Kevjumba Bio, Car Accident, Is He Dead? Net worth, Height, Mom, Wiki

KevJumba, the renowned Asian-American star was born on the 12th of June 1990 in Houston, Texas, United States of America. He is a blogger, humanitarian, and activist. Kev is the son of Michael Wu; a software consultant, who happens to be a Chinese emigrant from Taiwan. The comely blogger, whose real name is Kevin Wu, has never divulged any information concerning his mother. Kevin has a younger sibling whose name is Kelly Wu.

Kevin Wu was a student of Clement High School; located in Sugarland, Texas, and also went to California State University. Because his father was a computer engineer, KevJumba developed an interest for web browsing when he was in high school. He became bewitched by the stand-up comedy events of Dave Chapelle; a comedian-cum-actor. He became fascinated and started to post comic videos on Youtube.

The first video KevJumba posted; where he did a break-dance in his backyard barely gained any recognition. As time went by, the content and subject matter began to improve. By March 2007, his channel began to gain the necessary recognition needed. Jeff Yang, the popular journalist and writer eulogizes Wu because of his outstanding features.


Kevin’s passion for video-making eventually made him decide to drop out of college. Due to his determination to attain stardom, he started posting hilarious videos on his YouTube channel ‘KevJumba’; which started when he was in high school. The videos center on sensual pursuit of Asian-American teens. His individual experience reverberated with the majority of colored people and Asians.

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Some of KevJumba’s famous videos which include ‘I have to deal with Stereotypes’ and ‘My dad is a Butthash Hero‘ fascinated majority of the masses who viewed them within a short time. Kevin got sponsored by eminent and influential people like J.C. Penney and T-Mobile. They both provided the necessary remunerating mercenary for him. He also made proficient collaboration with notable YouTube celebrities such as Philip DeFranco, Jessica Lee Rose, Christine Gambito, Ryan Higa, and several others.

The Year 2008


In the year 2008, KevJumba clinched the number ninth position in The Top 10 Entertainer category by iStardom Incorporation. More so, Kevin was endorsed by HBOLab to feature in ‘Hooking up‘; their web series for that particular year. In that same year, his fans increased, and he gained notable celebrities who became his fans. Celebrities like Ella Noon, Baron Davis, and Jessica Alba all gained interests in his content.

Because of KevJumba’s swift rise to prominence, his father got captivated and made his first appearance in Wu’s ‘I Love my Dad’ video. He also featured in other videos he later made. In the year 2010, KevJumba and his father coalesced to partake in the TV reality show ‘The Amazing Race’. His popularity and versatility have earned him golden opportunities in the following movies: Man-Up, Hang Loose, and Revenge of the Dragon.

KevJumba Car Accident

As at 2013, KevJumba vanished from YouTube and other social media platforms due to some undisclosed reasons; but he later returned in the year 2017. When he got back to public eyes, Kevin revealed that he was involved in a ghastly car accident that almost exterminated him. He shared his experience via his YouTube video called ‘Hope‘, posted on the 15th of March, 2017.

Even though many believed he had lost his life, it is safe to know that Kev is safe and alive.

Philanthropy and Net Worth

Wu is one celebrity who likes to give to charity incessantly. As at 2008, he initiated ‘Jumbafund’ using his YouTube channel solely to obtain funds for the less privileged. Kevin has donated thousands of dollars to several social conglomerates, and he has also lent a helping hand by setting up basic schools in Kenya, Africa. He did this to provide free and quality education to destitute children. In the year 2009, he embarked on a tour; starting a comical musical program to create awareness against the dreaded Hepatitis B.

KevJumba, the YouTube celebrity has a net worth of about $2 million.

Relationship, Height

Kevin has a delectable girlfriend. He is one celebrity who has refused to disclose any information about his relationship. No information about his girlfriend has been heard because he has decided to keep a low profile. As at 2013, he was in a relationship with a lady named Madison. He has a secluded account in which he features his girlfriend and his close friends. He makes comments most times about her, but he is super private.

KevJumba is tall, but not as tall as his father. While his father is 6 foot 3 Inches, he is 5 ft 11 inch.

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Quick Facts about KevJumba

  • KevJumba’s videos have received accolades from top celebrities like Jessica Alba, Ella Koon, and Baron Davis.
  • As at June 5, 2008, Wu had gotten to the number one spot of the most subscribed comedian on YouTube.
  • His videos in total have been viewed over 343.9 million times.
  • In the year 2008, at age 21, his YouTube videos received 9 million views.


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