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If you a big fan of sports, then it is most probable that you already know one or two things about Kate Abdo. She is one of the familiar faces in sports journalism and has done well for herself in the field, establishing herself as one of the finest and a force to reckon with in the male-dominated sphere. 

As an English Presenter, Kate has gained worldwide fame and is known across the globe as a journalist. She has been working for Sky Sports News in the United Kingdom and it was only in January 2017 that she officially joined Fox Sports. Since then, she has been primarily serving as the network’s studio host for its extensive soccer coverage. Her duties revolve around presenting and hosting the numerous programs of Fox Sports.

We have traced Kate’s beginning in sports journalism to 2003 and 2004 when she gathered her earliest working experience for 6 months in Munich and another 6 months in Paris. Shortly afterwards, from September 2005 to September 2006, she served as an intern in the Foreign Languages Editorial Department with Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s public international broadcaster. Her duties then include translating stories form German and Spanish to English.

In September 2006, she became a production assistant for DFL (German Football League). Here, she worked with the production team of DFL’s global Bundesliga show – Goal! -, taking charge of producing reports for a Spanish language version. By June 2007, she stopped working with DFL; meanwhile, she continued serving at DW as sports anchor until June 2009.

The following month, she began serving in the same capacity for CNN International. While she wrote and presented “World Sports” for the news network from studios in London and Atlanta, she equally reported for CNN en Espanol and covered major sports events. Kate was with CNN until July 2011. In August the same year, she emerged as head presenter for Sky Sports News HD in Munich.

Her successful role as the leader of a team of 14 anchors helped her become a tv presenter with Sky Sports in London in January 2014. Kate would later, in December 2015, become a tv presenter for Fox Sports in LA and officially join the media establishment in 2017 as a studio host.

Kate Abdo Biography

Born on the 8th day of September 1981, as Kate Giles in Manchester, England, Abdo is polyglot. She is fluent not only in English but equally in German, French and Spanish. Growing up, Kate wasn’t certain about what she should make her profession and, while she fancied the idea of being famous, it never occurred to her that she will, someday, be known across the globe as a sports journalist.

After receiving her earliest formal education, Kate Abdo became a student of a day school in her city of birth. When she was done with the Withington Girls’ School, she furthered her education studying at different higher institutions both in the United Kingdom and even in Spain. It is known that the lady graduated from the University of Salford. She is a first-class degree holder in European languages and has lived in Germany, France and Spain.

Lionel Messi and Kate Abdo

Being one of the most popular female sports journalist in the world focusing on soccer, Kate Abdo has had the privilege to meet many of the most popular names in football and to interview them. Beyond having a chat with world best players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, she has conversed with phenomenal coaches like Pep Guardiola.

Family and Parents

Career-wise, there are a thousand and one things to know about Kate. This is not the case with her personal life as we’ve been having a hard time gathering information about things that are not related to Kate Abdo’s career. For instance, we are yet to get any useful details about her parents; all we have learned about her family is that she has a brother and that her parents were fans of Manchester City and Liverpool football club while she was growing up. Still, we are yet to confirm this.

Husband and Kids, Is Kate Abdo Married?

Kate Abdo was previously known as Kate Giles. The change in surname suggests that the career woman is married. Although the Fox Sports soccer studio host has been striving to keep her personal life extremely private, we’ve been able to uncover that she is married. It is said that her husband, Ramtin Abdo is a German businessman and that the couple is yet to have any children.

Kate Abdo Facts

1. She was previously known as Kate Giles;

2. Was born on 8th September 1981;

3. Her place of birth was in Manchester, England, United Kingdom;

4. She’s British;

5. Kate studied at universities in both the UK and Spain;

6. Obtained a 1st Class BA degree in European Languages from Salford University, UK;

7. She’s a polyglot;

8. Has lived in Germany, France and Spain;

9. Started her sports broadcasting career with a German TV channel;

10. Kate is 8 inches taller than 5 feet.

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