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What started as a pastime eventually turned to a passion translating into a career in the long run. Kelly Nash is that kid, the one who would follow the coverage of almost all major sporting events that took place in the USA and would attend sporting events with her father. She grew up to become the popular and widely acclaimed American sports broadcaster and reporter who co-hosts the MLB Network show, The Rundown.

She knows her onions when it comes to sports and distils to the public the needed facts and information on their fave events and personalities.

Kelly Nash’s Bio, Age

The lady in focus was born on October 22, 1990, in South Carolina, the U.S.A. Although the details of her family and early childhood are not available, she did have two sisters, Kaitlyn and Carolyn whom she grew up with. Concerning her father, she said he would take her along to sporting events while she was still a child and that must have been the beginning of her interest in the world of sports.

Sports broadcasting became a thing for Kelly during her early teenage years having followed most of the coverage of major sporting events in the USA. She would have made for a good athlete only that she was not gifted in that area. Her decision was further fuelled by a former co-host of Good Morning America, Joan Lunden who inspired her.

Kelly Nash got enrolled to the Clemson University in South Carolina where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Youth Development Leadership. With her eyes still on her dreams, she earned a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Miami. And thus began her journey into the world of sports journalism.

Professional Career

Kelly Nash

Kelly had her professional start in sports broadcasting during her internship at ACC Digital Network where she worked as a production assistant. She took the job up eventually relishing every moment of it and garnered a wealth of experiences.

While she was with ACC Networks, she presented sports-related news as well as handled interviews in a pre-game show called ACC Kickoff on Saturdays. She also appeared on another show on the network known as ACC NOW. Kelly was dedicated to her work and was with the network from 2011 to 2013 before she moved on to bigger and better platforms.

She moved to Fox Sports Florida in March 2013 where she served as a sideline reporter and later worked for Fox Sports Sun. Kelly covered the news and stories related to famous baseball teams like Tampa Bay Rays, Orlando Magic, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

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However, she had a turning point in her career when she joined one of the biggest sports news channels in America, MLB Network in March 2015. This development shot her into limelight making her viewers’ favorite. She co-hosts the show The Rundown which airs weekdays throughout the regular season at 2 p.m. ET with Matt Yallof and hosts the highlights recap show Quick Pitch.

She had a strong passion for baseball and recounted how her parents bought a television for her bedroom when she was growing up. Kelly explained that the purchase was made because her parents were tired of watching Marlins Baseball night after night. She told of her current job as a goal she set for herself long ago saying that her parents are proud their investment years ago paid off.

In addition to her work at MLB, she works with ION tv as well as a studio host with NHL Network during the NHL season.

Is Kelly Nash Married?

Of all the things Kelly shares with the public; her career progress, selfies, love for sports, she has chosen to keep her personal life private. She is not known to have a boyfriend or a dating history. We can well assume that she is currently focused on her career and would make the right and necessary move relationship-wise when it is due. But then again, a lady who looks as good as Kelly and is a sports lover is bound to have love interests trooping in at her beck and call.


Kelly is not only that good reporter, she is also beautiful and has a great body to complement the fact. Her body measurement is 37-24-35 inches (94-61-89 cm) and she weighs 128 lbs (58 kg).

Is  Kelly Dead? Cause of Death

When you type, Is Kelly Nash dead? and hit the search button, news will pop up news about a certain Kelly Nash, an accounting student who died in 2015. His body was found in a lake after he had gone missing for about a month. Anyway, that was a different person from the MLB Kelly. She is alive and well.

However, our Kelly had a near-death experience some time ago while she was working with Fox Sun Sports. She is remembered as that Tampa Bay Rays reporter who took an insane selfie from the top of the Green Monster where she was nearly hit by a BP rocket.

To remember the event she was covering, she decided to take some selfies that she could share with her family. It was only when she reviewed them later to send to her family that she realized how close the ball had come to hitting her.