Kathryn Limbaugh’s Cheating Scandal – Facts to Note About the Looming Divorce

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh may be rid of her last name if her estranged husband wins their ongoing outrageous divorce case. The renowned editor, writer, and illustrator of children’s books became popular after she got married to prominent American radio/TV talk show host and conservative political commentator, Rush Limbaugh. Kathryn isn’t just the revered radio host’s wife, but also the fourth woman he got wedded to following his three failed marriages.

The couple’s relationship had raised a few eyebrows due to the vast age difference between them. But the sweethearts went on to prove to the world that age is nothing but a number. However, things have gone sour between them; Kathryn has been accused of or rather, caught (as the case may be) cheating on her husband, and the once lovey-dovey couple is in the middle of one of the most complicated divorce procedures in history. Before we get to that, let’s dwell a little on Mrs. Limbaugh.

Who Is Kathryn Limbaugh?

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, who stands at 5 feet 9 inches was born in Massachusetts, on December 19, 1976, to her parents, Penny Rogers (mother) and Richard Douglas Rogers (father). She was raised in many cities alongside her three siblings – her sister Wendy Hazel, and brothers Richard Rogers Jr. and Jonathan Rogers. Her family constantly moved due to the nature of her parents’ job.

Kathryn was born into a well-to-do family. A descendant of second US president John Adams, her father Douglas was a naval officer. He graduated from the US Naval Academy in the same class as former American Senator John McCain. Kathryn’s mother once served as a diplomat in the State Department. The couple, in the course of their duty, moved to cities like London (United Kingdom), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) as well as countries like Guinea-Bissau (in West Africa), and the Philippines (in Asia). Sadly, Richard Rogers died in June 2018 at the age of 81 due to severe pancreatic cancer.

Before her fame, Kathryn Limbaugh worked as a professional party planner in the city of West Palm Beach. She is said to have planned several high-profile events for the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee. Kathryn has also served as a VIP liaison for notable sporting events including for the National Football League (NFL).

Kathryn’s Marriage to Rush Limbaugh

Prior to Kathryn Adams’ marriage to Rush Limbaugh, the former radio host had married and divorced three times. Rush had his first wedding in September 1977, when he said “I Do” to Roxy Maxine McNeely, who was serving as a sales secretary at a radio station WHB in Kansas City, Missouri at the time. The event took place at the Centenary United Methodist Church which is located in the TV-radio host’s hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. However, their marital relationship only lasted for three years – the couple separated in March 1980 and officially divorced on July 10, 1980. McNeely was said to have cited ‘incompatibility’ as the reason for filing for divorce.

Not long after Rush Limbaugh moved on; he met a young woman called Michelle Sixta at Kansas City Royals stadium. The two immediately fell in love and decided to get married to seal their love for each other. Their wedding ceremony took place at the Stadium Club in 1983. Five years later, Sixta left Rush, which led the couple to officially separate from each other in 1990.

The radio personality entered his third marriage with former aerobics instructor Marta Fitzgerald in the year 1994. The two met in 1990 on the online service CompuServe and divorced ten years later (in 2004). Marta, who had previously married thrice before meeting and marrying Limbaugh, did not have any child with Rush while their relationship lasted.

Kathryn Adams Limbaugh
Rush and Kathryn’s wedding (image source)

Regardless of three failed marriages, Rush Limbaugh wasn’t ready to spend the rest of his life single. He kept pushing until the year 2010 when he eventually tied the knot for the fourth time to Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, whom he met in 2004 while attending a celebrity golf tournament. The couple’s lavish wedding took place at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach precisely on the 5th of June and was attended by a slew of celebrities including English pianist/composer/singer Sir Elton John who entertained guests with a gorgeous rendition of some of his songs for a reported $1 million fee.

Cheating Scandal

While gloating over their 7th wedding anniversary, Rush Limbaugh got astonished when he learned the news of his wife cheating on him with some married men and athletes. As reported on several sites, the accomplished writer/editor is said to have cheated on her husband the day she went to visit her father who was battling cancer at the time. Kathryn was also reported to have even brought some of the men on her husband’s private jet.

In the wake of the damning news, the media personality banned his sweetheart from using his private planes and also hired private detectives to spy on her. While this was going on, Rush went into preparations for the divorce procedure and settlements. But recent reports have suggested a seeming silence from Rush’s side; an event possibly backed by the notion that he is scared of losing his wife. Kathryn is described as Limbaugh’s trophy wife, his only solace in his older years. Would this cause Rush to change his mind on the divorce? only time will tell. Here are some facts about the looming divorce.

1. It’s a $470 Million Divorce

Sources have revealed that the couple is in the middle of a $470 million divorce settlement. The question remains how much will Kathryn get as alimony from the gigantic amount?

2. Rush and Kathryn Did not Sign a Prenup

One major challenge Rush has been facing since he started the process is that he did not create a prenuptial agreement with his wife before their wedding. Although Rush appears to be more influential than his estranged wife, there is still the possibility that Kathryn may come out more victorious than him. This loophole obviously puts his massive fortune at risk, but Rush has not stopped working on how to officially end his marital relationship with Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, at least at the moment.

3. Kathryn Limbaugh is Living With Her Mother in the Meantime 

Following Kathryn Adams Limbaugh’s separation from her husband, Mrs. Limbaugh moved into her mother’s hotel room in New York. It’s not known exactly when she would be leaving as she is yet to reveal her future plans for herself and marriage. Nonetheless, she could possibly join her husband in his oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach, Fla should the TV host change his mind about divorcing his beautiful wife.

4. Kathryn and Rush Have no Children Together

Until the time Kathryn’s cheating scandal hit the public, the writer was living happily with her husband. Throughout the years they lived together, their intimacy did not produce any offspring and the absence of kids in their home did not in any way impact their relationship negatively. This is supposed to make the process easier for the couple, nevertheless, we keep watching to see how things turn out.

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