Kellita Smith’s Relationships: Does She Have a Husband or Boyfriend

Kellita Smith does not have a boyfriend, as she is not dating anyone. She is also not married to anyone at the moment. However, it has been rumored that she dated one Mr. Chow in the past.

Kellita Smith is an American actress, comedian, and model known for starring in the FOX sitcom The Bernie Mac Show as Wanda McCullough, Bernie Mac’s wife. Her charisma onscreen has succeeded in piquing the interest of the public, as they want to learn more about her love life and how successful it is. Read on as we explore all about Kellita Smith’s relationships.

Is Kellita Smith Married?

Kellita Smith is not married. Her marriage has only been real among rumor mongers, as the news of her marriage is not true. Since the claims of her marriage, there has not been any proof that she is married or involved in any relationship that could lead to marriage. Though she is quite reserved about her love life, the public still has a way of making it hit the headlines.

The actress has been revealed to be heterosexual, but there has been no news of her being in a relationship with any man. Meanwhile, some members of the public alleged that she might have wed someone in secret and decided to keep them under wraps. Since her emergence into the limelight, discussing her personal life is something that she rarely does, thus making little to nothing known about her husband, if she has any.

What To Know About Kellita Smith’s Boyfriend

Kellita Smith’s boyfriend is not known at the moment, as she has kept her relationships on record. She has not been spotted with anyone of the opposite or the same sex in a romantic manner. The actress has also not been recorded flaunting anyone as her lover. There have been no signals from Kellita that she is dating anyone, despite the fact that she is a well-known and attractive actress who is expected to be in a relationship.

From all indications, the actress is entirely preoccupied with her professional life rather than a romantic connection. Though she has succeeded in concealing her past relationship from the media, this does not mean that she is single at the moment.

The actress might be in a relationship but has chosen to keep it away from the public due to the publicity associated with her fame. She might decide not to mix her love life with her publicity so as to shed herself from the scrutiny of the public if the case arises. Until she comes out to confirm if she is in a relationship or not, our fingers remain crossed.

A Look At Kellita Smith’s Relationships

As stated earlier, Kellita Smith’s relationship has been a herculean task to decipher, as she prefers keeping it out of the public’s knowledge. However, there had been rumors that the actress dated someone known as Mr. Chow at one point.

The rumor about Kellita dating began to spread after she was spotted in Beverly Hills having dinner at Mr. Chow’s restaurant with a mysterious man. The mystery man was later identified as Mr. Chow, a British-Chinese restaurateur and the founder of a series of upscale Chinese restaurants in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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It seems that Kellita Smith does not like being caught in the middle of a rumor, as evidenced by her reaction to the rumor. Despite the heat of the rumor, neither she nor Mr. Chow came out to either confirm or debunk the rumor, leaving the public in a state of dilemma. We may assume that if the stunning actress had a husband or partner, reporters would have already caught wind of it. Therefore, we can conclude that she is most likely still single and anticipates hearing about her relationship because her heart seems not to be won by anyone.


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