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Keith Richards is one of the best guitarists alive. Known as an integral part of the music band, The Rolling Stones, of which he was one of the founding members, he also tried his hands on a solo music career which was not as successful as his efforts with the Rolling Stones. Apart from the guitar, Richards is a prolific songwriter which served the group so well as his combination with his childhood friend, Mick Jagger, delivered hits after hits for the Stones.

But as it is with most hardcore musicians, Keith Richards struggled with narcotics which landed him in several run-ins with the drug agencies. He is married and has surprisingly lasted long in it. Read more about this icon in the article below.

Keith Richards’ Bio, Age

Keith Richards was born at Livingston Hospital, in the English town of Dartford in Kent on the 18th of December 1943. Among those who witnessed his birth were his parents, Herbert William Richards and Doris Maud Lydia Dupree. Richards first attended Wentworth Primary School where he met Mick Jagger, who was at that time only a school mate but would later become a part of his musical life for decades. They schooled together until they were separated as Richards family moved to another part of town. He continued his education at Dartford Technical High School for Boys.

As an only child, his grandparents were fond of him and because his maternal grandfather was a musician who was the head of the English jazz band, Gus Dupree and his Boys, it was easy for the musical traits to rub off young Richards and that was how his fondness for the guitar began. While at Dartford Tech, he was part of the school choir and also among those selected to sing at Westminster Abbey for the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953.

His love for music grew by the day and it resulted in him skipping his classes. Having had enough of his unrepentant truancy, he was expelled from the school in 1959. He would continue at Sidcup Art College, but that did nothing to quench the fire of music that was burning inside of him. He continued skipping classes for music as he met like minds in the school including Dick Taylor.

After reconnecting with Mick Jagger in a train, almost ten years after they left primary school, he realized they had a similar passion for music and at that juncture, together with their mutual friend, Taylor, the future was born. First, Keith Richards joined their (Taylor and Jagger) amateur band, Little Boy Blue and the Blue Boys and then finally dropped out of school – Sidcup Art College – to pursue music.

Career and Net Worth

He met Brian Jones who introduced him to Ian Stewart and with them, including Jagger and Taylor, in 1962, “The Rolling Stones” was born. They had their first official outing in London and after that, they were set to take off and take off, they did. Keith Richards role in the band was as a guitarist, a backup vocalist, and songwriter (he wrote songs with Mick Jagger).

Keith Richards

Most of the band members described him as the leader of the group even though Brian Jones is the designated founder of the Rolling Stones. Part of the group in its earliest days was Charlie Watts, who was a drummer and Bill Wyman, who took the place of the departed Dick Taylor on the bass. They were also managed at the time by Andrew Loog Oldham.

The band started off by doing covers for popular songs until they began writing their own songs. They were signed to Decca Records in 1963 and released their first single Come On and recorded a second, I Wanna Be Your Man in the same year. In 1964, their cover of It’s All Over Now sung originally by Bobby Womack found its way to the Britsh charts and their first album “Rolling Stones” also dropped. Others albums such as “Out of Our Heads” and “Aftermath” followed in 1965 and 1966 respectively.

At this point, The Rolling Stones had become a global sound and more albums followed including Sticky Fingers (1971) and Exile on Main St. (1972). Their 1978 album Some Girls sold over eight million copies and in the midst of their successes, the boys couldn’t keep their noses clean and ran into trouble at several times with narcotics agencies and law enforcement coupled with the tensions within the group especially between Richards and Jagger.

The civil war within the group led to a hiatus and Richard took the opportunity to work on solo projects which gave birth to his first solo album, Talk Is Cheap in 1988 which resonated so well with the public and attracted many positive reviews. The Rolling Stones came back again in 1989 and released Steel Wheels. That effort was followed by Voodoo Lounge (1994) and Bridges to Babylon (1997).

On a tour to promote their 2005 album A Bigger Bang, Keith Richards fell from a tree and suffered a head injury which required a surgery. Most of the concerts dates on the tour had to be postponed to allow for his recovery after he underwent a brain surgery.

Richards also scored some roles on the big screen which he debuted in 2007 with a role in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. He also featured in the sequels Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales maintaining his character Captain Teague in 2011 and 2017 respectively.

For all his endeavors, the music icon has accumulated for himself a huge net worth which commensurates with his years of continued productivity in the music industry. Keith Richards is reported to have a net worth estimated to be $340 million.

Is He Married? Wife, Children

Keith Richards first known relationship was with longtime girlfriend Anita Pallenberg who was his partner for 12 years (1968-1980). Anita was initially the girlfriend of Richards bandmate, Brian Jones, but opted to leave him for Richard when the former became abusive (This is said to be the reason Brian left or was voted out of The Rolling Stones).

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She is the mother of Richards first two children – a son named Marlon Leon Sundeep, and a daughter named Dandelion (Angela). They had a third child, Tara, but he died in his infancy in 1976. Richard contracted his first marriage in 1983 when he married Patti Hansen, an American model. The wedding took place in Mexico on the 18th of December 1983 and they are still together with their two daughters – Theodora Dupree and Alexandra Nicole.

Others Facts About Keith Richards

Keith Richards is a Hall of Famer. His induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame happened in 1993.

The Rolling Stones performed in Havana, Cuba before half a million fans on March 25, 2016. The concert was gate free and was their first in the country since they were banned from performing in the country by the Communist regime.

His grandfather, Gus Dupree has been credited as his biggest influence in music. Richards tells of how Dupree had placed a guitar far from his reach and promised that if he got it, he would own it. And so after making several efforts, Richards got the guitar and that was how he owned his first musical instrument.

Keith Richards released his autobiography in October 2010 titled Life and there he discussed very detailed things about The Rolling Stone, his tumultuous friendship with Mick Jagger, his drug addictions, etc.