Kelly Mcginnis Age – How Old is The American Actress?

Kelly Mcginnis (born July 9, 1957) is 67 years old. She is an American screen and stage actress well known for appearing in the movie Top Gun.

Kelly Mcginnis started her acting career in the 1980s and is well known for featuring in various movies like Reuben Reuben, Witness, and many others. The actress has spent over three decades in her acting profession, making her current age and looks a topic of interest. Here is all that is known about the actress’ age and accomplishments.

Kelly Mcginnis’s Bio

  • AGE: 67 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: July 9, 1957
  • BIRTHPLACE: Southern California, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Cancer
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed (Welsh, German, and Scottish)
  • FATHER: Donald Manson Mcginnis
  • MOTHER: Virginia Joan
  • SIBLINGS: Karen and Kathleen Mcginnis

Kelly Mcginnis Was Born 67 Years Ago

Kelly McGinnis was born on July 9, 1957, in the Southern California suburb of Newport Beach. The 67 year-old actress was born to Virginia Joan, a housewife, and Donald Manson Mcginnis, a medical doctor. She is the oldest child of the couple and has two younger siblings.

The actress is an American citizen and of mixed ethnicity (Welsh, German, and Scottish). She grew up under the care of her parents alongside her two younger siblings, Karen and Kathleen.

She Graduated From Julliard School in 1983

Kelly enrolled in the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts located in Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, California, where she trained in acting for two years. After she obtained her GED, she dropped out of high school in 1975 to focus on pursuing her acting career.

To achieve her dreams, she relocated to New York City and enrolled in Julliard School. In 1983, at the age of 26, she graduated from the school’s Group 12.

Kelly Mcginnis Made Her Film Debut at the Age Of 26

Having honed her acting skills, Kelly McGinnis made her film debut in 1983 in the film Reuben Reuben. In 1985, she rose to stardom for her role as an Amish mother in the film, Witness. She was recognized for her acting prowess in the film and was nominated for the BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards.

At the age of 29, the actress bagged a major role in the American action film, Top Gun, where she played as Charlotte Blackwood, a flight instructor. She starred in the movie alongside some Hollywood top shots like Tom Cruise. After her role in the action film, she began to bag significant roles in other acting gigs. Some of the movies that she has featured in include Winter People, At First Sight, Ground Control, and many others.

Kelly Mcginnis has also featured in stage performances beginning from when she was still a student at Julliard School. She has also appeared in some Broadway and off-Broadway theatres.

The Hollywood star has worked with the Shakespeare Theatre Company as an actress. Some of her stage performance credits include Love Love, The Sea Gull, The Merchant of Venice, Measure for Measure, and many more.

Asides from appearing in films and stage performances, Kelly Mcginnis also has some television show credits. She began appearing in some television shows in the early 1980s and has over 25 credits. Some of the television shows that she has starred in include Sweet Revenge, One Life to Live, Bonds of Love, and many others.

In the year 2000, Kelly took a long break from acting that lasted till 2006. Upon her return, she began bagging more roles in films, television shows, and stage performances.

Her Age Hampered Her Role In The Top Gun Sequel

Kelly Mcginnis starred in the original Top Gun at the age of 29 as Charlotte Blackwood, Pete Mitchelle’s (Tom Cruise) lover. Thirty years after the original film was released, the production of its sequel, titled Top Gun: Maverick, was set to start.

Seeing that the actress has had body changes over the years due to her age, she could not be cast in the sequel. This is because her role in the film requires a young and hot lady. As a result, Jenniffer Connelly was dimmed perfect for the role.

Kelly Mcginnis Got Married To Boyd Black in 1979

Kelly Mcginnis
Kelly Mcginnis and Boyd Black

Kelly Mcginnis and her first husband, Boyd Black, met way back when she was still a student at Julliard School. They dated for a year and on April 14, 1979, they got married. Their marriage, which seemed perfect, lasted for only two years before it hit the rock.

In 1981, they officially pulled the plug on their union without citing the reason for their decision. Since the actress and her ex-husband did not welcome any children, she moved on pretty fast, while Boyd Black kept details of himself away from the public’s knowledge.

The Actress Got Married To Her Second Husband at 32 Years

Kelly McGillis and Fred Tillman

After her first failed marriage, Kelly McGinnis remained single for eight years before she remarried. She met her second husband, Fred Tillman, an American yacht salesman, in 1988, and on January 15, 1989, they got married. This time, the actress seemed more dedicated to her marriage.

Kelly McGinnis and Fred Tillman settled in Key West, Florida, and established a restaurant business called Kelly’s Caribbean Bar and Grill. The actress welcomed two daughters with the salesman before their marriage ended in a divorce in 2002 after Tillman was caught asking for sex from an undercover policewoman who disguised as a prostitute.

At the Age of 52 Years, Kelly Came Out As a Lesbian 

In 2009, after years of being addressed as straight, Kelly McGinnis came out as a lesbian. In an interview with, she revealed her sexual orientation, stating that she wanted to be honest with her sexual orientation.

The Hollywood star further stated that she had been attracted to women since she was 12 years. She made it known that she could not come out as gay because she thought that God would punish her. However, her sexual orientation was still criticized by some of her friends and their parents.

She Got Married To Her Wife In 2010

Kelly and Leis

A year after Kelly Mcginnis came open with her sexuality, she got married to her wife, Melanie Leis. They first met in 2000 and at that time, Melanie worked as a bartender at the restaurant that she established with her ex-husband in Key West, Florida. They became close to each other, attended events together, and also abused drugs and alcohol.

In September 2010, they got hitched under a civil union in New Jersey. After some time, they relocated to Mohnton Pa, Pennsylvania, where they lived for a year before they went their separate ways in 2011. Their marriage crashed because they saw that their relationship was not working. Though they regretted their separation at first, they have already moved on with their lives.


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