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Kelley Missal is an outstanding American actress who rose to fame due to her dedication to her acting career. She has a knack of portraying any character she assumes with originality that resonates with the viewers. She has featured in a series of movies and television series. Kelley is best known for her role in “Law and order: Special Victims Unit” (2014), “Sleepy Hollow” (2013 – 2017), “One Life to Live” (2013) and “The Crossing” (2018). She was nominated for Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Young Actress in musical drama series.

Kelley Missal Biography (Age)

Kelley Rose Missal was born on the 25th of October 1993. She grew up in New Jersey U.S.A with her 2 siblings (Steve and Catherine). Kelley started her acting career quite early in life. As young as age 5, she started acting in the community theatre.

Her first television appearance was on the 2nd of February 2009. She appeared as Danielle Manning in the American soap opera “One Life to Live” that aired on ABC TV. Nelson Branco, a Canadian writer claims that the youths on the show especially Kelley is one of the reasons why the show was so popular.

After her first appearance in “One Life to Live” where she features as the daughter of Todd Manning and Tea Delgado. The show was canceled in 2013, Kelley went ahead to feature (as a vagrant) on Saturday Night Live show. She also featured in the Promo for the VH1 Show “I Love the 70s.” Kelley also released a short film titled “Chelsea’s Channel” on her production in the year 2012.

One of the roles that have brought Kelley Missal into the limelight is her astounding performance in the movie Contest (2013), where she featured as Anya Bartosh, an excellent chef who alongside her team was bullied, harassed, and sabotaged on the competition “Teen Chef.” The character she played really resonates with her as she admits that she has been bullied before but she overcame it by confiding in her family and friends who always reassures her that bullying says more about the person doing it than the person at the receiving end. Kelley believes the movie should be shown in schools, especially for anti-bullying awareness.

In “Sleepy Hollow” she features as Malligo Dyer a witch who alongside her sisters protected an important artifact for hundreds of years. The actress also featured in “The Crossing” (2018) as Hannah a resourceful but desperate woman who runs away from home in search of a better life. When asked about her motivation to sign up for the show, she responded: “there was so much to explore there.” She believes the story highlights recent events socially and politically. She was also intrigued by the idea of playing the role of a refugee from a futuristic United States.

Kelley is very active on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram where she updates regularly.

Family: Parents and Sister

Kelley Missal has been very skeptical about sharing details about her family. While her father is known to be Steve Missal, there is nothing that is known about her mother.

Her sister, Catherine Missal is an actress who is popular for films such as “Natural Selection” (2016) and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (2011-2012). Kelley also featured alongside her sister in the 2014 movie “Movement and Location”.

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Other Facts About the Actress


Kelley Missal
Kelley Missal and Tyler Scharnikow (Image Source)

Kelley Missal is rumored to have been dating Tyler Scharnikow since 2010. Although they are yet to give an official statement confirming or dispelling the rumors, Tyler who is an artist confirmed the truth about their relationship on the 15th of October 2012 when he posted a love tweet. Kelley has also shared pictures of both of them on her social media pages.

Despite being in the limelight, Kelley Missal remains a very private person. She shares just enough personal information to keep her fans satisfied and intrigued about her.

Net Worth

Kelley is a very secretive individual and has managed to keep most of her affairs out of public knowledge. She has never disclosed her net worth, on any occasion at all and has kept all her dealings and financial transactions strictly to herself. Some sources, however, are speculating that she could be worth between $ 500,000 to $ 700,000.

Height and Weight

Kelley is 5 feet and 4 inches (163 cm) tall and weighs averagely 52 Kilograms (115 lbs). She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

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