The Real Reason Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorced in 2012

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were one of the most beloved couples in all of Hollywood. Their entire relationship was highly publicized and fans, as well as the media, lapped up every moment of it. As a result of this, when the union began wobbling, the media had their fill of it and more so the couple’s ultimate divorce.

A lot has been reported about the duo; both facts and fiction with different accounts of what goes on between the couple trying to give the public a clear picture of the situation of things. However, in the midst of all these, the facts stand out as we have it and below, we will be presenting all we know about what led to the divorce between the couple.

The Genesis Of Katie And Tom’s Relationship

They began dating in 2005 after Katie revealed in an interview that she always imagined she was going to get married to the Top Gun actor. A few months later, she ended her five-year relationship with her fiance Chris Klein and began dating Tom Cruise. Less than a month after they had been dating, he declared his love for her to the whole world during an interview on the Oprah Winfrey Show. He was very clearly smitten by his new girlfriend as she was with him.

Soon enough, Katie Holmes converted to Tom’s religion, Scientology. This was followed by their engagement barely two months after they had been going out. Despite having only known each other for a short period, the pair seemed convinced of their affection for each other enough to bet the rest of their lives on it. On April 18, 2006, Katie gave birth to their daughter, Suri and everyone was overjoyed for the couple.

The lovestruck pair tied the knot in Italy in a lavish ceremony that took place on November 18, 2006. Going forward, the public was serenaded with gorgeous moments from their marriage. They gushed about each other in several interviews, which was why it came as a huge shock when their divorce was announced in 2012.

No one saw the split coming including Tom Cruise, who was on a movie set when Katie called to say that she was leaving him. Neither party has spoken in-depth about their separation, so rumors flew around, alluding all sorts of things as the reason their marriage ended.

Why Did Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Divorce?

The real reason the actress and fashion icon decided to leave her superstar husband is because of his religion. Scientology became too constructive for her liking and she no longer wanted to play the role it was relegating her to.

In terms of her career, way of life, and just about everything else, Katie no longer had the life that she desired. Everything was slipping away – her control, her power, her child. Although she really loved Tom, and his persuasive nature kept her in the marriage for longer than she would ordinarily have allowed, the moment she decided she was done, his spell over her was broken.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise with their daughter
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise with their daughter: Image Source

When asked during a deposition if the reason his wife left him was to protect her daughter from the claws of Scientology, Tom Cruise was offended by the insinuation. He stated that his religion was not dangerous or harmful as to be something his daughter needed to be shielded from. However, when pressed further, he admitted that Katie mentioned that one of the reasons she was leaving him was to safeguard her daughter from the Scientology religion and all its manifestations.

Katie Holmes didn’t want her child to keep growing up under the suffocating atmosphere of Scientology, so she chose to protect her the best way she knew how to. Being familiar with the faith, she was very aware that there was no way she could stay married to Tom Cruise without her or her daughter being practicing members of the religion. The church had strict rules about that kind of behavior and it certainly would have resulted in her ex-communication as well as a divorce suit from her husband. The actress simply played a smart game by being the one to control when and how theirs would come to an end.

An Insight Into The Terms Of Katie And Tom’s Divorce

Primary custody of their daughter was given to Holmes, while Tom was granted extensive visitation rights. However, the Mission Impossible actor hasn’t shown much interest in seeing his daughter since the divorce. In fact, several media outlets accused him of abandonment, for which Tom Cruise filed a defamation suit against.

Although the terms of their divorce were mostly shrouded in secrecy, it has since been disclosed that there were several clauses put in place by Tom to safeguard his image as well as that of his religion. One of the stipulations was that Katie was not allowed to publicly date anyone for five years after their divorce was finalized. Sounds preposterous right? Well, all is fair in love and war.


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