest in music despite being a smart kid.

Kim Namjoon was exceptional in school. He was not only good at getting good grades, he is exceptional with an IQ of 148 having scored high and made it into the highly competitive 1.3% of the nation’s university entrance examination for language, social studies, foreign language and mathematics. He is fluent in English and Japanese and has described himself as an atheist.

Kim attended the Global Cyber University where he graduated with honours in Broadcasting and Performing Arts. While there, he was among the top ranking students in the national school exam where he has a TOEIC score that was well over 900. A good feat many worked hard to achieve but never did. In his time in school, he learnt Japanese and improved his English to a fluent standard by watching American sitcoms like Friends. When he moved over to New Zealand for interim studies, he continued teaching himself English improving with every mistake he overcame.

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Kim Namjoon launched his music career in 2008 as a solo artist under the stage name Runch Randa. He made music briefly with groups like Zico, Daenamhyup which were popular groups in the South Korean hip-hop community at that time.

In 2010 he was recruited as a member of the BTS during their Big Hit Talent auditioning. Joining this group afforded him the opportunity to train for years with talents like rapper Min Yoon-gi (Suga) and dancer Jung Ho-Seok (J-Hope). By 2013, he was ready to make his debut as a member of the BTS group on Mnet’s M! Countdown with the track No More Dream from their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. That was the song that announced his musical arrival to the world and made waves for him. He also took up the leadership position as the leader of the group. Since then, he has written a number songs for the group’s albums.

kim namjoon

His golden talent has seen him collaborate with a number of Korean and Foreign artists to produce some of the best singles and videos of rap music with a spice of South Korean lyrics in them. Such songs include Fantastic Four with Marvel, Please Don’t Die with Warren G and Bucku Bucku with the hip-hop group MFBTY’s.

Outside making music, he has featured in talk shows an example of which is Hot Brain: Problematic Men. He has also been featured in both local and international magazines an example of which include the American magazine XXL where he was described as one of South Korea’s most promising rappers.

His brand and style is hot cake! and this has made many highly rewarding endorsements and commercials come his way. He is the brand ambassador for the ‘K’hawah’ popular coffee brand made in South Korea.

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Heart Surgery

At 15 years old, young Kim Namjoon had a very serious open heart surgery where he had only 30% chances of survival. Having made it through the surgery, he has repeatedly sung about life in a couple of his songs and how happy he is to be alive. Well, thank God he made it, otherwise, we won’t be enjoying his songs today.

Kim Namjoon Relationship Status – Dating, Girlfriend

He once disclosed he had a girlfriend in high school, but for the so many other male friends, the girl also had. This, he couldn’t cope it. Some years have passed since his high school, so what is he like now with girls?

When an interviewer asked him and other BTS members about dating and marrying someday, he replied intelligently that it is an essential thing in life and all the boys will eventually get married but it is just too soon to talk about it for the moment.

In another interview, Namjoon disclosed that it would be nice if he found a deep girl (in her thoughts) but funny at the same time. He added that every girl is beautiful in her own way but finding someone that he could share with special moments is what he’s looking for. So from all this, we can infer that there is no girl in his life now but from all indications, he might be desirous of one.

So, if you are a girl, you fancy him and would like to get close to him, this is what his ideal date is- go shopping, drink some sweet tasting coffee in a warm café and have nice selcas (pictures of yourselves).

Have in mind that he has a busy schedule though, so he might not necessarily be the ideal boyfriend who is always there for his girlfriend.


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