Kathy Ferreiro

Beyond the fact that Kathy Ferreiro has become the Kim Kardashian of the Caribbean island nation – Cuba, it is equally interesting to observe her sentiments which often flood her social media platforms, particularly, Twitter.

She thinks men are the “new bitches”, bitches who have to stop worrying about who wants their ladies. She would agree that ladies can’t make a man act right and would equally affirm that women can make men wish they were good fellas.

Kathy is a firm believer in the thought that certain people can’t reciprocate what they receive from others; be it love, respect, trust or loyalty. As such, Kathy Ferreiro wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone who would listen to not expect any corresponding gesture or action from people they are being nice to.

Not long in the past, the lady was bothered by the precept of keeping ones’ friends close and the enemies closer. She inferred that it’s impossible to live by the principle. To her, there is a problem of not being able to tell friends and enemies apart nowadays. Ferreiro has been wondering why the world is full of idiots. She reckons that free thinking and open-minded people in the society are regarded as crazy whereas the close-minded and ignorant are considered normal people.

Based on the foregoing, it wouldn’t be entirely out of place for one to assume that Kathy is sassy and has been involved in a handful of unhealthy relationships with a good number of the people she has so far encountered in her life. This is not totally true. The lady once expressed that she finds pleasure in pleasing people, that making people happy makes her happy. While she’s thankful for people who walked out of her life, believing that they made her life more fantastic, she loves those who have been a part of her life for the amazing values they’ve brought her way.

Kathy Ferreiro Biography

Born in Cuba on the 3rd day of September 1993, Kathy Ferreiro is a model and most times described as an Instagram star because of the huge number of followers she has gathered for herself on the social media platform. Although Kathy is pretty famous on other social media platforms, it was her Kathyzworld Instagram page that triggered a widespread reaction of interest and excitement. She became a sensation with the pictures of her curvey and finely contoured body which earned her the cognomen – Cuban Kim Kardashian. While Kathy, as at the time of this report has over 145 thousand followers on Twitter, she could boast of over 5.4 million followers on Instagram.

From what we learnt, the star works with a skin cosmetics firm as a distributor. Sometime in August 2017, Ferreiro was arrested for driving drunk, ignoring and fleeing past an instruction to pull over by the police in Miami.

Disregarding the above, nothing is known about the Instagram model other than she used to live in Cuba but later moved to Miami, Florida

Her Family

Without a doubt, Kathy Ferreiro is of Cuban descent. But then, that’s as far as we can tell about her family. Irrespective of our efforts to find facts about her origin, we yet, haven’t been able to find out who her parents are and if she has siblings.

Body Measurements

Kathy Ferreiro

Nobody would say it’s strange for anyone to assert that Kathy Ferreiro became famous only because of her attractively curved shape. Kathy is probably one of the most curvaceous ladies in the face of the earth. She’s conscious of this fact and has severally described herself as hot and sexy.

Though it has been commonly assumed that Kathy Ferreiro is 4 inches taller than 5 feet and that her body measurements are 36-26-36 inches, what we can authenticate is that she claims her body is 100 percent natural. John Chant, a PR Guru once proclaimed Kathy a gorgeous girl with excellent curves. Adding that the attention the Cuban is getting steams from her natural body, Chant expressed that she might, in the nearest future dethrone Kim Kardashian.

Kathy Ferreiro Quick Facts

As Kathy becomes more famous, it is expected that most of the things not known about her would be known. In the meantime, here are some facts about Kathy Ferreiro:

1. She’s Cuban;

2. Was born on the 3rd day of September 1993;

3. She’s famous as the Cuban Kim Kardashian;

4. Has been arrested for driving drunk;

5. She once defined happiness as “watching the man of your life cooking for you.”

6.  She hates thinking about more clever things she could have said after an argument – we all do;

7.  For Kathy, people who describe things as “better than sex” have been having the wrong kind of sex;

8. The curvaceous star says she’s fluent in five languages which include “Sarcasm”, “Real Shit” and “Bitch” apart from English and Spanish;

9. She works for a skin cosmetics company as a distributor;

10. Has over 5.4 million followers on Instagram.

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